10 Unique Styles For Wedding Rings

Picking out wedding rings is a big decision. The bride and groom sometimes want their bands to match. The bride usually has a very specific look in mind. There are so many colors, cuts, stones and styles from which to choose. There's the budget aspect to take into account too. The bottom line, though, is that this one piece of jewelry will symbolize love and unity, on this finger, forever.

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For those who are looking for one-of-a-kind rings, we suggest these 10. They have elements that make them a little more special than the average wedding ring, making them perfect for unique and original brides and couples!

10 Art Deco

Art deco designs are commonly seen in engagement rings, as they offer a bit of retro flair. There are several aspects that make this style stand out from the rest, and the main thing would be the tiny but adorable details.

With this gold one that is pictured right here, for instance, there are four oval-shaped diamonds underneath the main stone, which make this ring look like it is straight out of The Great Gatsby! Brides who have an appreciation for antiques and/or who wish they were around during the roaring 20s will adore an art deco ring.

9 Vintage

Besides art deco rings, there are many other vintage ones that can be quite special, when it comes to wedding rings. While many couples flock to department stores or local shops for sparkly diamonds, there are other places that carry rings from back in the day - like this one.

From its fun shape and its intricate details to all the stones that cover this big ring, there are many reasons to love this option. Not everyone has something like this, and the fact that it probably used to belong to another happy couple makes it even more amazing.

8 Black

Colors are important to keep in mind when shopping, as well. Most opt for clear, glimmering diamonds, but there are numerous stones out there… even black ones. A bride with an edge, a couple who decorates in dark tones and/or a woman whose entire wardrobe is dramatic may be interested in something like this.

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The band is still silver, and there are still diamonds found all over it; the centerpiece is just a deep and dark rock - which is also complimented by smaller black ones, too - this wouldn’t work for everyone, but would make certain gals beyond happy.

7 Modern

Traditional rings are very popular, but modern ones are seen around, too. These options are sleek, with contemporary styles and minimal design elements, such as this gold ring. It has that go-to round diamond in the middle of it all, but it is sandwiched in between the two bands, which is definitely a unique aspect.

There is also a short and sweet row of smaller diamonds that can be found on the top and bottom of this, which adds a little more sparkle to the finger. Yes, this gets the job done - just in a stylish and 2019 way!

6 Detailed

On the other hand, brides may want rings that are covered in lots of details (instead of ones that are sleek and minimalist). This example has wavy lines that intertwine, all the way around the band - which is a copper-ish tone. Instead of having little stones on the sides or underneath the main rock, there is just one focal diamond, which really makes it pop.

Besides, all of those other diamonds are not really needed, since the details on the rest of the ring add enough interest. Many couples would really be into a matching set like this one.

5 Green

Earlier, a wedding ring with a black stone was seen… If anyone wants color but not one so dramatic, there are choices like this. This ring is a simple band that is covered in lots of sparkles!

Alternating, there are round diamonds in oval shapes and round green stones in square shapes. All the geometry is a nice touch, and since the details are so small, it is not too overpowering. The green is certainly noticeable, but it is not an in-the-face design. Yes, brides who like bursts of different shades may like something such as the ring pictured here.

4 Three Stones

What is better than one big diamond? Well, three of them could work, of course! There are many things that make this next ring stand out from the rest. First off, as seen, there are three teardrop stones. The color is a vivid gold, and it is all covered in tons of tiny shimmers, too. 

The most notable design element here is the fact that instead of one band, there are three different sections that wrap around that certain finger on that left hand in a beautiful way, catching eyes and gaining lots of attention.

3 Simple

For something less showy, there are simple engagement rings, such as the one pictured here. It is quaint, with its soft color and interesting shapes. It is intriguing, with the different colors and types of stones that are used. So, when looking closely, there are many parts to admire.

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However, upon first glance, this seems like an effortless option that would work for brides who enjoy contemporary designs (since it has some of that minimalism that has been discussed today) or for brides who enjoy retro designs (since there are some art deco aspects seen, as well).

2 Pink

The color here is definitely something to discuss, but the shape of this ring could also be something for unique couples to keep in mind! Pink is a popular color when it comes to stones, and this one is breathtaking.

How it is set is even more awesome! There are four gold prongs that help hold up this focal point, and that is it; there are no other details on the band, and there are no other diamonds on the ring. The shape and the color speak volumes, and this is a great option for original wedding jewelry. 

1 A Criss-Cross

Last but not least, there is this beauty. The band is super thin, yet it is full of sparkle. The stone is in the shape of a hexagon, and it is a yellow-gold color. The cross shape in the middle of all of this is also encrusted with diamonds, and it crosses over the main stone.

You might think that this would hide that unique coloring, but, instead, it adds to it. Yes, there is so much to take in with this ring, and there are so many glam and intricate elements to it. It's one that many brides would love to have on their hands!

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