More Normie Than Not: 20 Photos Proving These Celebs Are Just Like Us

It’s a fact that seems to be lost on many adoring fans, but celebrities are human beings too. They may be humans with incredibly impressive bank accounts, lavish homes, private jets, lots of talent and, most of the time, very good genes. But nonetheless, they are humans. When the cameras turn off, the curtains close, and the designer clothes return to the closet, they are real people.

As celebrities become more famous and more successful, they begin to seem more like brands than humans. It’s easy to start idolizing them as perfect and thinking of them as though they don’t have feelings of their own.

But many stars have revealed that this kind of attitude from the world leaves them feeling anxious, isolated, and lonely. And we don’t want that for people who dedicate their lives to entertaining other people!

Perhaps if we think of stars as humans rather than as super-humans, we’ll think more carefully before we say things online about them that are hurtful. Perhaps we’ll be more understanding when they mess up, and we won’t develop unhealthy obsessions with them.

To remind us all that celebrities are just human beings, here are 20 snaps of famous people doing ordinary things.

20 Courteney Cox Shops For Her Own Furniture

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One the 1990s sitcom Friends had become a hit show, the cast was earning approximately $1 million per episode. It’s safe to assume that Courteney Cox, who played the uptight Monica Geller, can afford to hire an interior decorator, as well as an assistant to run around town and buy things for her, including décor for her house.

But judging from this picture, every now and then Courteney likes to do her own furniture shopping. And who can blame her? Sometimes, you have to do something yourself if you want it done right, no matter how much money you have!

19 Daniel Radcliffe Goes To The Gym


Though he played the most famous boy wizard in the world, Daniel Radcliffe is one star who prefers to keep a low profile these days. You won’t usually find him stumbling out of clubs in Los Angeles or making scenes at award shows. But where you might find him is going to the gym Down Under!

This photo of Dan was recently snapped at a gym in the city center of Adelaide, South Australia. The actor is currently visiting the Aussie city to film a new movie that is set in South Africa in the 1970s. It looks like the Harry Potter star was more than happy to take a picture with this lucky fan.

18 Britney Spears Sees New York From The Top Of A Bus


When you’re one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, travel is a big part of your life. But from what we can tell, sightseeing isn’t normally on the to-do list. Stars like Britney Spears are usually rushed from airports to arenas to hotels and then back to airports again, leaving them little time to see these cities properly.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered this snap of the ‘Womanizer’ singer seeing New York City like a true tourist—from the top of a sightseeing bus! We’re happy that Brit got the chance to be a normal person for a change and witness all the beauty of New York!

17 Kendall Jenner Rides A Bike


Being a member of the uber-famous Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kendall Jenner undeniably has a wide range of personal transportation options at her disposal. The family has been seen riding in everything from expensive cars to chauffeured limos to private jets. So it is a little surprising to see the model tooling around on a Citibike!

We’re sure the novelty of the private jet wears off eventually, and even though it’s nice to be comfortable when travelling in style, sometimes even celebrities can’t resist having some fun on a good old-fashioned bike! And here, Kendall sure does look like she’s enjoying herself!

16 The Game Of Thrones Cast Plays Pool


Game of Thrones fans might need to take a second look at this picture to make sure it’s real! Celebrities playing pool might not be that interesting, but the game does become a whole lot more fascinating when we’re used to seeing the characters acting a lot less amicably toward each other on screen.

It’s odd to see Iwan Rheon and Alfie Allen standing next to each other since their characters were the worst enemies on screen. It is also odd to see Jaime Lannister with two hands, and Brienne of Tarth wearing anything other than a suit of armour.

15 Maisie Williams And Sophie Turner Blow Bubbles


It looks like the pool picture isn’t the only Game of Thrones cast candid floating around the internet. Here are co-stars Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, and Michelle Fairley doing something different for a change: blowing bubbles!

We’re used to seeing Maisie sneaking around serving the Many-Faced God. And we’re used to seeing Sophie portraying Lady Sansa Stark, who began her journey as a spoilt girl but has evolved into true queen material. And it’s nice just to see Michelle Fairley doing anything since her character, Kat Stark, was written off the show following the notorious Red Wedding. Way to let loose, ladies!

14 Jennifer Garner Is A Mom


We think of Jennifer Garner as a movie star, but at home, she’s just a mom to her three kids. The actress has never shied away from revealing the details of her home life and parenting style, and we know that she’s a very hands-on mom. Here she is carrying her daughter Serafina’s school project for her.

Jennifer is just your typical mom in many other ways as well. She limits the amount of junk food her children are allowed to eat and makes sure she gets to spend as much time with them as she can when she’s not working.

13 Bradley Cooper Takes The Subway


Bradley Cooper just acted in and directed one of the biggest movies of 2018—A Star Is Born—which won an Oscar for its superb soundtrack. So it’s hard to imagine that the actor would ever think of taking the subway, but just one picture speaks a thousand words.

This photo shows Bradley riding the subway in New York City. It looks like he was trying to go incognito since he’s sporting shades and a cap and kind of hunching into his jacket. The earphones trick is also a good way to guarantee that nobody will bother you, whether you’re famous or not!

12 Reese Witherspoon Pumps Her Own Gas


Many people believe that once you become a celebrity, you’ll no longer have to worry about the small, mundane errands you once had to complete. Surely celebrities can get people to do things like pick up their dry cleaning and pump their gas, or better still, drive them around.

But we guess that those little things make life seem normal and might actually help stars feel like their lives haven’t gone totally crazy! Here is Reese Witherspoon filling up her tank in LA. Unlike most other people at any given gas station, however, Reese looks totally chic in heels while she fills up.

11 The Jolie-Pitts Fly Coach


Before Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split, they were well-known for taking their large family on trips all over the world. And while flying private, or at least in first class, was normally the way they moved around, the family surprised everyone on one flight to Nice.

Rather than taking a private jet, or even sitting in first class, they settled into the coach section of an Air France flight from Paris. Granted, the domestic flight was only half an hour. But the A-listers caused quite a stir as they squeezed their luggage into the overhead compartments and took their seats.

10 Khloe Kardashian Grocery Shopping


In recent years, Khloe Kardashian has taken control of her health and undergone a total body transformation. Now, eating healthy foods and keeping up with her fitness regime are her top priorities (along with looking after daughter True!).

We knew Khloe loved to stock up her house with cupboards full of healthy food, but we never realized she did the grocery shopping herself! To be honest, we can relate to this one. You just can’t trust anyone else to pick out the best fruits and veggies. And sometimes, you don’t even know what you want at the grocery store until you take a look at the produce and feel inspired!

9 Gigi Hadid Adds Volume To Her Hair


There are a lot of people who would pay big money to find out what beauty insider tips supermodel Gigi Hadid has up her sleeve. While we don’t know all the ins and outs of her cosmetic routine, we can make an informed guess about how she gets all that volume in her hair from this picture!

Most of us wouldn’t be caught dead out and about with rollers in our hair, so it’s refreshing to see Gigi walking around with a head full of rollers without caring what people think! That said, Gigi looks better in rollers than we ever will.

8 Margot Robbie Eats McDonald’s


We know that most stars watch what they eat religiously, and many claim that they avoid fast food like the plague. But here is proof that even some of the biggest movie stars in the world can’t resist a little McDonald’s every once in a while.

Margot Robbie, star of Suicide SquadThe Wolf of Wall Street, I, Tonya, and Mary, Queen of Scots, was spotted leaving a London McDonald’s while looking very relaxed. French fries do that to us too, Margot! While we’re sure she follows a healthy eating plan most of the time, everybody has to live a little.

7 Katie Holmes Rides A Carousel

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Since splitting from husband Tom Cruise in 2012, Katie Holmes has focused on her daughter Suri and has had to start her life over as a single mother. Though she tries to keep most aspects of their life together as private as possible, she does get snapped by paps every now and then, and on occasion, they have caught her just being a regular mom.

And part of being a regular mom is riding on carousels with your kids! We can’t see Suri’s face in this photo, but it does look like Katie is having fun with her daughter just pretending to be normal folks!

6 Robert Pattinson Moves Out Without Help


Twilight fans went into meltdown mode when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who brought vampire Edward and schoolgirl Bella to life on the big screen, announced that they were separating. Their split came after rumors claimed that Kristen had been involved with the director of another project she’d worked on.

This photo shows Rob driving, but from the items in the back of the pick-up truck, some might assume that it was taken while he was moving out of Kristen’s house. The suitcase is a giveaway! And if that’s the case, then it’s clear that the actor doesn’t need an entourage to help him get things done!

5 Ed Sheeran Plays With His Cat


A photo of anyone playing with their cat can make us melt, and that’s especially true when the person in the photo is none other than superstar Ed Sheeran. The singer’s cats are almost as famous as he is, and they’ve gained even more fans since he set up an IG account for them in 2018.

The pair, named Dorito and Calippo, is a big part of Sheeran’s life, as evidenced by his comment following his engagement to Cherry Seaborn: “Got myself a fiancé just before new year. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well xx” the singer wrote.

4 Rachel Bilson Gets Picked Up By Her Parents


It’s always a good feeling to be able to rely on your mom and dad. Even those who are super independent can’t deny that knowing that their parents are still there for them brings out all the fuzzy feelings! This photo shows Rachel Bilson getting picked up from the airport by her parents, and we couldn’t love it more.

The actress has experienced quite a bit of success, starring on the shows The O.C. and Hart of Dixie. Now she also has a daughter of her own: Briar Rose Christensen. But it looks like her parents are still there to have her back whenever she may need them!

3 Gwen Stefani Shops At Target During Christmas Time

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Don’t think for a second that celebrities are too important to get into the Christmas spirit! Christmas might be the one time of year that allows many stars to practice the traditions of their childhoods and feel normal again. This pic shows No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani shopping at Target with her son for Christmas decorations.

From the looks of things, a few paps managed to sneak into the store, but it doesn’t look like The Voice judge let that bother her. That’s what Christmas shopping is like though: you’re on a mission, and you have to get it done, regardless of who gets in your way!

2 Sarah Jessica Parker Decorates At Christmas


Speaking of getting into the festive spirit! Here is Sarah Jessica Parker decorating as her family prepared for the annual Santa Claus parade in New York City. Being one of the most recognizable faces of our era, SJP could afford plenty of assistants and staff members to do things like this for her, but Christmas decorating is one of the few errands that’s actually fun.

Some of the best memories are made wrapping ribbon around trees and setting up lights on front porches, so even if you can afford someone to do it with you, it’s hard to resist doing it on your own!

1 Leonardo DiCaprio Gives Directions


If you’re going to ask anybody to give you directions, why not ask an international movie star? This photo shows Leonardo DiCaprio giving an elderly couple directions, according to Popsugar. From what we do know about the Wolf of Wall Street actor, he does seem humble and kind enough to help strangers out when they need it.

While there are certainly those famous faces who would have scoffed at the thought of helping someone out (before having their bodyguards shoo away the person in need), it looks like Leonardo hasn’t become too big for his boots, even after his stellar success as an actor.

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