Money Over Everything: We Ranked The Signs Based On Their Ruthlessness

Is money important to you or is it just something that you use to be able to live? Have you ever wondered why money is so much more important to others and not that big of a deal to other people? Have you ever consider that your sign might be the reason why money is either a top priority or just a passing thing to you? Some signs view money as a source of power, where as others look at it as something that just enhances their lives but isn’t a major make or break kind of a deal. On the other hand, some signs will do whatever it takes to get the most money possible, whereas others will always keep their morals first.

Which signs are the ones you have to watch out for when it comes to money, and which signs are the ones you can trust when money is involved? Some signs are pretty slippery when money comes into play, and some are pretty stand up people, and here we expose the difference.

We ranked the signs from the least likely to abandon their morals and values for money to the most likely to do whatever it takes to get their hands on some of the green stuff. See how your sign stacks up!



16 Aries Won't Do Anything Ridiculous That Goes Against Their Principles, Since They Value Consistency

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An Aries is known to be an adventure lover, but they still have their morals and values that back them. They won’t go against what they believe in to get money, besides they would spend it too fast to accumulate anything substantial anyway. Aries just isn’t a sign that particularly cares overwhelmingly about money, they’d rather be globe-trotting and exploring

The only reason they really would save up is for their adventures in all reality, and they aren’t ones to throw people under the bus to get it. They keep their nose to the grind stone and get their job done. People enjoy working with them because they don’t seem like a major threat or like someone that is going to plot against them in order to gain more cash. In this way, an Aries is actually pretty laid back.

15 Libras Are The Masters Of Balance And Know When To Draw The Line In Any Tricky Situation


Although Libras like the payoffs of money, they don’t like controversy or breaking the balance. A Libra will pretty much do just about anything to keep a fight from ensuing and that includes money talk. Libras know that everyone wants their piece of the pie, but they also know that climbing on people in order to get it isn’t the way to go about it because burning bridges isn’t ultimately going to pay off in their benefit. Plus, they don’t want to deal with the repercussions that will come from screwing someone else over.

Libras are ones that like to break up the fight rather than cause it, so rest assured that they aren’t going to be ones to start up this level of controversy. They wouldn’t be able to live with themselves.

14 Although Leos Love Luxury, They Won't Put Themselves Through Anything That Compromises Their Own Integrity Or Pride


A Leo loves the finer things in life, but their pride gets in the way when it comes to getting mountains of cash. Yes, you weren’t expecting that one, but it’s true. Leos have the largest ego in the Zodiac and going against their morals is a pretty big deal to them, especially in this case. Taking care of themselves is a big deal, but hurting those around them also is something that bothers them as they are so concerned about what people think about them.

Leos are also great leaders so a Leo wouldn’t take a shortcut through their work to get money, it would really irk them because of, yet again, their pride. Leos really pride themselves on being great team players and leaders that people can respect. People won’t respect you if you are swooping in on all the money, right?

13 Capricorns Are Goal Oriented, But They Will Get To Where They Need To Be In Their Own Way


Capricorns are the hardest workers of the Zodiac. They believe that they don’t need to throw people under the bus or take shortcuts in order to get the money they want. In fact, they believe that all they have to do is work hard and everything will work itself out, including money. Capricorns like figuring things out on their own terms as well, they are problem solvers versus people that will take the easy way out.

A Capricorn might look overly serious at all times of the day, but that is only because they are really trying to get to where they want to be, and what’s wrong with that? Instead of focusing on cheap tricks, they are working hard to get ahead and make some money. Props to them!

12 A Pisces Does Not Like To Get Out Of Their Comfort Zone, So They'll Easily Stick To What They Think Is Right


A Pisces is artistic and walks to the beat of their own drum, which includes their money situation. Sure, they might be ones to make a boat load of money off of a song they wrote, but it also might take them over 20 years to get that song right. Pisces also doesn’t like to wander out of their comfort zone. They know what they like and they like to stick to it. You can’t really blame them, but these leads to less opportunities for money making.

A Pisces is also to introverted to go out of their way to screw people over for money. It’s not a bad thing, but they just don’t have it in them to get money out of people in dishonorable ways. A Pisces is just way too nice.

11 A Sagittarius Is The Eternal Optimist, So They Feel Abundance All Around Them And Attract Goodness Naturally


Although a Sagittarius can be a little selfish when it comes to their needs at times, they aren’t when it comes to money. Yeah, they like to go on exotic trips on the regular, but they also like to earn their money on their own and not owe anyone anything. They are ones to turn every situation into a positive one as well, they won’t just sit back and dwell if they are lower on cash.

A Sagittarius will get a job as long as they need to in order to get what they want. Yeah, they might bail after they get the money they’ve wanted, but they won’t screw anyone over for money in the meantime. Honestly, a Sagittarius will find happiness in pretty much anything around them even if they don’t have the cash they want. They are just so darn positive.


10 Aquarius Is Generous With Their Money, But They Work Extremely Hard To Get It And Focus On Making Lots Of It

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An Aquarius can be a little disconnected in a lot of things in life, but when it comes to money they are totally dialed in. They will use their money for good, like donating to the less fortunate or giving to a cause they are passionate about, but the means they use to get the money in the first place can sometimes be a bit questionable as an Aquarius will stop at nothing to get the money they are looking for.

Don’t underestimate an Aquarius because they can be pretty ruthless. They are both hard workers, but it is their focus that you need to watch out for as they will work long and hard until they get what they want. They will work after hours and use their charms on management to get the bumps they need because, let’s face it, an Aquarius can be pretty charming.

9 Geminis Are Unpredictable With Cash And Don't Have Many Rules On How They're Determined To Get It


Here’s the thing with a Gemini, they don’t have a lot of ground rules when it comes to getting the money they want. They are the most conversational and communicative of the entire Zodiac, so it’s easy to take their conversations as nice or even charming when they could be collecting a way to screw you over. A Gemini doesn’t care who they screwing over in order to get what they want, they just want money.

What’s odd is they are really unpredictable with money, so they will put in all of this devious work to get money but then they can blow it pretty easily. It doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense in all reality. Then again, a Gemini does things their way and you are never going to change that.

8 Cancers Can Save Cash, And They're Ready To Do Whatever It Takes In Order To Stack It Up


Cancers love getting and saving cash. They just love every little thing about money and they love having it in their bank account for whenever they need it. Just like they like burrowing themselves up at home though, is how they like spending their money—they stockpile it up and wait for the right time to use it. Many times you wouldn’t even know that a Cancer has a ton of money because they live pretty modestly, they’ll just save until the end of time.

There’s nothing wrong with saving, but gez Cancer live a little with that cash. Here’s the thing too, they will do whatever it takes to get it as well. Maybe that is why they like staying at home so much, they are afraid to run into who they screwed over.

7 Virgos Are So Focused On The Money That They Hardly Ever Have Time For Trivial Things Such As Your Feelings


Virgos are brutal, they do not care about anyone’s feelings except their own when it comes to money. They will stomp over pretty much anyone to get the money they want and not think twice about it. Virgos are silent killers too because they don’t bring a lot of flare or flash to their plans, they just hit when it is too late. When the crying is happening to the person they screwed, they just enjoy their spoils like nothing happened.

It really isn’t cool, but they don’t seem to care because they “won.” Money is a very big focus of a Virgo since they are so analytical and work-focused so you really have to watch out for them and their tricks. Becoming their victim is unfortunately way too easy.

6 A Taurus Is Ready To Do Despicable Things To Get That Dough

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Taurus love the finer things more than any other sign, which means they need money more than pretty much any other sign. In order to pay for the things they want, they need to get the cash, right? Taurus doesn’t really care how they get this money as long as they do and they don’t care about who or what get in their way—they will get it somehow is their philosophy.

If it is between screwing over a friend for some money and doing the right thing, don’t be surprised if a Taurus picks the money because they need to pay off their luxurious lifestyle. They are also stubborn, so once they make up their mind, they are going to do what they set their minds on too. No bueno.

5 A Scorpio Will Put Anything Below Money And Will Prioritize Work Over Spending Time With Loved Ones

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A Scorpio covets money above all of the other signs. As the most passionate sign of the Zodiac, once they get their mind on something they will do whatever it takes to fulfill this passion. A Scorpio will even put money above their family and friends as they just need money in their lives. It’s not that they are passionate about their job either, it’s that they are passionate about the money that is tied to their job.

A Scorpio would not be able to function without money, it is as essential to them as water or air. Cutting off this life line would come with devastating consequences. The best advice a Scorpio could get is to take a chill pill on the money because money isn’t everything. It gets old screwing people over or missing out on life with your family in order to just get some money. Just let it go, Scorpio.

4 BONUS: Fire Signs Love Their Cash Because To Them, Money Is Power


To a fire sign, power means a lot and that is what money means to them—power. Without money, many fire signs think that their power is low and that they are worthless. Their jobs mean a lot to them and so does the status of their job, but above all of that is how much money they are making in their job. Not all fire signs will do anything to get the big bucks, but they are more likely to put in extra hours to earn money because of this notion.

Fire signs need to feel important and their jobs give them this sense of importance. When their teammates look up to them, this can also give them a sense of power too, but money speaks volumes to them.

3 BONUS: Water Signs Are The Most Likely To Save


There’s something about water signs that links to saving their money. Yeah, they like their money, but saving that money is just as important as making it. Not to say that they aren’t buying things, but they are the element of the Zodiac that is putting it aside and possibly investing or stashing it for a rainy day. Not a bad idea, but if you are going to work so hard to get your money, you should have some fun too, right?

Take Cancer for example, a Cancer will do whatever it takes to get the money that they want, but they will sit on that money until the end of time. They would rather have the safety of that money in the bank rather than spending it on anything stupid in their opinion.

2 BONUS: Generally, Air Signs Are More Giving With Money


Air signs will work hard for their cash, but they are also the most likely to give it away to people that need it more than they do. Take an Aquarius for example, they will charm their way into having money just to give it away to the less fortunate. Does it make a lot of sense for them to put in the “extra work” to make the money just to give it away? Not really, but they do it anyway.

Libras are the same way, they work hard to make their money, but they would rather keep the peace when it comes to money rather than making loads of cash and rocking the boat. They are a more caring sign rather than the signs that would screw people over to get what they want.

1 BONUS: Earth Signs Like Money Because Of The Way It Makes Them Feel—Immediate Gratification


Earth signs typically like money because of the things they can buy. Take Taurus for example. A Taurus will do anything for money—literally anything to get their hands on the money they want. Why? Because they want to buy things. They have a luxurious lifestyle and the money they make needs to keep up with it. It’s not as much the money as it is the stuff that comes along with it.

Earth signs like to dig their heels in the ground in order to get what they want, and in this case it’s stuff and things. They will take their hard earned cash and spend it on things whether they need it or not. Sometimes it isn’t a bad idea to save up some of that cash rather than just blowing it all the time earth signs!

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