Here's How You Can Nail The Big Belt Trend Flawlessly This Season

Belts are one fashion accessory that is typically overlooked by a majority of people. They're usually an afterthought because most only wear one when they absolutely need to do so. But every few years or so, belts seem to garner more attention without warning. The most popular way that this happens is with big belts because they're obnoxious yet stylish. You might then wonder just how you should pull off a big belt without looking like a fool.

This is something that Cosmopolitan looked into this past Thursday. That's because more celebrities, fashion retailers, and models alike are wearing big belts as part of their outfits. So, you're going to want to know how to wear this trend in a fashionable manner that also fits your style and your everyday life.

via Madison Avenue Spy

Now that we're deep into winter, the easiest way to wear a big belt is by popping it on overtop your winter coat. This works best if your coat's big and bulky because a coat of this style needs to be cinched in so you're not drowning in fabric. Another way is by adding one to an evening gown to make it stand out even more. You can also use a big belt to tie a crazy busy patterned outfit together with little difficulty. If you think that wearing a big belt only works with fancier outfits, then you'd be mistaken; a casual outfit can also benefit from the addition of a big belt. Other ways to use a big belt to spice up your outfit includes a solid-colored dress of any style; a skirt; or on a risky yet stylish look (i.e. wearing leopard print from head to toe).

Wearing a big belt may seem intimidating- especially if you've never done tried out the trend beforehand. But there are so many different ways to wear one that you'll surely find one that works for you. That's what makes trying out a trend fun- the fact that you can tweak it in a way that best fits you. After all, fashion is all about having fun.


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