This Is Set To Be The Top Trend In Nail Polish For 2019

With this year coming to a close, everyone is preparing to switch up their style to fit in better with 2019. From all things clothing to smaller aspects such as hair color and makeup, anything can be changed to become more appropriate for the new year. This also includes nail color for those that enjoy getting their nails done regularly. If you still don't know which color will get your nails prepped for 2019, the folks over at InStyle have the answer.

It's been heavily predicted that the most popular nail polish color for the coming year will be grey. This was seemingly proven during the 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show at New York Fashion Week back in September. All models that walked that show had had their nails painted a smokey shade of grey. Inspired by both 1960s retro-futurism and the deserts of Morocco, this shade was said to complement perfectly with the metallic colors, pop prints, and tweed that made up the fashion collection.

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Outside of the high fashion world, grey may seem like an odd choice. After all, it's not the most popular choice for a nail polish color for the entire year. In spring and summer, pastel colors are typical for the aforementioned warmer seasons. However, the use of grey is both a surprising yet sexy selection. It's also a nice change for the pastel colors previously mentioned that tend to dominate spring and summer. Moreover, it will also work excellently during the colder months.

To make this color look great on your nails, manicurists recommend that you have your nails shaped and cleaned first. This will make your nails look good even without nail polish, and help the nail polish stay on. Then like with any other color, follow the same steps: one layer of base coat, at least two layers of color, and then one final layer of top coat to finish it off.

With all things considered, it's definitely easier to understand why grey has been said to be the so-called "It Colour" of 2019. It's the perfect choice for fall and winter because they fit in with the colder conditions and remaining darker colors associated with these seasons. But it's also the perfect choice for spring and summer because it is such an unexpected nail polish color during such seasons. Grey is definitely going to stand out all of next year.


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