10 Easy Tips From A Movie Makeup Artist

Actors and actresses in movies always look flawless on camera. We try to copy their look and achieve the same glamorous effect, but usually, we come up short. Movie makeup artists know how to make literal magic out of nothing, and we want to know their well-kept secrets.

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We have uncovered some of their tips that are so easy that anyone with a basic knowledge if makeup could do it. You will look fabulous in no time as you learn how to wield their special magic. Keep reading to learn ten easy tips from a movie makeup artist!

10 Layers Of Powder Help Lipstick Last

Lipstick seems to have a habit of rubbing off as we go about our daily business, but it doesn't have to be this way. You can apply a few layers of powder between layers of lipstick to help it stay strong despite the whirlwind of a day you know you'll have. It is also the perfect thing to make your cheap lipstick feel like you paid a million bucks for it. It will completely change your lipstick game and it's up to you if you want to share this little secret with all of your friends.

9 Make Your Eyes Pop With A Matte Bronzer

A full-face is a lot of work and one that can be easily ruined if the proper steps aren't taken. If you put on a full face but leave your eyes bare, then you need to dig a matte bronzer out of your makeup bag.

You should apply it to the crease in your top eyelid, as well as your lower lash line. Your gorgeous eyes will look bigger and become the center of attention, so it is perfect for anyone who is in love with this particular feature of their face.

8 Moisturizing is Key

The way to have your makeup turn out better than great is to moisturize your face and ensure it is hydrated. This means that you should spend extra time moisturizing and prepping your face for makeup prior to application.

It will add some time onto your routine, but the results will make it worth it. Your skin will be glowing and healthy, which is something every makeup brand looks to enhance when developing their specific line of products.

7 Mirror Angles Make A Difference

Many of us have makeup mirrors sitting on our vanity desk. We apply makeup looking down at the mirror, but this could be part of the reason we aren't achieving a flawless look. Your mirror should be slightly higher than you are when you apply it because it gives a better angle for you to work with.

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It also makes sense because most people don't look up to you, rather, they look at you directly or peer down at you from above. If your mirror is too short you should consider propping it up with some books so you can look as awesome as a movie star.

6 Take A Class On The Color Wheel

The biggest mistake many people make is coming up with their own color combination, instead of the one already proven by time to be flawless. This helps with things like blemishes or scars as opposites on the color wheel cancel each other out.

For example, if your zit is bright red then use a green concealer to minimize its appearance. You should also match your eyes and skin tone to its respective color on the wheel. A few minutes of web-based research will help point you in the right color direction.

5 Wet Your Highlighter Brush

Highlighter looks amazing when it is applied correctly and really accentuates your best facial features. Many people apply the powder version of this product with a dry brush, but wetting it makes all the difference.

It will give you the appearance of a glowing goddess as you strut your stuff with your impeccable bone structure. If you decide to go with a liquid highlighter instead, make sure to apply it with a sponge and buff the product into your skin.

4 If You Want All Natural, Apply Your Foundation Last

It can be difficult to achieve an all-natural look with makeup as you apply layer after layer on your skin. The best way to do this, especially for an epic everyday look, is to apply your highlighter, bronzer, and cream blush beneath your foundation.

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The makeup will show through your foundation and give you the subtle glow you were looking for. Heads will turn the second you step into the street and show the world that natural isn't always as it seems.

3 Use Your Chest To Match Foundation

It is no secret that our necks tend to see less light than our chests and faces, which is why they are not a reliable thing to match foundation too. When choosing the perfect color you should choose something similar to your chest.

You want to avoid looking like a floating head, which is what will happen if you fail to follow this simple tip the next time you shop for the perfect foundation. The best way to check is to take a photo of yourself in the sun without a flash, as it will help you determine if the color is right for you.

2 Peach Fuzz Can Be Invisible

There are plenty of women out there who prefer to keep their peach fuzz on their face, and makeup artists have the perfect solution to keep them at bay. After you apply your foundation, as well as your powder, you want to take a brush and run it down the length of your face.

This will press them all flat against your skin and prevent them from making an unwelcome appearance partway through your day. Your baby hair won't know what hit them when you start using this hack.

1 Eye Drops Can Reduce Redness

We all know of someone who uses eyedrops during allergy season to combat the effects of dry eyes and irritation. This same product is also used by makeup artists to reduce redness or inflammation of acne.

They squirt a few drops onto a cotton ball and apply it to the affected area as they wait a few minutes for the redness to disappear. It can be a lifesaver when your stress causes you to break out in the morning the day of a big event as it takes all of your troubles away.

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