The Most Romantically Compatible Myers-Briggs® Types

If the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can give you an outline of your individual preferences and the way that you see and interact with the world, then it can also give you an idea of what kinds of personalities will click and clash with your own. And since the test measures your psychology on four spectrums you can literally see what personality type can perfectly counterbalance your own.

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So if you're unfamiliar with the Myers-Briggs and what the personality types can mean for your dating life then we have more than a few ways to catch you up, but if you're interested in knowing what your perfect personality match then just read on!


The ISFJ personality is a natural nurturer that excels at supportive and selfless behaviors, which can make them an attractive person to a lot of different personality types that are looking for a romantic relationship. An ISFJ will work hard at their relationships, sometimes to a fault, because even if the relationship isn't satisfying to them they're unlikely to give up on it without a lot of trying first. But the ISFJ makes for a great match with the ESTP personality type, because while the ISFJ loves to nurture their partner the ESTP likes to show their affection by bringing a lot to the table in other ways. The ESTP likes to leave their partners feeling constantly engaged and entertained, and they excel at any action oriented things. And while the ISFJ doesn't like to see the end of a relationship even if it's necessary, the ESTP will not hesitate to end a romance if they feel it's not a good fit.


The ENFP personality is usually very adept at establishing relationships with others, they're a naturally extroverted person that usually has an easy time adapting to a lot of different personalities and situations which makes them a good catch in the eyes of many. They usually have a lot of different passions and interests, so they never leave their partners feeling bored, and they're also very emotionally intelligent so their partners never feel neglected in that sense either. And although they can mix well with plenty of people, their best matches are often the INFJ personality types. The INFJ person is a more reserved and naturally intriguing personality, and they're generally very observant and empathic. They're also quite protective, so their ability to truly understand the ENFP and desire to protect them in addition to the ENFP's ability to bring the INFJ out of their shell makes this pairing a really fantastic match.


The ISFP person may be an introvert, but at heart they're extremely free spirited and love exploration and self expression. Their artistic nature can enthrall many but can be difficult to cope with in a long term relationship as well, and although they are sensitive and emotional on the inside they have a tendency to hide their feelings from others.

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The ESTJ type makes for such a good pairing with the ISFP for a few different reasons. The ESTJ may seem like a somewhat rigid individual, but they're an energetic type and they love to socialize. Their energy level is a good match for the ISFP, and the ISFP can bring some much needed free thinking to the ESTJ. The ESTJ is also a natural born protector, so the sensitive ISFP benefits from that.


An ISTJ type person is not the type to wear their hearts on their sleeves, but these thoughtful and rational individuals still value their relationships and commitments greatly. These people are usually very logical and like to have a certain thought out structure to their relationships, and they work best with others when they know what they need to do for a relationship to succeed. In this sense, the ISTJ is kind of the yin to the ESFP personality's yang, which is why they can make such a wonderful duo. The ESFP type is a very live in the moment type of person, so having someone who has put a lot of forethought into the relationship can be massively beneficial. On the other hand, these charming extroverts naturally bring out the best in those around them, and they have an easier time bringing the ISTJ out of their emotional shells.


An INTP personality type is very in tune with their feelings and senses, and they often have lofty expectations and love to dream of a perfect relationship and partner. They're almost exclusively interested in serious relationships that are meaningful and emotionally rich, but because they spend so much time hoping for the person of the dreams to come along they can sometimes imagine that they've found that person when they really haven't.

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The ENFJ type makes for such a great match because they also long for a serious and committed relationship that will last forever, and they're also especially in tune with their partner's wants and needs which can be a good solution to the INTP's desire to live in a bit of a fantasy land. The INTP makes a good counter to the ENFJ because the ENFJ is very giving but the INTP isn't the type to just take and take.


An INTJ person is a very thoughtful and considerate personality type who loves to learn and bring their mind to further levels of enlightenment. Because they're so thought oriented instead of emotionally oriented they can be a tough nut to crack when it comes to relationships, but they're the type to be extremely committed once they've made a commitment and they are always looking for ways to strengthen their relationship. This is why the INTJ is such a great match with the ENTP, because an ENTP type personality is always looking to do the same thing, just in different ways. The ENTP is always looking to bring new experiences to any relationship and loves to think of new ways to engage with their partner, and the fact that the INTJ and ENTP personalities both tend to communicate better through thought than emotion gives them a level of understanding that is hard to find with other personality types.


The INTP type doesn't enter into a serious relationship easily or lightly, and their naturally reserved demeanor makes them more inclined to stay away from intense emotional entanglements unless they have serious feelings for another person. But that doesn't mean that they can't feel intensely for someone else, and that doesn't mean that they don't want to. The ENTJ makes for a perfect partner with the INTP because they're also the type to go after a serious relationship, but they're also willing to actually go after it. An ENTJ isn't the type to be insecure and they're fine with having a bit of breathing room, which matches up with the INTP's need for independence quite well. And since both the INTP and ENTJ are more thinkers than feelers, they have an easy time communicating with one another without any hurt feelings.


The ESFJ personality is a very naturally caring person, and they have a tendency to absorb a lot of the needs and emotions of the people around them, which can be difficult for an extrovert who tends to engage with so many different people. The ESFJ gets a lot of emotional satisfaction from helping and caring for the people around them, but the down side of that trait is that they can feel equally dissatisfied if they haven't managed to satisfy others. The ISTP however isn't prone to emotional ups and downs, and they're also not the type to dwell on anything for too long, which makes them a very easygoing and soothing match for the ESFJ. The ISTP also loves action and hates to be bored, so the friendly and action oriented ESFJ is bound to leave those needs satisfied.

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