Namastay In Bed: 20 Yoga Clothing Brands That Are Perfect For Legging Lovers

You don't need to be able to do the scorpion pose to appreciate great yoga attire. When done right, a good pair of yoga pants can be the best choice for almost every single situation you can think of. While they're definitely designed for athletics and physical exertion, they can also quickly be used as an effortless, casual yet stylish choice for a day out. And that's pretty much why so many women have at least a few pieces of yoga-inspired clothing in their wardrobe. It's passed the point of just being a passing trend - now it seems like yoga clothes are here to stay.

The only question that remains is what kind of clothing to buy in the yoga world. And let's be clear - there are a lot of options today. Almost too many to wrap your head around! But once you take a careful look at what some of 2018's brands have to offer, it's clear that there are a few that really stand out. Tons of yoga clothing brands are doing the right thing and taking a sustainable approach to creating clothing, using things like organic cotton and making sure their manufacturing process is ethical. And for those who truly understand what yoga is all about, this is very important.

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20 Live In Harmony With Zen Nomad


One of our top pics is a Canadian brand called Zen Nomad. Their clothing is quite beautiful, and also functional. One of the big parts of Yoga is living in harmony with the world around you, and that's definitely something that Zen Nomad embraces. They are committed to using sustainable fabrics with low impact dyes, sometimes even made from plants they've harvested themselves. And in addition, all of their clothing is made and designed in Toronto, meaning the working conditions are guaranteed to be fair and ethical.

19 Embrace The 80s With Encircled


Another one of our favorites when it comes to Yoga clothing is Encircled. We love their amazing leg warmers, and it's a great take on an 80's exercise classic. Of course, there's plenty of other reasons to love this brand - including the fact that they're committed to using sustainable, often recycled materials, and their stance against many negative aspects of the fashion industry. They take a "slow" approach to design, meaning they are committed to treating their workers well, as all of their clothing is made in Canada.

18 Stay Simplistic And Fabulous With FIG


Another amazing brand for Yoga lovers is FIG. Although this brand has a pretty simple name, they offer a lot more than meets the eye. They obviously sell a lot of leggings and clothing that would work well with yoga and a range of other athletic activities, but they also offer a huge range of other clothing. They love the fact that they're a Quebec brand, and they are committed to ethical and sustainable construction whenever at all possible, with most production taking place in Canada.

17 Feminity Is Important With Lole


Another Yoga brand that is causing quite a splash in this competitive industry is Lole. As Best Health admits, it's one of their favorite yoga brands right now. They focus on what they feel is important, that being femininity, comfort, and advanced technical fabrics. It's another Canadian brand that is proving to be both successful and popular, with their stores popping up in America and France as well as Canada. Their clothing is designed with a wide range of sports in mind, including cycling and skiing.

16 A Collective Group Have Created Karma Athletics


One Yoga brand that we definitely need to keep an eye on right now is Karma Athletics. From just one glance at their Yoga apparel, you can see that a lot of thought and care goes into each piece. According to Best Health, the company is extremely collaborative in nature, with almost everyone working at the company having a say in each pair of pants or top. This brand is becoming huge, and their pieces are now carried in massive chains such as Nordstrom and Pure Barre in the US.

15 Get Ahead Of The Game With Titika


One of the fastest moving Yoga brands today is Titika. While we've mentioned the benefits of taking a "slow" approach to fashion, there's definitely an upside to taking things in the fast lane. With new items coming out every few weeks, Best Health reveals that Titika stays ahead of the trend in virtually every area. Headquartered in Toronto, this business does the majority of its business online, but physical stores are popping up everywhere right now as well. It's a brand that yoga lovers will no doubt love.

14 Michi For When You're Feeling Luxurious

Michi was started by a fashion designer who wanted to do something more creative after working with Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade. As Best Health reveals, the aim behind this luxurious clothing brand was to make pieces that looked great, felt comfortable, and were made with good quality. There is a strong focus on undergarments with Michi, including some of the most comfortable bras you'll ever wear. Aside from Yoga, the founder of Michi allegedly wants women to be comfortable on long, typically uncomfortable situations, such as flights - all while still looking amazing.

13 Terrafrog Are Super Inclusive


While the ideal women's fashion brands are supposed to be inclusive and cater to everyone, we all know this is rarely the case. Especially when it comes to athletic gear, it seems like many brands tend to make clothing that only fits one body type. You all know which body type we're talking about. According to Best HealthTerra Frog was started by two women who were too tall for the typical sizes, and they're now starting a successful athletic line where you're almost guaranteed to find your correct size, no matter what your body type is.

12 Adidas Warp Knit


In case you didn't notice, a huge trend right now with yoga leggings is the addition of strategically placed ventilation zones. Aside from making normal yoga pants look way cooler, added ventilation definitely makes your average yoga workout a lot more comfortable. We all know that yoga can get pretty heated at times, and the Adidas Warpknit might just be the best way to keep cool in these situations. Or at least that's what Do Your Yoga thinks about these leggings.

11 ALO Functional And Comfortable


Rarely does a Yoga brand blend fashion and performance as seamlessly as ALO. Yoga enthusiasts will know that this brand makes some of the most attractive and stylish yoga clothes, and being able to wear your leggings and tops outside of the yoga studio is definitely a plus. But as Do Your Yoga reminds us, these pieces are definitely functional as well, and you can't really ask for better when you're in the even most insane positions on the yoga mat.

10 Be Environmentally Friendly With prAna


Another immensely popular brand right now is prAna. Although many of the brands we've mentioned so far are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible, prAna really gives sustainability a whole new meaning. All of their clothes are made from recycled, sustainable materials, and they're also committed to ensuring fair labor practices for all of their many products. On top of all that, Do You Yoga lists the brand as one that yoga teachers themselves prefer, and we can't ignore that.

9 Be Beautiful And Eccentric With Onzie


Pronounced "Own-zie," this brand is definitely taking a lot of yoga enthusiasts by storm. Onzie definitely blends a lot of important qualities into not only their products but also their company mission in general. Their clothing is quite beautiful, and according to Do You Yoga they offer both tight, form-fitting yoga apparel as well as more traditional, looser attire. But whatever the case, these American made products have impressive technology that will keep you dry and comfortable in even the most heated of poses.

8 Athleta Is Functional And Gorgeous

Yoga is all about expanding your mind, stretching not only your physical body, but also your mental horizons. Well, the folks over at Athleta are definitely thinking outside of the box, and their products are intelligent, functional, and gorgeous all at the same time. Like many yoga brands, they are committed to sustainability, and they've even created a brand new type of fabric that save gallons of water with a unique construction method. According to Do You Yoga, After washing some of their fabrics, they dry so fast that you won't even need to waste energy using a machine.

7 Keep It Organic With Green Apple Active


Another very forward thinking company in the realms of yoga apparel is Green Apple Active. This brand is doing new things with classic yoga staples, and they're making their products in a great way. Bamboo and Organic Cotton is definitely a rising trend, and these types of fabric have really interesting benefits, especially when it comes to athletic apparel. You'll definitely feel the difference in quality, and both Bamboo and Organic Cotton is great for the environment as well. According to Do You Yoga, all of Green Apple Active's products are made from these two fabrics, meaning they are incredibly high quality.

6 Yoga Hyde Values Comfort And Quality


Yoga Hyde is another interesting brand that's really come of age in the last few years, and we just love its name. Yoga clothing should really feel like skin, or "hyde," and it should never feel uncomfortable. With its all Organic Cotton line of clothing, Yoga Hyde provides plenty of comfort and quality, and according to Do You Yoga, these pieces were designed in collaboration with teachers and the yoga community. This company is quick to point out that organic cotton feels better on your skin, because it's free from chemical residue. Yoga Hyde also manufactures in the USA.

5 Jala Clothing Love To Be Charitable


Ever since 2008, Jala has been quietly establishing itself as one of the most trusted and popular Yoga brands around. Like many of our favorite Yoga clothing brands, Jala commits to sustainable construction and ethical business practices. According to Do You Yoga, their clothing is designed to move with you in a flowing, non-constrictive way, and it's proven to be very popular among yoga enthusiasts. What's more impressive is the fact that this brand partner with a charity in India, helping mothers start their own businesses and send their kids to school.

4 Embrace Funky Leggings With Eagle Rock Werkshop


Eagle Rock Werkshop is probably one of the most interesting brands in this entire article. They've proven to be very popular among yoga enthusiasts in the know, and there's really so much to love about their brand. First of all, every piece is meticulously hand crafted in their LA studio. And even though they've committed to sustainable construction, Do You Yoga reminds us that Eagle Rock Werkshop is capable of creating Olympic quality compression fabrics. And how about those beautiful designs?

3 Wear The Future With Wearable X - NADI X

Wearable X really went the extra mile with the NADI X yoga pant, a bold new step for yoga attire that no one saw coming. To say these pants are technologically advanced would be a bit of an understatement. They are positively futuristic. According to the company's website, accelerometers and haptic feedback devices are woven into the fabric of the pants, providing you with a wealth of data, and helping you achieve good form and those tricky poses. Gentle vibrations remind you where you should be focusing your energy.

2 Stick With The Classic Lululemon

Of course, this article wouldn't be complete without the addition of some of the big name brands, and we just can't ignore Lululemon. This is an established brand in the realms of yoga attire, and pretty much everyone is familiar with their products. The brand was started quite a long time ago, but it's still managing to stay relevant and stylish, coming out with new clothing items all the time. Best Products remind us that their newest yoga pants feature technology which offers incredible support.

1 Let Out Your Inner-Artist With Monasita

If you're looking for a truly artistic and unique pair of yoga pants, look no further than what Monasita has to offer. Patterns and designs on yoga pants are cool, but this brand does it like no other. They're soft, comfortable and supportive, but the real magic behind these pants comes from the story behind the stunning artwork. According to Best Products, each pair of yoga pants features a design that is inspired by a different song, played on repeat while the artist is doing their work.

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