Negative Space Manicures Are Simple Yet Stunning For Summer

There's a new nail trend in town! For those who love getting a manicure but want to try something different, the "negative space manicure" may become a new go-to.

It's perfect for summer, and also the ideal mani for anyone who is too lazy to keep their nails flawless after having them done. Many manicure lovers opt for a gel polish to not have to worry about their nail polish chipping, but with gel comes the issue of the pesky grow-out. Sigh, it ain't easy keeping those nail on point.

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The negative space manicure can be done in a million different designs, but what they all have in common is that the manicure incorporates one's natural nails in with the nail art. Whether you opt for glitter, bold colors, or a cute pattern, this style will look impeccable for weeks! This is a perfect manicure for someone who is traveling or just entering a hectic period, and don't have the time or ability to redo their nails for a while. Or for those of us who are just simply lazy.

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As reported by Elle, the negative space manicure will last the longest if done in gel and is done only on the upper half of your nail. Since it's done in gel, the design won't chip, and if it's placed on the upper half, the grow-out won't be a problem.

The negative space manicure is a fun change from the classic one color nail polish and adds a bit of flair to your look. There is no end to the number of styles you can try on, and most likely your manicurist will be over the moon at the opportunity to do something other than 'nude,' 'white ombre' or the crazy 'burgundy' for fall.

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The negative space manicure also offers a perfect chance for you to venture out of your comfort zone and try something a bit more daring without the full commitment. For those of us who might not be up for a complete metallic nail look but like the idea of a dash of gold, a simple metallic stripe might be a comfortable compromise.

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