16 Most Expensive T-Shirts Ever Sold (And How Much They Cost)

With the right amount of cash, nearly anything is possible.

Fancy boats, exquisite homes, luxury cars? With tons of dough, any of these material items can be yours. People with tons of moolah are able to purchase the top fashion designs without making a dent in their wallets. So even though these rich-beyond-belief folks have the ability to buy and wear whatever they want, some of these clothing pieces are so outrageously expensive that we can not fathom even them purchasing these shirts.

These are the most expensive t-shirts that money can buy. Imagine spending half a million dollars on a cotton tee!?

16 Fendi Will Cost You — $690

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It's a high-end brand, so even a simple shirt like this one will run prospective buyers almost one thousand dollars. The Italian designer Fendi is known for being high priced and high quality.  So while this particular shirt looks like something that you could get at Target, the real deal will run about hundreds of dollars.

15 Gucci's Overpriced White Cotton Threads — $1,000~

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If you have money to burn, go ahead and shell out two grand for something like this by Gucci. Even a simply designed t-shirt from the famous design house will set a customer back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For those who want to look like they have lots of moolah, but don't, knock-off Gucci clothes are not that hard to come by.

14 Cranberries 1995 Tour T-Shirt — $2,500

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The Cranberries 1995 world tour produced amazing tunes and interesting t-shirts. This concert t-shirt memorialized the band's multi-million dollar album, "No Need To Argue." One Cranberry fan thought the shirt so valuable, he had no issue forking over $2,500 to wear a piece of music history.

13 Woodstock Vintage Tank Top Warner Bros Copyright 1969 — $5,000

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Peace, love, and pricey old t-shirts! Woodstock was an epic, cultural moment, and it lives in many people's memories. For those who need more than memories, memorabilia like this vintage Woodstock t-shirt are available, but come at a price. If you happen to have thousands of dollars sitting around, this shirt can be yours.

12 Vintage Prince T-Shirt — $5,000

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This t-shirt is one of those rare rock and roll finds. It was acquired by a woman named Jackie Sharp. Sharp was once affiliated with a Francisco-based Target Video Punk VHS company that produced maybe five shirts like this one. Chances of getting your hands on one of the originals are pretty slim and pretty expensive. This vintage dig runs about five grand.

11 Nirvana, Tour Crew T-shirt (1993) — $7,000

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This t-shirt is a rarity because it was only given out to those working on the 1993's In Utero concert. Word on the circuit is this actual tee belonged to one of the band member's bodyguards and was on the market for just under $7,000. Mega fans are sure to be more than happy to shell out that kind of money for a piece of their favorite band's history.

10 1977 The Runaways Tour T-Shirt — $7,500

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The all-female rocker band, The Runaways, tore up the rock and roll scene in the 1970s. People couldn't get enough of their edgy sound, but that isn't all fans couldn't get enough of. Years after hitting it big, the band's concert t-shirts have sold for 7,500 dollars! There really is nothing super fans won't do to feel like they are a part of their favorite group.

9 Led Zeppelin 1979 Knebworth Concert T-Shirt — $10,000

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Led Zepplin played two shows at Knebworth House, and this shirt served as a backstage pass for a select few who got to come face to face with the band themselves. The simply designed shirt was so scarce that it sold on eBay for ten thousand dollars. Some very wealthy Led Zepplin fan, who per defunkd.com lives in Australia, now gets to strut around in a piece of music history.

8 Run DMC's Addidas T-Shirt — $13,000

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Run DMC was the jam back in the eighties. This shirt was created in collaboration with Addidas to promote the group's publicity, and die-hard fans of the band are willing to shell out serious cash to get their hands on it. Per moneyinc.com, the cotton t-shirt will cost any prospective buyers about $13,000.

7 Lennon's "Home" T-Shirt $16,400

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Beatles singer John Lennon loved his "Home" t-shirt. When alive, he could be seen wearing it everywhere. The shirt was designed for Lennon as he started his restaurant of the same name. With both Lennon and the restaurant skyrocketing to popularity, the shirt rocked a hefty price tag of $16,000 per moneyinc.com.

6 Vintage 1966 Beatles Butcher Cover Album T-Shirt — $20,000

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 The Beatles released the Butcher Cover of the Album "Yesterday and Today" back in 1966. The Head Honcho of Capital Records initially said, "no way," to the album cover design, but the band insisted. They strongly felt it spoke to their feelings regarding the protest of the Vietnam War. It can be yours for $20,000. We bet there are plenty of Beatles fans out there considering this deal right now.

5 Hanes/UNICEF 1996 Olympics T-shirt — $42,000

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This shirt doesn't look like very much. It isn't made by a fancy design house, nor is it loaded with high priced materials. This 1996 Olympics t-shirt was created by UNICEF to help raise funds for helping poor children from all over the world. It was auctioned off to the highest bidder for $42,000

4 Hermes Croc-Tee — $91,000

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This bad boy is comprised of crocodile and chiffon, which is part of the reason for the extremely high price tag. The other part, of course, is the actual brand. Nothing from Hermes is going to be a discount. You'll pay for the brand. To strut around in this fancy shirt will cost you $91,000.

3 The Gold Shirt — $250,000

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An Indian man named Datta Phuge had such an obsession with gold that he fashioned a t-shirt to fit his taste. This guy paid a quarter of a million dollars to walk around with the precious metal encasing his body. He only wore the frock out on special occasions, and when he did, he had a security team surrounding him.

2 UNICEF Cargo Flight — $300,000

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Ummmm, that's a house. This shirt doesn't look like much, but it sold for a good cause indeed. The Cargo Flight shirt was specifically created to benefit those in dire need. With the purchase of the pricey clothing piece, a ton of goods can be moved from the organization's main warehouse in Copenhagen to hungry kids in Nairobi, Kenya.

1 Superlative Luxury — $400,000

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At nearly half a million dollars, this t-shirt might be the most expensive one in the world. Why? Well, it contains roughly nine carats of both black and white diamonds. We prefer our diamonds in the form of rings and necklaces, but clearly, some people choose to wear their bling in the form of a cotton t-shirt.

Sources: moneyinc.com, printsome.com, justcollecting.com

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