20 Movies That Would Have Been Better With Keanu Reeves

These days, motion picture sensation Keanu Reeves has received a lot of positive attention. And when it comes to this specific individual, perhaps there’s no one out there that deserves it more. He is without a doubt one of the nicest celebrities out there, and with his performances in films like the John Wick series, he can definitely kick some behinds and take names as well.

But before all of this newfound success and resurgence in the mainstream, he had a successful film career in the nineties as well, and when we look back to some of the films that have been produced since that era and this one, we can imagine he would have been great in some of those productions as well. Come to think of it, he may have been better than those cast, no matter how much we love those other stars.

And that’s not considering the movies he almost did but didn’t. Join us as we take a look.

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20 Watchmen

via empire

As it turns out, Keanu was up for a role in this film, but states that he had to turn the role down. Why, you ask? Well, according to the mega-star, '' ... things just didn't work out.'' Maybe it was a scheduling conflict or something, but we don't know about you, but we can definitely picture him in that film, and the roles he could have played are numerous at that. Apparently, the role in question he was offered was in the form of Doctor Manhattan. He even went to the set when they were filming, apparently.

19 Speed Racer

via movie house memories

And speaking of cult classics, how about we take a look at this goodie from the old treasure trove? Perhaps it was one of the most anticipated films of the era, as fans of Speed racer in general had been begging for a film for a long time. As it turns out, Keanu was offered a role in this film, yet that too did not work out, sadly. He has stated that he was sad that it didn't work out. He would have played racer X, a role that ultimately went to Matthew Fox.

18 Hard Rain

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Another recognizable face from the late eighties to the mid-nineties was this man, pictured here, and no we're not talking about Morgan Freeman. Christian Slater can indeed be considered a treasure of the screen, and for good reason. The nineties were chock full of action films that are still talked about today, but this gem often goes unmentioned. Keanu as well would have done a great job and he would have been reunited with his Chain Reaction co-star, Morgan Freeman.

17 Total Recall (2012)

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Back in the eighties, perhaps there was no one more suited for this role other than the Austrian Oak Arnold himself. But the remake that audiences were given was a tad too disappointing when it finally came. Many felt it was too soon, but we'd like to pose the question: what if Keanu himself had played the main character? Would audiences have acted a tad more favorably? We sure think so.

16 Speed 2

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Many have often wondered why reeves turned down the role in the sequel to the astoundingly successful Speed film. Well, one look at the second installment is enough to make anyone understand why he decided to steer clear of that one. Critics tore the film apart, and for good reason. We could just picture Keanu reading the script. He knew to stay away from something like that. For some a bad choice in Hollywood, like the wrong role, can be the end of their careers!

15 X-Men Franchise

via screen geek

These days, we can't imagine anyone else playing this role, but as it turns out, Keanu wishes he was actually up for the part when the X-Men script was floating around Hollywood. It was never the case of course, but he did say in a recent interview that if he had to play a superhero from the Marvel of DC universes, he'd play Wolverine, because he's always liked that character.

14 Minority Report

via the verge

Firstly, we must say that we love Tom Cruise. For many of the roles he's had over the long years since he started acting, no one could ever replace him, but if we look at this film in particular, perhaps Steven Spielberg could have gone another way when casting the main character. Keanu is great at Science Fiction and Action films alike and there was no shortage of both genres in this film.

13 Under Siege

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This is the movie that catapulted action superstar Steven Seagal to super-stardom. he'd had a few successes before, but this one did the trick so to speak. Now that we've seen all the work Keanu has done since his first film, we have no doubt he would have done a great job here as well. And as far as the martial arts sequences are concerned, we have no doubt he would have handled himself well there too.

12 The Fugitive (1993)

via NME.com

Based on the classic TV show from back in the day, this was a definite hit of the times. The early nineties were chock full of films that were suspenseful and action-packed like this one here, and yes, Harrison did an impeccable job. But it's in our recollection of another of Keanu's films, Chain Reaction, that has us leading to believe he would have been great in this one as well, as they were quite similar.

11 The Fifth Element

via wexner center for the arts

Now we're not saying we wanted him to play the character played by the incomparable Milla Jovovich, as she was awesome at the role, and really we wouldn't trade her portrayal for anyone else. But we feel that Keanu would have done an incredible job playing the character Bruce Willis played. Now before you scoff ... we love Bruce, but Keanu would have added a certain nuance to the role we're sure.

10 The Proposal

via cornellsun.com

Now we're not proposing (see what we did there?) that Keanu should have played every action and romantic lead since the dawn of the genres, but we'd say he's pretty cool. That's pretty obvious, as we've dedicated this whole article to him. Ryan Reynolds did a great job here, and essentially no one could ever replace him as Deadpool, but here Keanu would have reunited with Sandra Bullock, and we love to see them on screen together.

9 Dear John

via Roger Ebert

With films like A Walk In The Clouds and The Lake House, audiences were made privy to the fact that Keanu had a knack for playing the romantic lead as well. He wasn't all about saving the day and being at the center of a complex plot. A simple love story was something he could help tell. Knowing this, we can think of so many romantic leading roles he could have done better ... this role, in the adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel, Dear John. 

8 Heat

via the movie score

To say that Heat was an astounding showing of what epic acting and direction can get you. Throw in an exceptional script and music and you've got something pretty special. The film was perfect, putting together none other than Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in roles that have gone down in history. Equally stellar was the performance of Val Kilmer, a talent beyond good. But we're amusing ourselves a tad here, imagining what they film would have looked like if Keanu played his role instead. picture it if you will ...

7 The Mummy (1999)

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This series of films was a definite good time, and Brendan Fraser was a good fit at the time. The remake with Tom Cruise was arguably even better than the originals, but like everything else, that's up for dispute. But in 1999 when the film was released, Keanu had established himself as a blockbuster sensation, what with the original Speed and of course The Matrix. Would have been cool to see him in this role as well.

6 Starship Troopers

via bloody disgusting

Now speaking of Science Fiction blockbusters, this one had a lot of money behind it when it came out. It's almost as though Hollywood was trying to force this one down our throats, so to speak. But while it didn't do all that well at first, it eventually caught on and has become sort of a cult classic. But to this day, many have wondered if flavor of the month actor Casper Van Dien was the appropriate choice for one of the roles. Perhaps it would have done better with Keanu at the helm, eh?

5 Gone In Sixty Seconds

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So we seem to have embarked on a cult classic kick of sorts. For automotive enthusiasts, perhaps this film here is equally, if not more important to car culture than even The Fast And The Furious franchise of films. It surely has a special spot in the hearts of many and the impeccable talent that is Nicolas Cage did an astounding job. Now the whole cast here was pretty cool, but couldn't they have had at least one part for the likes of Keanu ... he would have been great here, too.

4 The Corrupter

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By the late nineties, Mark Wahlberg was establishing himself as quite the Hollywood superstar. he'd had quite a number of roles that were taking him from mediocre star to the fame he now enjoys. The film centers on an investigation that takes the viewer into the depths of police corruption, and we'd wager that reeves would have done the role justice ... of course not to say that Mark didn't. Of course, we're just having fun here, remember.

3 Dazed And Confused

via TIFF

And continuing with our look into the films we call cult classics, this one surely fits that bill ... and speaking of bill, how about one of Keanu's first break out roles in Bill and Ted (like what we did there?) ... That character would have so fit in with the likes of all these other dudes in the film. The film was a who's who of up-and-comers on the scene and we have no doubt he would have done well with the incomparable Nicky Katt, Matthew McConaughey, Milla Jovovich and the rest.

2 The Thing (2011)

via SFGate

Now if there was a single actor who could have taken the reins from the cinematic legend that is Kurt Russell, then it would have to be Keanu Reeves. Nothing against Joel Edgerton who ultimately got the part, but we feel our dude, Keanu would have brought along a little of that nuance he's known for ... those precious moments of silence when something passes from him to the audience ... a film like this would have had a lot of those moments.

1 1408

via amazon smile

The classic story by Stephen King was a successful short story, and when it was turned into a film, audiences ate it up and although it didn't get a lot of favorable reviews at the time, it's still respected by many fans of the horror genre and fans of King himself. John Cusack was great at the part, but for the sake of this article, we wonder how Reeves would have handled a part that was straight-up horror, so to speak. We'd say, he would have done quite well.

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