Moncler Is Selling A Sleeveless Puffer Coat Evening Dress That Costs $2710 

Unless you are invited to party inside an igloo, would you wear a puffer coat evening gown? We're guessing the answer is no.

But Italian Fashion brand Moncler seems to think this is a perfectly legit idea, and have created a sleeveless coat-slash-evening gown in their Moncler Pierpaolo Piccioli collection. The down quilted nylon dress comes out in two colors, blue and pink, and costs an eye-watering $2710. But don’t snigger just yet, because it is already sold out in both colors on Moncler’s web site.

For a complete winter look, Moncler styles the dress with-what else-a fitted puffer coat jacket and quilted elbow-length gloves. The ensemble looks like a cross between winter wear and high-fashion, with a cool futuristic finish. It’s definitely nothing like we’ve seen or worn before. Despite the generous padding (90% down and 10% feather to be precise) the cinched waist keeps things feminine and flattering and prevents a puffer overdose.

This is a super warm dress that is ideal for minus temperatures. (and seems to be very comfy and cozy too). So why not?

Does this mean that the fashion world is serious about embracing comfort over sexiness? Bare legs in Winter has been a hot trend, that we all women have been secretly wishing that would just die already. With utilitarian wear becoming a thing lately, there’s hope on the horizon.

Still, if a puffer coat evening gown is a bit too much for you but you love the long puffer coat look -Moncler’s Pierpaolo Piccioli collection offers more variety. The “Lucrezia” long down-quilted puffer cape stands out in particular, and just oozes “haute couture”. But our favorite is the wine red floor-grazing “Agnese” puffer coat. The long sleeves and the cinched-in waist make it a bit more wearable (albeit a bit theatrical).

Both looks, according to Moncler, have been inspired by “the Madonnas of the Renaissance”.

We just love fashion’s new utilitarian trend, but also how creative designers are becoming. Does this mean that down-quilted shirts, pants, and skirts are also on the cards? As long as the climate allows it, it’s not such a far-fetched idea.


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