More Than Kimye And KUWTK: 20 Little-Known Facts About Kim K

Kim Kardashian is known for many things! Sure, she first made headlines after making that infamous tape with Ray J. But since then, the celebrity has become known for her family’s reality show, her cosmetics and merchandise lines, and mass social media influence. Not to mention, fans are obsessed with following Kim’s personal life, including her marriage to rapper Kanye West and their three (soon to be four!) adorable children. Since Kim hardly holds much back in interviews and online, fans know a lot about the millionaire mogul.

However, with that being said, it’s no secret that the Kardashians are pros at curating their public image. Momager Kris is a mastermind at controlling what so-called sources say to the media and scoring huge deals for her daughters. Even more, the family has become excellent at doing damage control and somehow public dramas always paint them in a better light. Still, this means that there must be a lot we don’t know about Kim and her famous family. After all, there are some things they just don’t share in front of the camera - or want their fans to know about.

Keep reading to discover little-known facts many fans don’t know about Kim Kardashian and her ultra-famous family!

20 She’s Studying To Become A Lawyer

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If Kim were to suddenly decide she didn’t want to work at all ever again, the reality star is wealthy enough that she’d be set for life. And even if she wasn’t, everyone in her family is worth a few million at least, so she’d always have that to fall back on.

But despite having a steady income thanks to her makeup brand and reality TV appearances (amongst other things), Kim is still looking to branch out. Specifically, the celebrity recently revealed to Vogue that she’s studying to become a lawyer.

She’s planning on taking the bar exam in 2020 and is currently completing a 4-year apprenticeship with a San Francisco firm. "The reading is what really gets me. It’s so time-consuming. The concepts I grasp in two seconds,” Kim said.

19 She Used To Date Michael Jackson’s Nephew


Kim dated a lot of guys before she finally settled down with Kanye. And one of her former lovers happens to be the nephew of the late Michael Jackson! Kim dated TJ Jackson for several years when they were teenagers. She even spent her 14th birthday at Michael’s Neverland Ranch.

“That was the most magical place on earth,” she told People in 2009 of the experience. “When you drove up, there were baby elephants and chimpanzees in overalls, and there [were] all the rides. It was everything you can possibly imagine. The memories I have from that place will last for the rest of my life.”

18 She Eloped When She Was Only 19

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It’s not only Kim’s 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries that ended badly. Many fans don’t know that the reality star was actually married when she was only 19 years old. In 2000, she eloped to Las Vegas with music producer Damon Thomas, who is known for his work with The Underdogs.

Although the marriage lasted for three years, Kim eventually filed for divorce, which is where things got particularly dramatic. The reality star later revealed that she had been intoxicated during the ceremony. Shortly after the divorce, she began dating singer Ray J, with whom she made her infamous tape.

17 Her First Husband Mistreated Her

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Unfortunately, many secrets came to light once Kim filed for divorce from her first husband, Damon. Specifically, the reality star revealed the extent to which he had mistreated her during their relationship.

According to leaked court documents, Kim said Damon was very controlling and persuaded her to quit her job and college.

“Damon told me not to leave the house unless I first told him...where I was going,” Kim was quoted as saying in the transcripts, Cheat Sheet reports. “If Damon were not home, I was required to call him and ask permission to leave the house.”

16 She And Nicole Richie Used To Shoplift Together

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Back in 2017, fans were surprised when Kim revealed the activity she and former friend Nicole Richie used to do in their rebellious teenage years. In a blog post, the reality star said she and Nicole would often shoplift makeup from local convenience stores (despite coming from families wealthy enough to pay for it).

“When Nicole Richie and I were around 11, we went into a drugstore in Malibu and took lipstick,” Kim wrote. “I can’t remember the name of the color, but it was a brown shade from Revlon. I wasn’t much of a partier growing up, so this was about as rebellious as I got.”

15 She Has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder in which people have repeating, unwanted thoughts and sensations, which then motivate them to perform specific compulsions. Such repetitive behaviours can include simple things like hand washing or cleaning, although they can greatly impact the person’s quality of life.

Kim once revealed she deals with OCD. "I can't take a shower unless the bathroom is absolutely spotless; I think I'm totally OCD," she admitted on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. "I have a cleaner who comes three times a week, but I always do the cleaning on top of that."

14 She Almost Left Kanye Last Year

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Kim has already been married three times, but the third time might not be the charm. Just last year, sources said the reality star was on the verge of leaving Kanye after his controversial interview with TMZ.

“Kim’s emotions were heightened,” a source told In Touch. “Kim didn’t know what to do. Kanye acting up just added to her anxiety.” They continued, “It’s over. She’s realized he’s not the man she fell in love with. Kim wants her old life back.”

The source said getting a divorce wouldn’t be so simple given how much the couple is worth in total. However, given that they’re now expecting their fourth child, it seems like things are all patched up between Kimye.

13 She Used To Be A Professional Closet Organizer

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Kim is likely the wealthiest woman in her group of friends, but it wasn’t always like that for her. Back in her 20s, Kim actually had a kind-of-normal job that she probably wants her fans to forget about.

Specifically, the reality star was a professional closet organizer for the rich and famous. Many of her wealthy friends were clients of hers, including socialite Paris Hilton.

According to Pop Sugar, Kim acted as a stylist and closet organizer for other famous clients including Cindy Crawford, Serena Williams, Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, and Brandy (aka. Ray J’s sister!).

12 OJ Simpson Was In The Delivery Room When She Was Born

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Of course, the Kardashian family first found fame when the late Robert Kardashian (aka the dad of Kim and co) represented OJ Simpson when he was on trial for the passing of his wife, Nicole.

Robert and his then-wife Kris had been long-time friends of the Simpsons. So much so, they actually made OJ Kim's godfather. Even more, OJ has claimed to have been in the delivery room when the reality star was born.

“I definitely took my dad’s side. We just always thought my dad was the smartest person in the world, and he really believed in his friend,” Kim told Rolling Stone about the whole ordeal. “It’s weird. I just try not to think about it.”

11 She Ended Her Marriage After Seeing A Psychic

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Kim seemed so in love before walking down the aisle with Kris Humphries. So many fans wonder why it only took her 72 hours before filing for divorce.

On a 2012 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim was filmed visiting a medium who proceeded to contact the celebrity’s late father. After speaking with her dad via the psychic, Kim said she made up her mind to call it quits.

“What was so crazy about that was when he was talking about the divorce stuff,” she later told the camera, “I honestly feel like I can’t do this anymore with Kris. I feel like I got into this way too fast. You know I’m not happy.”

10 She Had An Addiction To Iced Tea

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Kim and all of her sisters have always been candid about the extreme lengths they go to in order to maintain their famous physiques. Hint: it involves a lot of greens and not a lot of sugar. But one thing Kim has always had a problem staying away from is iced tea. She once described herself as having an “addiction” to the sugary drink.

“I used to drink a ton of iced tea, but I’ve cut back,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “I had the craziest addiction to Equal. I’d put 10 Equals in every iced tea. I’ve trained myself to have just one iced tea a week, and I’m down to three Equals.”

9 She Experienced Domestic Violence

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Kim may seem to have a great relationship with her husband Kanye nowadays. But things weren’t always so rosy in the celebrity’s love life. When she was still married to her first husband, Damon Thomas, Kim reportedly experienced domestic violence first-hand on multiple occasions, as The Daily Mail reports. 

Even after their breakup, she wasn't able to rid herself of the guy that easily, as is often the case in these situations. Kim revealed that Damon would show up at her apartment after their breakup. He was also abusive to her during those visits, as Cheat Sheet reports.

8 She Blow-Dries Her Jewelry Before Wearing It

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Every time Kim steps out it seems like she’s wearing millions in gorgeous jewelry. Let’s just say this celebrity definitely has a mini fortune in jewelry sitting in her home. Despite wearing such accessories so often, Kim once admitted that she has a weird ritual she has to do every time she puts on jewelry - she needs to blow-dry it first.

Kim once admitted via social media she can’t stand the feeling of cold metal, thus why she came up with this interesting hack. “I can’t stand putting on cold jewelry,” she wrote. “It gives me the chills!”

7 She Used Sign Language To Cheat On Tests

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Kim was definitely one rebellious teenager in her younger years! During a post on her website, the reality star once revealed that she knows how to recite the alphabet in sign language.

However, she didn’t use it for good. Instead, Kim added that she and her friends would use it to cheat on tests back in high school, Romper reports. Given that Kim has expressed a desire for her children to go to college one day, we hope they learn not to repeat their mother’s mistakes.

On another note, do you think Kim still knows sign language?

6 She Dislikes Getting Ready To Go Out

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Given how many public appearances Kim has to make for work (and the fact that her whole personal life is televised), one would assume that the reality star loves being in the public eye. However, the mom of three once revealed she prefers to just spend all day at home without leaving her house.

"I'm kind of a homebody, so I've been staying in a lot lately," she once told Us Weekly. "There's nothing I love more than getting to stay home all day and not get ready for anything, which is about half the week." She added that her favourite thing to do at the end of the day is "unwind by getting in bed and doing some work — I'll put on a robe and answer e-mails or go online." Us too, girl!

5 She’s Obsessed With Elizabeth Taylor

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Given how many people are obsessed with Kim, it’s a little surreal to think there are people she idolizes just as much. One of those people is the late Elizabeth Taylor.

Kim has described herself as an “Elizabeth Taylor Nerd,” and has said she can recite the number of carats in the actress’ most famous diamond rings off by heart. Kim was actually the last person to interview Elizabeth before her passing in 2011.

To remember the actress, Kim actually bought three of Elizabeth’s jade bracelets for $64,900. “If you have a piece of jade, the energy goes into the piece and you absorb the energy,” she told Forbes about the purchase. “So I can feel Elizabeth in the piece.”

4 She’s Related To Bella And Gigi Hadid

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We’re not just saying this because they all run in the same social circle! The Kardashians actually have a family connection to the Hadids, albeit through marriage.

Caitlyn Jenner, Kim’s stepdad, used to be married to Linda Thompson and shares two children with her. Following their divorce, Linda was married to composer David Foster from 1991-2005. When they split, David married Yolanda Foster, who’s the mother of models Bella and Gigi. Yolanda and David ended up divorcing in 2017.

Although we’re not really sure what this makes the Hadids to the Kardashians, they technically were family by law at one time.

3 She Once Released A Song – But Now Regrets It

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It hasn’t even been a decade since Kim released her infamous one and only single, titled “Jam (Turn It Up),” in 2011. Although there was a time the reality star was briefly trying to pursue a singing career, she now realizes what a mistake the whole thing was.

“If there’s one thing in life that I wish I didn’t do,” she once said of her foray into the music business, Romper reports. She added, “I don’t like it when people kind of dabble into things they shouldn’t be. And that I don’t think I should have. Like, what gave me the right to think I could be a singer? Like, I don’t have a good voice.”

2 She Always Wears A Permanent Retainer

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There are very few things the Kardashians haven’t done for beauty. From intense workout routines, insane meal plans, to rumours about going under the knife, the sisters will do anything they can to improve their looks. One of the less glamorous things Kim says she does every day is wear a retainer.

“I have a permanent retainer on my teeth inside that you can't see,” she told NSS Magazine in 2017, admitting it's the secret to her perfect smile. Hey, if that’s what it takes to have pearly whites like Kim, then count us in.

1 She Only Washes Her Hair Every 3-4 Days

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Kim always seems like she’s sporting a new hairstyle or colour whenever she’s photographed. But the reality star once revealed that she does a lot less to her hair than fans may think. Specifically, she once told Harper’s Bazaar that she washes her hair only every 3-4 days.

"I don't wash my hair a whole lot—every three or four days," she explained. "When I get it done and blow-dried, that lasts for a while." Hey, if you’ve got an entire team of hair stylists attending to your locks then we guess it would make things pretty easy.

Sources: Vogue, Pop Sugar, Rolling Stone, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar

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