Morphe Just Hit The Shelves At Sephora - But It Won't Be For Everyone

Morphe launched their line with Sephora earlier this week, and for anyone in Canada, this is fantastic news! Unfortunately, Morphe is only launching at Sephora Canada, meaning US-based customers will have to continue buying Morphe products either directly from the site or from Ulta. When beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill first launched her four eyeshadow palettes with Morphe, the beauty community went crazy. Only 24 hours later, the products were completely sold out, so naturally, cosmetic enthusiasts were ecstatic to hear that Morphe would finally be able to supply the demand.

But a lot of fans are confused and unsure as to why Sephora agreed to sell Morphe products in the first place. One Reddit user posted, “Honestly, I don’t think I ever expected to see Morphe carried in Sephora. This seems completely out of left field.” Other Reddit users have gone on to compare the launch of the Morphe line to that of ColourPop – “here for a while and then nowhere to be found.”

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While this might seem like a confusing move from Sephora Canada, many customers are upset that Sephora will not be carrying Morphe in the US due to the overwhelmingly negative feedback being provided by previous customers. According to Trustpilot, reviews have taken a hit since earlier this year; reviews were largely positive in terms of quality, wait time and customer service, but then took a drastic decline once Morphe began getting more traction over the summer and early fall. Cosmetic blogger, Cindy, also cites that the eyeshadow palettes should be coming with a postcard to identify the name of each eyeshadow – many customers have been complaining that they have not been receiving this postcard.

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Naturally, it seems much simpler to be able to handle purchasing, questions and returns in store. Despite the inconvenience of having to work with Morphe’s less-than-satisfying customer service team, in terms of quality it does seem that Morphe has been delivering. According to makeup artist and reviewer Stephanie Lange, despite her previous bias towards the brand, she was not able to deny the long-lasting and impactful pigments of the 3502 Second Nature eyeshadow palette.

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Conversely, beauty blogger Cindy has posted about her frustrations working with some of the colors. On her blog My Beautiful Flaws, she states that “I found most of the brighter colors to be extremely dry, chalky, streaky, and difficult to apply and work with,” and that even after using eye makeup remover to clean the powders off, her “mobile eyelid was stained for a day.”

Whether Morphe is here to stay at Sephora remains to be seen, but in the meantime, at least the Canadian beauty community can spare themselves the headache that seems to come with Morphe’s ridiculous wait time and sub-par customer service. As for Morphe’s ability to deliver on quality, that will be up to the user.

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