Which Netflix Movie To Watch With Your Crush, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

If you're crushing on someone and you really want to impress them, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to do that. In most instances, you won't know your crush super well, but luckily for you, there are great ways to make an educated guess as long as you know their birthday and zodiac sign.

Whether or not you're trying to plan a fun night out or a relaxing night in, the personalities of each zodiac sign can give you a nice guide towards what might be something that would charm the heck out of your crush instead of leaving them bored out of their skull. So if you're looking to have an entertaining night in, hanging on the couch with your crush and a great Netflix flick, then here is your guide to the ideal Netflix movie to match the taste of the zodiac sign of your crush.

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12 Aries: Triple Frontier

When it comes to Netflix and chill, an active sign like Aries might have some trouble with the actual "chill" part. Getting them to sit still can feel like a task in itself, but if you want to have a nice night in watching some Netflix, then you can at least give them some action on-screen if not in real life. That's why an action-oriented movie like Triple Frontier would be your best bet for a Netflix movie, the brisk pace and constant fighting, gunfire, and literal fire is enough to keep their interest as well as keep them on their toes.

11 Taurus: Barry

On the other hand, a calm night in watching a movie on the couch with someone you like is a date night idea that was tailor-made for the home-oriented Taurus. But in keeping with the overall likes and dislikes of your typical Taurus, choosing a Netflix movie to watch like Barry, the biopic drama based around the early life of Barack Obama, is pretty much a sure match for their particular tastes. A lovely combination of a historical film and a personal drama, Barry is a movie that will make you both feel clever and is bound to touch you emotionally too.

10 Gemini: Mudbound

The mind of a Gemini can move a mile a minute, so if you want to sit down and watch a flick that will actually hold their attention for two-plus hours then you need to pick something that will really make them think like Mudbound. This fascinating period piece about racism in America is a prestige film that most people would assume is too highbrow for Netflix, but clearly, the streaming service wants to compete with the best of them. Aside from entertaining your Gemini, the movie will leave you two with plenty to talk about once it's over.

9 Cancer: Set It Up

Cancers are the feeling sign of the zodiac, so if you sit down to watch a movie with them you want to be sure that it's the kind of movie that will bring out all of their positive feelings. That's why a fluffy romantic comedy like Set It Up is an ideal choice to watch with your crush.

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Aside from a romantic movie obviously being a great choice with any crush, lightening their mood and getting them thinking about how wonderful it feels to be in love is exactly what you want to be doing with your crush born under the sign of the crab.

8 Leo: Birdbox

Leos love to be in the thick of the action and they're natural born leaders, so watching a Netflix flick with them like Birdbox is pretty much guaranteed to leave them satisfied. This action/horror movie led by Sandra Bullock, and her quest to keep her two kids alive in a world where opening your eyes can drive you to suicide is a unique concept with a powerful lead. It's also one of the most popular Netflix original films of all time, and the Leo loves feeling like they're in with the in-crowd, so if they haven't yet seen it then who better to rectify that situation than you!

7 Virgo: To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Virgos are a very quiet but very passionate sign, and although they can seem down to earth almost to the point of absurdity a level of fantasy like the sweet and nostalgic To All The Boys I've Loved Before is just the ticket for them. Virgos love love, so watching lead heroine Lara write letters to all of the boys she's loved before and evolve on her journey towards the boy she loves now is guaranteed to hit Virgo right in the feels. Virgos also love to see a happy ending, and seeing a couple walking into the sunset together is definitely what you want to bring to mind with your crush.

6 Libra: Mascots

People born in the Libra zodiac sign are a lovely combination of traits. They're usually a little brainy, a little quirky, and a little edgy. With that in mind, a movie like Mascots is a perfect choice to sit down and watch with your crush. This off the wall comedy by the legendary Christopher Guest of This Is Spinal Tap fame is sure to tickle you and your crush's funny bone as well as making you both feel like you're in with the cool movie kids crowd. Plus, the absurd mascot costumes and character backstories are a pretty can't-miss combo.

5 Scorpio: Roma

The scorpions of the zodiac are usually mysterious, deep, and thoughtful, so if you want to have a great night in watching Netflix with your Scorpio crush and you want to leave them impressed with your own personal taste in movies, then a movie like Netflix's ultra-prestige movie Roma is the perfect choice.

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Directed by world-renowned Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón, the Netflix movie has the extraordinary distinction of being the first scripted feature film distributed by Netflix to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar and actually win Academy Awards (for Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Cinematography for those who are interested).

4 Sagittarius: Okja

Sagittarians are a little bit fluffy, a little bit fun, a little bit off the wall, and a little bit more emotional than they might seem on the surface, so if you want to snuggle up for a Netflix night in with your Sagittarius crush then a Netflix movie pick like Okja is the perfect movie for them. This adorable and strange movie about a Korean girl who goes on an adventure to rescue her "super-pig" Okja after he's taken away by the company that engineered him is surprisingly action-packed, and it has a heart of sweetness that everyone would be emotionally moved by.

3 Capricorn: Gerald's Game

It might come as a surprise to some, but most Capricorns have a bit of a dark edge to them that they sometimes try to hide from others. So if you want to impress your Capricorn crush with your ability to get a good read on them then you might want to choose a horror movie like Gerald's Game for your Netflix movie night. As lovers of everything classic an adaptation of one of Stephen King's works is a sure fire way to catch their attention, and since Capricorns have a low key thirst for horror this movie is guaranteed to keep their attention.

2 Aquarius: Velvet Buzzsaw

Aquarians are the off the wall artists of the zodiac so there is no better Netflix movie match than the off the wall movie about artists, Velvet Buzzsaw. The film was written and directed by Dan Gilroy, who you may remember for writing and directing the other very weird movie featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo, Nightcrawler. His newest work is just as odd as his previous one, and this part satire part thriller is definitely unique enough to satisfy any Aquarius. This tale of an undiscovered artist finally being discovered is layered and strange, and nearly guaranteed to ring an emotional bell for your Aquarius crush.

1 Pisces: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

The thoughtful science fiction Netflix show Black Mirror seems like it was tailor-made for the thoughtful and unique Pisces, so if you're looking for a Netflix film to impress your Pisces crush then totally go for Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Pisces will appreciate the unique choice, but this choose-your-own-adventure style interactive film will give you a lot of personal insight into your Pisces honey too. The whole idea of choosing the path the movie takes for yourself is an interesting thought experiment that Pisces will enjoy, but seeing what paths they choose will also let you learn a lot more about them.

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