How They React To A Breakup Based On Their MBTI®

We all learned our biggest lesson about breakups from Lorelai Gilmore: wallowing is the only possible reaction to have. Bring on the ice cream, junk food, movies, and music (and keep them coming).

It's clear that nobody wants to face a breakup, but unfortunately, some relationships are supposed to end and some pairs just can't make it work. The way that we behave when we get dumped (or when we decide it's totally and completely over) is dependant upon our personality... and that means that figuring out our MBTI will be very helpful here.

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Read on to find out how someone reacts to a breakup, based on their MBTI.

10 INFJ: They Accept It And Then Retreat For A While

An INTJ or "Insightful Visionary" may not be out there making waves and getting credit for their ideas, but they like to assist others from behind the scenes. They're "quietly inspiring" and "idealistic" as well as being a "visionary." They don't like when their schedule is changed or when there is "a lack of closure."

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When an INTJ is part of a couple, "They are sometimes seen as mysterious, as they tend to share their internal intuitions only with those they truly trust." When an INTJ is going through a breakup, they will accept that this is the only way that things could go... and then retreat for a while. They're going to stay home a lot and try to figure out their feelings, and it will be a while before they can tell their close friends what's going on.

9 ENTJ: Think About Their Bright And Shiny Future

When ENTJs or "Decisive Strategists" go through a breakup, they're confident and "objective" and can tell that it was the right thing to do. They "think strategically about the future" so they will react to the end of their relationship by making a plan for the future.

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Since they don't like having a "lack of control" they want to make sure that they're the winners of this breakup and that they know what will happen to them. Maybe they find a new apartment, or decide that they'll switch up their job within the next year, or there is another big change they want to focus on.

8 ENFP: Become More Social And Make New Friends

ENFPs or "Imaginative Motivators" like "new people and new experiences" so it seems like they are already very social people. When they go through a breakup, they would definitely react by becoming even more social and making some new friends.

ENTPs don't like a "long term plan" so unlike some of the other MBTI types, it seems that they would approach the breakup by focusing on the here and now. They know that they would feel better by getting out and being around friends so that's what they would do. They're also "gregarious" and "value depth" so they would ensure that their new friendships are the real deal.

7 ISTJ: They Organize The Breakup And Get On With Their Lives

An ISTJ or "Responsible Realist" would react to a breakup by getting super organized. They would pack up everything that they have of their ex's and give it to them as soon as possible and make sure that any mutual friends now that it was amicable and that everyone can stay pals.

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ISTJs are "systematic" and "practical" so they definitely wouldn't cry or scream or freak out after being dumped (or deciding to end the relationship if it's their choice). After the breakup is over, they would get on with their lives and know that everything is going to be okay.

6 ISFJ: They Would Act In A Mature Manner And Make It Amicable

An ISFJ or "Practical Helper" is "traditional" and "loyal." They sound like they truly like being in a relationship so it would be tough for them to go through a breakup. They are described as "responsive and proactive when caring for others."

When an ISFJ is going through a breakup, they would react in a totally mature manner. They would make sure that it's amicable and they would probably remain friends with their partner. Since they care about people and are easy to rely on, they wouldn't want to suddenly stop caring about their now former partner.

5 ESFJ: They Would Have Trouble At First... And Want To Have A Long Chat

For an ESFJ or "Supportive Contributor", there is nothing worse than when people are "dismissing how I feel" or "isolation." That's why they will most likely react to a breakup pretty badly, at least at first.

They want people to take note of their ideas and their hard work, and when it comes to their relationship, they're always there for their partner no matter what kind of day they're having or what they're going through. After getting over the surprise of the breakup, they will want to have a long chat so they can talk about how they feel (and how their partner feels).

4 ISFP: Asking To Go To Couples Counseling

An ISFP or "Versatile Supporter" would react to a breakup by asking their partner if they would be willing to go to couples counseling. They are "sensitive" and "tolerant" and "adaptable" so it seems that they would want to try everything before agreeing that the breakup is a good idea.

They're not big fans of "conflict situations" so they wouldn't want go through a tough or messy breakup. If things started going in that direction, they would probably agree that it's best to go their separate ways and not fight or exchange any negative words.

3 ESFP: They Might Start Dating ASAP

An ESFP or "Enthusiastic Improviser" is definitely more of a social creature than a wallflower. They are said to "enjoy life and being around people" which means that they would respond to a breakup by getting out there and dating ASAP.

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While some others would want to be single for a few months or perhaps even longer than that, it wouldn't be an ESFP's style. They want to put themselves out there and they would be open to meeting new people and starting a new relationship if it felt like the right thing to do. They are "talkative" and "outgoing" and are also said to be "spontaneous."

2 ESTP: They Would Attempt To Reconcile

Someone who is an ESTP or "Energetic Problem Solver" most likely wouldn't accept a breakup right away. They would view their relationship as something that could be fixed, like anything else in their life, which makes sense since they are described as "pragmatic troubleshooters."

They don't have their head in the clouds, though, and are realistic, so they would only try to save the relationship if it made total sense. Once it was clear that things were over, they would understand and walk away.

1 INTP: They Would Go Silent And Then Would Keep To Themselves

An INTP is an "Objective Analyst" so that in itself helps describe how they would react to a breakup. They wouldn't be one to get super emotional or try to make their partner feel bad for leaving them.

As the official description says, "They typically adopt a detached and concise way of analyzing the world" and that is how they would respond to this situation. An INTP would react to a breakup by going silent and then keeping to themselves. They wouldn't need to talk it out with their partner or their friends or family, and would know that it's for the best.

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