A Nail Salon Injury That Might Lead To Surgery

What started off as routine nail appointment and a chance for Maria Luisa Gerardo to relax and enjoy a bit of pampering turned into a complete nightmare that could result in having her finger amputated and a lawsuit.

At TJ Nails in Phoenix, Arizona, Gerardo walked in to get her nails done. Gerardo has been going to the salon for over ten years and had always had good experiences. On this recent day, the nail technician accidentally cut her finger while servicing her nails.

One day later, Gerardo noticed that her finger was swollen. She went back to the salon and they responded by offering $100 for her troubles and told her that the problem would go away if she cleaned her hands properly and purchased medicine for her finger.


But nothing helped and eventually the “tiny cut” progressed into a large wound in which her bone was visible. Gerardo was admitted to the hospital with a “severe infection” and doctors have told her that there is even the possibility of amputation.

"I cover my face when they come in here and take [the bandage] off because I don't wanna see it," Gerardo said to her local news station, KGUN. "I don't. I'm scared. This is the only thing I ever liked doing to myself, my nails. But now, with this that happened to my hand, I never want to do this in my life.”

With the support of her family, Gerardo has taken legal action against the salon for her suffering and medical costs. There's no word on the outcome of the lawsuit yet as it is still pending but it seems that Gerardo has a pretty clear-cut case laid out, considering that she is at risk for losing a finger due to the negligence of the nail salon. Gerardo’s pain is a good lesson for us to be extra careful when we literally put our health into the hands of others, even people that we know and trust. Many women today are opting to keep their nails natural and polish them at home. Not only does this not risk their health, but it saves money and with all of the cute polish on the market today, DIY nails can still look amazing.


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A Nail Salon Injury That Might Lead To Surgery