Exclusive: MUA Maria Burke Talks Punk Barbie Style And Working For Kat Von D

There's nothing we like better here at The Talko than a girl who serves up some serious style. Makeup artist Maria Burke does just that, using her skills to create vibrant and beautiful in-your-face gorgeousness. We had the pleasure of talking to the Liverpool born talent about what inspires the incredible looks she shares on her Instagram page, @mariaburkemakeup. Maria's edgy style helps her stand out from the crowd, with an Instagram aesthetic that will have you green with envy. "I would describe my style as punk Barbie!" she says.

Maria's love of makeup started when she was at university, studying drama. "I bought stage makeup for myself and my team's final performances and just fell in love," she explains. "I ended up doing several groups makeup after that for shows and haven't looked back since!" Like many people wanting to break into the industry, Maria was concerned that her lack of formal training would hold her back. Fast forward a few years and she's a full fledged MUA, having landed a position on Kat Von D's UK events team.

"In terms of training, I always thought it would be something that held me back, like I wasn't a real makeup artist without it," Maria confesses. "As the years have gone on, I've learnt so much about myself and what works for me that I realized experience is the best form of training you can have."

When she applied for the Kat Von D position Maria was convinced that she wasn't going to get it, thinking that she didn't have a big enough social media presence. "I applied thinking I 100% wouldn't get the job. I don't have 50k followers, I'm not as experienced as some other girls who were doing makeup when I was doing my degree, so I was really grateful for the opportunity," she says.

When it comes to her favorite products, Maria vouches for MAC's Studio Fix foundation and concealers, Smashbox's range of primers and Kat Von D's 24 hour products that stay put all the live long day. On the lower end of the price spectrum Maybelline takes the crown. "The pot gel liner and anti-age concealers are products I always need refills of in my kit," she muses. "I also really love the Maybelline mascaras, they're great quality and reasonably priced!"

Among the artists Maria praises is @laurenkelly_makeup. "She's so precise and creative at the same time. She inspires me every time we have a little play around with looks on the counter!" This self-taught powerhouse is also quick to stress that working at a makeup counter should never be underestimated, especially if you're just starting out.

"If you're an inexperienced makeup artist a counter job where you have to try a look on someone each day, or you have walk up customers who want to try something new every 15 minutes is perfect," says Maria. "It'll help you grow as an artist in confidence and help you find out what type of artist you are without the lack of money, and the lack of a loyal clientele."

Be sure to follow Maria to see more show-stopping looks.


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