Must Haves: 25 Luxury Purse Dupes That Are Under 100 Dollars

If you consider yourself a bit of a fashion guru, odds are you're completely obsessed with luxury purses. They're the absolute perfect item every girl dreams of adding to her closet collection. Whether you're lucky enough to own a few, or endlessly daydream about one day owning your own Birkin, this article is exactly what you need.

While we're sad that there are just no 50% sales happening at Louis Vuitton any time soon, we've found the second best thing. Our team went above and beyond and found the hottest dupes for every luxury purse you've just been dying to get your hands on. Even better, each dupe is under $100, so it's totally affordable.

Now you have the perfect opportunity to rock a purse similar to your favorite designer, rather than going down a dark road and buying a knockoff. While we totally understand that the dream of purchasing a luxury purse will always be something we're striving towards, these are some awesome dupes to hold us down until we get there. The truth is that not everyone's budget is ready to purchase a designer item we've always been dreaming about. However, if it's under a $100, we're totally willing to make some exceptions.

Grab your credit card and put it on standby as you scroll through our iconic list with the absolute best dupes for your favorite luxury purses. You'll look totally on trend and your outfit will be completely on point. You can thank us later!

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25 Gucci: Dionysus Leather Top Handle Bag


It seems like Gucci has been taking the luxury fashion world by storm as they're dominating the industry. Everyone from celebrities like Kylie Jenner to social media models like Alissa Violet are constantly rocking these iconic purses.

We're completely in love and have found the perfect purse to grab if you want to save a few thousand dollars. 

This dupe is something we're absolutely living for. It has the exact same bamboo styled handle at only a fraction of the price. If this isn't a perfect deal, we don't know what is.

24 Saint Laurent: Small Sac De Jour Bag


It seems like the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag has been all the rage over the year. The iconic purse is so sleek and trendy it's a classic piece that everyone should own in their closet.

However, a $5000 purse isn't something we can splurge on at the moment.

This dupe instead is the perfect purse that you just have to grab. The small size makes it the perfect summer purse that you totally need to pick up. Even better? It comes in a classic red color.

23 Mulberry: Bayswater Leather Double Zip Tote


Mulberry is one of our favorite brands as they make the most incredibly versatile bags ever. These iconic items can help you transition from day to night.

That's why we're more than thrilled to have found the perfect dupe for this trendy purse.

This dupe is way under a $100 dollars! We definitely recommend this purse as your perfect back to school or work purse to push you into September.

22 Prada: Galleria Bag


While Prada might be on the more affordable side, it definitely still is something to save up for. That's why we were totally thrilled when we found this perfect dupe online

This dupe should for sure be on your wish list the next time you're looking to spend a little money. 

Whether you actually need it or simply want it, it's not too bad of a splurge to try out. At only $27, we're absolutely begging you to treat yourself to this ideal dupe.

21 Valentino: Guitar Rockstud Rolling Noir Shoulder Bag


Valentino definitely made a name for itself in fashion recently by studding up their items. We're living and breathing for the chance to finally one day own such a statement purse, but for now, will settle with a gorgeous look alike.

This dupe has the exact elements of a Valentino look we desperately need, with a price we totally want. 

Until you can finally splurge on a Valentino, check out this iconic look-a-like in the meantime. Get ready for endless questions as to where you got your purse from.

20 Chloe: Marcie Shoulder Bag


It seems like every celebrity owns an adorable Chloe purse. The company has recently rebranded and is now one of the most desired items ever.

We're all here for their new look, even though it's completely out of our price range. 

This dupe however has saved us from having to give up our month's rent in order to purchase a purse. We more than love this purse and think it's the perfect item to gift to the people we love.

19 Chanel: Classic Double Flap Bag


It's safe to say that Chanel is one of the pioneers of luxury purses and is an item that absolutely everyone dreams about owning one day. However, at $5,000 a purse, we'd rather pick up something else.

This dupe has luckily saved us from having to sell everything we own just for a purse.

We're loving the iconic quilt design as it's totally giving us those Chanel vibes. If you're looking for a classy and elegant purse, this is definitely a g0-to item.

18 Gucci: Marmont Embodied Bag


This dupe gives us those exact Gucci feels we've been craving lately. Since it seems like absolutely everyone has an iconic Chanel purse, we feel a little left out.

We're more than thankful for this perfect dupe that we're just obsessed with. 

This dupe has the iconic gold chain strap that gives the purse a luxury feel. It's easy to use, and is one of our favourite dupes on the list. Check out this purse today while it's still on stock online!

17 Celine: Mini Luggage Tote


It seems like Celine was just all the rage a few years ago when everyone was wearing the boxy purse. We swear even the Kardashian family had it in every colour and design.

While the buzz might have died down a little, it doesn't mean that we still don't want the iconic purse. 

This dupe has the same feel as the Celine Mini Luggage Tote, at only $75 dollars. It also has a different vibe to it so you don't feel like you're rocking a knock off Celine.

16 Gucci: Soho Disco Bag


If the Gucci Soho purse isn't the perfect mini summer purse, we just don't know what is really. This dupe has lucky saved us from wasting all our money at the Gucci store just to be trendy.

We're loving our dupes as it's the ideal crossbody purse that fits the essentials. 

Your phone, keys, and wallet will perfectly fit in the mini purse. You won't have to lug around a huge purse with items that you don't even need. You definitely have to go minimal with this ideal bag!

15 Gucci: Sylvie Floral Embodied Bag


This dupe definitely has all of the Gucci elements we adore all in one. Everything from the bamboo handle, to the patches, and even the horse shoe lock.

While we've come to the realization that we simply can't afford a Gucci purse, this look-a-like has just stole our heart.

If you're looking for a way to look trendy and on point with your fashion choices, we highly recommend this iconic look. The patches definitely sold this purse for us!

14 Givenchy: Antigona Satchel


At this point, we've come to the conclusion that we don't need a brand name luxury purse just to be trendy. These hot dupes that we've found are the only accessories we're willing to splurge on.

This dupe is perfect for the iconic Givenchy tote. 

We're more than positive that we can look iconic, while still on a budget. If you're looking for an item to add to your beauty collection, check out how perfect this dupe is.

13 Burberry: Banner Leather Tote


Burberry has become such a classic English brand that just gushes out elegance and sophistication. If that's the vibe you're going for, we've found the perfect item for you.

At under $25, this dupe better already be in your cart as you plug in your credit card number!

This is also an ideal purse to wear to school or work as it'll fit absolutely everything. Your laptop and lunch will fit while still having a ton of room to fit other stuff also!

12 Chanel: Jumbo Flap Shoulder


While Chanel might be the most elegant brands ever, we're positive that we don't need a purse to come off that way. What truly matters is our personality that shines on it's own without a purse overpowering it.

Yet, if you simply adore the style of a classic Chanel purse, this item is just for you!

This dupe is under $25 and looks exactly as the Chanel above. The leather and chain woven strap is incredibly iconic and will bring your look completely together.

11 Chloe: Hudson Shoulder Bag


If you're obsessing with a Chloe purse just like we are, you'll be happy to see that we found the perfect dupe for it. Not only is our look a like absolutely stunning, you'll save at least $1000.

This dupe has the exact braided detailing, alongside the fun fringe. 

Everyone's attention will immediately fall towards your purse in awe. You'll be drowned in endless questions of where you got your purse from!

10 Saint Laurent: Monogram Bag


If you haven't seen this YSL purse all over Instagram and Pinterest, we're positive you're living under a rock. This gold detailing has become a staple for the brand as it seems like everyone who's anyone owns one.

This dupe is totally here to crush the YSL purse out of the ball park at a much better deal!

If you're willing to switch the tacky gold detailing for silver, you'll adore our dupe. Even better, the purse is under a $100 and the reviews attribute it to being incredibly sturdy.

9 Fendi: Mini 3Jour Shopper


While Fendi may not be as popping as Gucci and Louis Vuitton currently is, it's still a strong contender. The low-key brand makes to die for purses, at prices that might just give you a heart attack.

Thats why we're positive you'll adore our look alike for all of the right reasons. 

This dupe has the same vibe as the Fendi, while coming in a ton of different colours. Best part? It's currently 50% off as is an awesome deal. Pick one up while it's still in stock!

8 Chloe: Faye Leather Shoulder Bag


Chloe has been absolutely killing it with their purses lately. The fresh vibe is graceful while still being trendy at the same time. It's safe to say the gold detailing sold us.

This dupe however is definitely here to compete and save us a couple months of rent money. 

Who needs to spend a ton of money on a purse when you can pick one up for under $70? We highly recommend this purse as it looks just like the Chloe Faye Leather Shoulder Bag!

7 Chanel: Chevron New Boy Bag


Chanel has done a wonderful job at constantly re-vamping their brand into fashionable items that work. The Chanel Boy Bag is one of their latest creations that incorporate their classic style with a modern edge.

This dupe has every element that the Chanel purse has, while only being $20. 

If this isn't an iconic steal, we really don't know what is. We adore the linear quilted fabric and the gold chains, it definitely brings the purse together to look like a high end bag.

6 Valentino: The Rockstud Clutch


While we wish we could simply glue some studs on our purse and call it Valentino, it doesn't exactly work like that. Instead, we're stuck with endlessly dreaming about hopefully one day owning an iconic bag like the Rockstud Clutch.

We were lucky enough to find the perfect look-a-like to the stunning clutch.

This dupe basically looks like the sister of the Valentino clutch, while not looking like a knock off. If you're not as obsessed as we are with this clutch, we'll have to have a talk.

5 Chloe: Hudson Fringe Bag


We're more than loving this lively fringe purse as it has a southern element to it fashion desperately needs this season. We're getting such good vibes from this purse that we're getting a little desperate to hopefully own it one day.

This dupe on the other hand has all of the fun fringe elements while being covered in a leather material. 

If you're anything like us, you know this purse is absolutely everything and should be a part of your closet. Who cares about the expensive Chloe version when you can pick this bad boy up for under $60.

4 Saint Laurent: Basic Tote


Sometimes all a girl simply needs is a classic tote to throw everything in. While it seems like we could purchase any bag, we're desperately in love with the YSL basic tote.

This dupe luckily has saved us from day dreaming over a bag, and actually making it into a reality. 

While it might not be a designer bag, it has everything we're looking for! With four different colours to choose from, we're positive you'll find your ideal purse!

3 Chanel: Boy Quilted Flap


It's time that we end our hopeless obsession with Chanel and finally find something to wear on our next night our. This dupe has thankfully came to the rescue!

We found a perfect spin on the classic boy bag with this iconic piece that comes in a denim fabric!

If you're not living and breathing for this item, we can't imagine anything better. This is the ideal Chanel look alike that every girl needs to get her hands on.

2 Prada: Siaffano Lux Bag


While we don't recommend splurging on a Prada purse, we've luckily found something else to take it's place! This dupe  comes in a multitude of different colours fit for every occasion.

We recommend going with the red shade as it completely caught our eye as the most ideal purse of them all. 

While under $60, we're positive that you'll adore this trendy yet affordable purse. It'll fit absolutely everything and will be your perfect go to accessory throughout the year.

1 Hermes: Birkin


Everyone knows that the most classic purse of them all is the Hermes Birkin. At roughly $100,000 for some of the more exclusive versions, this is completely out of our budget.

We'd rather spend the money on a down payment for a house, rather than an overly priced purse.

This dupe has thankfully saved the day by letting us live out our fantasy of owning an iconic Birkin bag. If you're anything like us, then we're sure you'll love this dupe as much as we do.

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