Netflix & Chill: 20 Snacks That Come With No Regrets

What greater way to spend those scorching summer days than to stay indoors binging on Netflix? I know that’s what I plan on doing; especially since Netflix keeps coming out with some seriously great releases. Everyone knows no good movie session is complete without some yummy snacks. Even if you’re like me and still working on getting that summer physique, you don’t have to skip out on that mindless movie munching.

Did you know there are tons of delicious and healthy snacks that can be made right in your own kitchen? Most of them taste way better than that soaked in butter popcorn and box full of sugar anyway. And as an added bonus, they won’t leave you feeling guilty afterward. According to MyFitnessPal, a single large buttered popcorn hits you with over 1,945 mg sodium! You don’t have to cash in your entire day’s worth of food on one bucket of popcorn. I understand it can taste amazing, and there’s no such thing as movies without popcorn. But I promise, there are better alternatives. I am not suggesting you simply pull out some fresh carrots or celery to chew on like a rabbit, either. There are ways to enjoy movie time, without having to crash your diet or fill your body up with junk.

Next time you get together to Netflix and chill, toss out that processed stuff and remember these 20 amazing snacks that are really easy to put together and will come with no regrets.

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20 Malted-Chocolate Balls

It’s now become super easy to recreate your favorite chocolate movie treat right at home.

One simple and healthy change to the traditional malted chocolate balls is switching to dark chocolate and nuts.

According to Wholefood Simply, by blending together almonds and cashews, and then adding honey, maple syrup, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt you can form the inside of your chocolate balls. After letting your creation sit in the freezer for 30 minutes, you can start dipping them into the melted dark chocolate. Once they’re all covered and have set in the fridge, you're ready to enjoy them!

19 Baked Apple Chips


If you’re craving something crunchy but trying to stay away from all the sodium that comes with a bag of potato chips, these are perfect for you. Baked apple chips are a sweet twist on everyone’s favorite bagged snack.

According to Sugar Apron, these baked apple chips make for a fun and light snack to satisfy cravings. All you need to make this yummy goodie are some apples, cinnamon, and sugar. After a few super easy steps and a couple of hours of baking, your healthy and enjoyable creation will be ready to serve for your next movie get together.

18 Frozen Grapes

For the movie lovers who need to get their hands on gummy or sour candies, frozen grapes are the perfect trade up.

And making this snack is easier than trying to decide what to watch on Netflix, that’s for sure.

According to Joy Bauer, you can treat yourself to a full cup of these frozen grapes for only 100 calories.

All Recipes says, after removing the grapes from their stems and washing them thoroughly, all you need to do is place them in a baggy, add a little white sugar, shake it up, let the air dry out of the bag and then freeze for at least two hours.

17 Homemade Slushies


It’s hard to resist those bright slushies at movie concession stands. There’s just something about that shade of blue or red that draws you in with no control. However, the main ingredient in those icy drinks is some high-fructose corn syrup and a whole lot of added sugars.

When you make your slushies at home, you can add all your favorite fruit combinations and make something that will taste so much better. Blend your fruit with some ice cubes and some ice. According to Super Healthy Kids, if your fruit choices aren’t the sweetest, you can add some honey to your creation.

16 Fruit Juice Gummies

Making homemade fruit snacks is a little harder than the previous recipes, but still totally worth it. If you’re like me and addicted to those chewy treats, you’ll definitely want to try this recipe.

According to Kirbie’s Cravings, these snacks are “easy to make and healthier than store-bought.”

You can make your homemade fruit snacks any shape you wish with the huge variety of candy molds out there today.

Choose your fruit flavors and blend them into a puree. Heat up your puree while slowly adding in gelatin. After adding the mixture to your mold, you cool them in the fridge and then they’re ready to eat.

15 Homemade Sno-Caps


When most people think movies, they think Sno-Caps. Now, you can make these chocolates from home without all the unwanted ingredients. According to Fork and Beans, a little bit of cocoa powder, coconut oil, and powdered sugar will go a long way when trying to make a healthier version of Sno-Caps.

After mixing all your ingredients together, you allow them to chill for a little and then start squirting out the small chocolate circles. A major tip, though, is to do this in a chilled kitchen. If it’s too warm, your chocolates will melt as soon as they hit the tray.

14 Trail Mix


By creating your own trail mix, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to pick and choose all your favorite crunchy and sweet ingredients.

Trail mix makes a great movie time snack because it can satisfy both your sweet and salty cravings and is super easy to put together.

There are a lot of different trail mix recipes floating around today, but using these few tips from Neighbor Food, you’ll be able to put together the healthiest combination. Choose nuts that are unsalted, unroasted and without any added sugars. For the fruit portion, again look for selections that have a limited amount of sugar.

13 Pizza Puffs


Pizza is seriously the perfect movie night dinner, but a single slice of delivered or frozen pizza could end up being 500 calories! Your pizza-movie cravings could be answered with these healthy pizza puffs.

By putting your pizza in little muffin puff forms, you’re making portion control a whole lot easier. Amanda’s Cookin’ created an amazingly simple Pizza Puff recipe that can be created in under an hour. Serving these little bites with a side of low-fat pizza sauce for dipping is a perfect idea. And if you have healthier substitute ingredients, you can mix it right in and make the perfect little movie meal.

12 Milk Dud Mini Muffins


Milk duds are one of those candies that you can just sit there and eat nonstop until you notice somehow you’ve eaten an entire box worth without even realizing it.

There is just something so irresistible about the melty chocolate coating and gooey caramel insides.

Instead of eating an entire box of candy, Amy’s Healthy Baking suggests using the sweet chocolate to make a satisfying muffin. At the core of each little-baked good is a melted milk dud waiting to be bitten into. The added benefit of these muffins is they are going to be more filling than a single candy, so you’ll probably eat less in quantity.

11 Fruit Salsa With Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips


According to The Comfort of Cooking, “Juicy, sweet and colorful fruit salsa paired with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips makes the perfect fresh party snack!” This sweet twist on the classic chips and salsa is one you need to try during your next Netflix binge.

Adding some jalapenos, lime and cilantro to your fruit combination gives your salsa the zest and kick it needs. The salsa and the cinnamon sugar chips are super easy to make and will impress guests of all ages. This recipe calls for strawberries, mangoes, and kiwi, but you can interchange those with some of your other favorite fruits.

10 Fruit And Cheese Mini Kabobs


Fruit and Cheese Kabobs are simple, quick and everything you’re looking for in a healthy appetizer – as an added bonus, there’s a certain visual aspect about these that is also very appealing to the eye. The recipe from A Love A Fare, calls for blueberries, raspberries and colby jack cheese cubes, but as you can tell with our picture, opportunities are endless with this snack.

You can switch anything out with something you prefer better.

For example, maybe you want strawberries and cantaloupe on your kabob, or maybe you want to try them with a cheddar cheese. The world of fruits and cheeses is truly at your beck and call with this recipe.

9 Banana Ice Cream


Banana ice cream is seriously the best dessert you might ever taste and it’s way simple to create! According to Nutritious Life, “When you discover how easy it is to make, with just ONE ingredient, you’ll wonder why you’ve even been bothering with calorie-bomb Ben & Jerry’s so often.”

Really, all you need is a banana, a freezer, and a food processor. Place your peeled banana in freezer safe container for three hours. Once frozen, puree it until smooth. That’s literally it. Feel free to add any healthy toppings to your masterpiece; nuts and berries will go great with this banana ice cream.

8 Spiced Nuts


People have this incessant need to munch during movies, and that can put a lot of unnecessary calories in your body. The next time you feel a snacking craving during your movie session, a bowl of nuts can satisfy your needs. Nutritious Life notes, while a handful of plain walnuts makes a great snack, dressing them up with some seasoning and herbs will take it to the level.

Walnuts alone are an excellent source of vitamin E, protein, and linoleic acid.

But by adding a little bit of rosemary, curry powder and maple syrup your plain snack will be transformed to something way more satisfying.

7 Healthy Pretzels


This healthy twist on everyone’s favorite traditional pretzels is soft, sweet and secretly healthy! Chocolate Covered Katie boasts her healthy version of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels is only 130 calories, have no cholesterol and are low in saturated fats.

The recipe might look to be a bit advanced, but after you master it, you’ll be eating these delicious pretzels all the time. You can completely change your end-result pretzel by simply changing its topping. Maybe you’re in the mood for something sweet, so you’ll go for the cinnamon sugar pretzels. Chocolate Covered Katie also offers salted pretzels and coconut pretzels.

6 Cookie Dough


Anyone can make these Raw Vegan Cookie Dough Bites and everyone will enjoy them. This quick and simple recipe literally only takes a little more than five minutes and seven ingredients.

The base for these cookie dough bites is some raw cashews and oats.

According to Healthy Liv, these little snacks are “delicious and a really convenient to keep around and enjoy for dessert.” Even if you aren’t a diehard vegan, this gluten-free, vegan-friendly recipe hardly tastes healthy. The mini chocolate chips pull the whole concoction together without adding too many unnecessary sweets to the snack and the whole thing can be stored in your freezer for up to two months.

5 Vegan Spicy Black Bean Nachos


A lot of people see nachos as a necessity for any type of movie or television watching. They sell you that basket of warm tortilla chips and gooey nacho cheese sauce at movie theaters, so why shouldn’t you be able to have this commodity while you’re chilling with some Netflix.

Nachos are usually completely smothered with cheese or cheese sauce. And while this is very tasty, it is also very unhealthy. Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen has a vegan black bean nacho recipe that won’t leave you feeling guilty. Some spiced up black beans, avocados, tomatoes and vegan cheeses make this movie snack irresistible.

4 Crunchy Beans


Chickpeas and Edamame are so tasty and make the perfect popcorn substitute during movie time.

When you are roasting up some of these crunchy beans, you are really at liberty to add whatever kinds of spices or seasonings you want.

According to Fitbit, a little olive oil and some salt will make the perfect crispy creation. You can also roll them around in some Italian seasonings, like oregano and parsley. Or you can go a completely different route and take your beans the Indian way with some cumin or coriander. It’s important not to forget to check on your chickpeas while they’re baking, though, because they burn down very easily.

3 Banana Roll-Ups


These yummy banana, peanut butter, and honey roll-ups might be targeted toward kids’ appetites, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t indulge in these sweet and savory wraps. This is another recipe that you can take and completely make your own by exchanging some ingredients.

The recipe from Flatout, calls for a piece of flatbread as the base of the rolls, but a lot of people use wheat tortillas. This simple recipe is as easy as one, two, three. Spread some peanut butter on your base, and half of a sliced banana and a drizzle of honey. Roll it up and cut it. That’s literally all it takes.

2 Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bark


Courtney’s Sweets calls this frozen yogurt fruit bark “the ultimate refreshing treat.” It’s stack full of probiotics and nutrients, all while being super kid friendly.

If you ever get a sweet tooth while watching a movie, it’s always a good idea to substitute any sugar cravings for a nice piece of fruit.

An awesome thing about this Frozen Yogurt Bark is that you are free to add whatever fruits you like to the layout. After laying your yogurt and chopped up fruits on a baking sheet with parchment paper, it goes into the freezer for a few hours to settle and freeze.

1 Homemade Popcorn


You absolutely cannot have a movie night without popcorn. And I know you’ve probably been preconditioned to think of popcorn as being totally unhealthy and smothered in butter and salts, but it doesn’t have to be that way. According to Fitbit, underneath all the unnecessary toppings is the true form of popcorn – a whole grain.

If you make your popcorn fresh at home, you don’t have to add all the unhealthy parts. You can simply drizzle it with some olive oil and add a few seasonings. A little Parmesan cheese and black pepper can go a long way with your homemade popcorn flavor.

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