The 10 Most Memorable Quotes From The Hills

From 2006 until 2010, the most popular reality series was definitely The Hills. The MTV series starred Lauren Conrad and her friends as they dated and fought with each other and started their working lives in L.A.

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Many reality shows are quotable even years later, and fans are still smiling (and giggling) over some of the moments from The Hills. Now that the show is coming back for a reboot in June 2019, it seems like the perfect time to think back on some of the most hilarious things that the cast members said. Read on to find out the ten best quotes from The Hills.

10 "Eat your Pink Berry and enjoy life!"

Lo Bosworth said this quote and this totally takes us back to the days of The Hills since the girls were often seen eating at Pink Berry. It was seriously a thing. This is one of the best quotes from The Hills because, yes, it's pretty simple, but it's good advice, isn't it?

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We can replace the "Pink Berry" with anything (coffee, fries, donuts) and it still applies. Whenever we're having a stressful week, we should quote Lo and tell ourselves that everything is going to be okay. (And if we can find some frozen yogurt, then that's even better.)

9 "To have a friend, you have to be a friend."

Audrina Patridge's words are a classic reality TV quote. At first, they seem so incredibly obvious we want to say, "Yeah... and?'" But then we think a bit more and realize she's totally right.

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This is one of the best quotes on The Hills because the heart of the series is about female friendships. Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag have a massive friendship breakup and their conflict makes up much of the drama. Audrina is explaining that friendship should go both ways. Haven't we ever thought that when a friend won't text us until we text them first or make a plan?

8 "I want to forgive you and I want to forget you."

Lauren Conrad said this to Heidi Montag, and it's an incredibly famous quote from the show. Of course it has to be considered one of the best quotes from The Hills.

The two girls haven't become BFFs again, which makes LC's words ring even truer. According to People, Heidi said in 2018, “I’d be willing to move forward and put things behind us. We would never be the way that we were again, but it would be fun to maybe catch up one day and be mature and be like, ‘Hey that was crazy, I wish you the best,’ type-of-thing. But I don’t think she would be ever ready for that.”

Can we imagine saying "I want to forgive you and I want to forget you" to a friend or even a boyfriend right before breaking up? Those words are pretty harsh... but definitely powerful.

7 "You only get married once."

Stephanie Pratt says this to her brother Spencer, and it's pretty funny since, of course, it's not the case for many people. The divorce rate is pretty high and many couples split up. There are so many celebrities (and non-celebs) who get married multiple times. But in Stephanie's eyes, marriage is a one-time deal, so that's why she said this to her brother. A lot of drama surrounded Spencer and his girlfriend Heidi.

Stephanie's quote is one of the best from The Hills since it's classic reality TV fare: it's logical but simplistic. And it makes us smile.

6 "My Dad always told me ‘Flowers mean I’m sorry, chocolates mean I love you."

Lauren Conrad said many amazing quotes throughout her time on The Hills and this is definitely one of her best. This is some unconventional fatherly advice, wouldn't we say? Do our dads tell us this kind of stuff? Many people aren't even comfortable talking about dating with their parents...

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LC's dad may believe that flowers and chocolate mean two totally different things. Many people might beg to differ and say that they both mean "I love you." After all, don't people get red roses and a box of chocolate for Valentine's Day? And their parents aren't trying to apologize for anything...

5 "I’m not a catty girl, I don’t have time for this."

Heidi said this on The Hills, and it's hilarious because almost everyone who stars on a reality show says the exact same thing. Reality stars on a show like The Real Housewives or a competition show are always saying that drama is not for them and they want to be normal and stay far away.

But all the arguments on reality shows tell a different story. The people who claim to be drama-free often seem to be the ones who are starting fights all the time. It's safe to say that Heidi and Lauren have had a lot of fights on the show.

4 "Don't cry over someone who wouldn't cry over you."

Lauren's quote from The Hills is tough to argue with, right? It works for a platonic or romantic relationship (or even that relative that has caused us a lot of strife over the years).

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Of course, everyone has cried over people who weren't worth it at all. That seems part of growing up. First loves, bad friends, a random person who hurt our feelings -- we have all encountered people over the years who have made us tear up. But we can remember LC's advice and save our crying.

3 "You are hanging out with MY enemy. That makes YOU my enemy."

Spencer Pratt says this to Brody Jenner (yup, Brody was on The Hills), and it couldn't not be on this list of the 10 best quotes from The Hills.

Can we imagine saying this statement to someone? Even if a relative or friend is hanging out with someone who we don't like to be around anymore, it would be pretty harsh to straight-up tell them that they're our "enemy." But that's the fun and glory of reality TV. People say whatever they're thinking and feeling. The stars of The Hills had a lot of enemies over the years and there was always a max level of drama.

2 "As soon as you stop thinking about them, they'll send you a text message or they'll call you, because they know you just stopped thinking about them."

Lauren Conrad's words describe guys or girls who we want to stop talking to because we know they won't commit, along with friends who we want to leave in the past. Many people remember The Hills for the drama and the popular music that was always playing at the end of each scene, but now that we think about it, we can recall the advice that Lauren was giving in so many of the episodes.

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We can relate to this quote since, in 2019, we often want to stop dating someone or talking to them... and then they like a social media post. How frustrating.

1 “She will always be known as the girl who didn’t go to Paris.”

Lisa Love said this about Lauren Conrad, and it's one of the 10 best quotes from The Hills. It's also one of the most well-known moments. In the season one finale, LC decides to keep dating her BF Jason instead of going to Paris.

We can probably remember this being a big surprise back then and even thinking about it now, it still is. How could she not go to Paris?! What?!

Sure, Lauren might be pregnant with her second child, married, and running a lifestyle company/brand, but we wonder if she regrets not going to Paris? She won't be in the 2019 reboot, so we sadly might never find out.

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