MUA To The Stars Advises Against Spending Big Bucks On Eyeshadow Palettes

You don't need to break the bank to achieve the perfect look, according to a makeup artist to the celebs.

Gigi Hadid doesn't need to worry about the cost of any of her makeup. As the fifth highest paid model in the world, she can afford the most expensive brands several times over.

So it might come as some surprise to hear that her makeup artist doesn't shell out the big bucks to pull off some of Hadid’s most stunning photoshoot looks.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, Maybelline global makeup artist and face-painter to the stars, Erin Parsons, reveals that many of the products used for Hadid cost less than a fast food lunch.

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Her first tip to save money on beauty is to avoid “an extremely expensive eyeshadow palette.” While 30+ shades and colors might seem like a smart idea, Parsons says they’re actually an “an absolute waste of money” and you can achieve the same results with much cheaper options.

Parsons recommends Maybelline’s Lemonade Craze Palette for all of your eyeshadow needs. At just $11, you won't break the bank shelling out for this hand-sized palette which has dark, moderate, and organic shaded.


If $11 is still outside your budget, never fear! Parsons also recommends a highlighter as a stand-in for many other, more expensive products. It might be due to her employer that she recommends Maybelline's Facestudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter, but at a price of under $8, you can hardly argue with the savings, and the results are gorgeous.

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A highlighter can be a very versatile product. Parsons says it can sub in for eyeshadow to give your eyes that little extra zing. “Double-duty beauty!” Parsons exclaims.

Another inexpensive option to get a perfect set of eyebrows is Maybelline's Tattoostudio Brown Tint Pen. This is actually what Gigi used to achieve some of her more recent youthful brows over the darker, more bold forehead-caterpillars that you might remember her for.

The trick here is to apply the pen with gentle, quick swipes to ensure that only the barest amount possible is coated with each application.

Lastly, Parsons recommends tossing out fake lashes in favor of an eye curler. “If you can curl your eyelashes and get a great coat of mascara on there, you almost don’t need false eyelashes. So curl away!”

We are all here for these money-saving beauty tips, and we cannot wait to try some of the products that Parsons recommends!


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