MUA Creates Stunning Art From MAC Lipsticks

One Instagram influencer is turning MAC lipsticks into stunning works of art!

Theresa Nakhoul, a makeup artist from Australia, is showing how MAC lipsticks can be used for more than one purpose. She is also highlighting how the famous brand of lip products are beautiful whether they are applied to the lips or sitting on a shelf in the home.

PopSugar was first to highlight Nakhoul's talent for makeup artistry (and not just the gorgeous looks she creates on her clients' faces). She has taken various tubes of MAC lipsticks and turned them into mini-sculptures. The sculptures are genius, super cute, and look extremely intricate and tough to create.

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Her Instagram account is full of little MAC lipstick objects such as a Ferrari, a rose, and a stiletto shoe. Nakhoul has over 31,000 followers on her social media account, and obviously, all of them are obsessing over her artistic designs.

"Seriously what can't you do" replied kalin_barakat regarding the rose sculpture.

"You are properly talented! Amazing" shared paigebutkow when Nakhoul posted a photo with three of her lipstick sculptures.

Along with showcasing photos of her artistic talent, Nakhoul also shares how she created each one in videos. She lets her followers in on how her DIY projects go from lipstick to works of art. It is extremely interesting to learn the way that the transformations unfold.

Halloween pumpkin lipstick

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Despite her talents, not everyone is thrilled that the makeup artist is turning the precious MAC lipsticks into adorable treasures. Some of her followers have called her out on wasting the product.

"why would anyone want to ruin their lipstick like this?" commented allison.arras on the rose photo.

"Very creative! But why not use a cheap lipstick??? Like something from Walmart, wish or AliExpress?!? Even if you got it for free it's MAC!!!" remarked missaksun on the same image.

The criticism is not stopping Theresa Nakhoul from creating beautiful and tiny creations out of MAC lipsticks. She has found another creative outlet using her passion for makeup and beauty. Lipstick sculptures are not her only works of art. She also makes awesome drawings using only eyeshadow. Her talents have no limits.

If you are not following Nakhoul on Instagram, you need to. Her account will keep you inspired and entertained all day long.


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