Natalie Portman Discusses Her Feud With Jessica Simpson

Sometimes celebrities have mild feuds with other celebs and they need to speak openly about them to simply clear the air.

This is the case with Natalie Portman 37, and her issues regarding Jessica Simpson, 38. According to ET Canada, she spoke about it on a recent Watch What Happens Live. Apparently, the feud between the two began when Portman said she was confused while being a teen and seeing Simpson in a bikini on the cover of a magazine with the sentence “I’m a virgin.” on it.

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Natalie now says that she has  “only respect and good feelings” for Simpson. This was after Jessica made a rather long Instagram post about how she apparently claimed that she was “disappointed” about it all.  According to the Daily Mail, she also mentioned that she was taught to always be herself and honor how women express themselves.

At the time of that, it's said that Natalie also issued an apology that stated she agrees on the idea of women not having to dress or act a certain way. This was likely the first attempt at fixing the problem but it clearly required more clearance as some people still thought the feud was going on.

Via Daily Mail

Portman said: “I think there’s no need for beef between women. We’re all in the same society and living with the same pressures and we’re allies.” This means that she has understood how her statement could have been seen,  even if she didn't mean it in that manner. It also shows the world that she feels women should be working together to break the stereotypes and issues that surround them instead of fight about who said what.

What this shows is maturity from both sides because it has the power to end the feud that began because of one sentence being said a certain way. It's clear that Natalie didn't want to create such a deep running controversy that could have resulted in people arguing about it on the internet. However, no matter how many reiterations one can do, it really depends on who the person is and how they feel about the apology before the argument is really over.

One thing that stands out in all of this is that no matter what someone says, it can always be taken the wrong way and result in an argument.


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