Moms & Manicures: 25 Times The Kardashians Gave Us Mani Envy

Imagine living the life of a Kardashian. We’d have access to on-demand makeup artists and hairstylists to primp us before going out (or before taking a selfie). We’d have wardrobe stylists and personal shoppers to ensure we were wearing the trendiest pieces. A private photographer would take pics for all of our social media posts. And of course, we’d have a nail technician who’d come to our home every week or two to do our manicures. Now we could get used to all of that.

Given how many times the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are flaunting a new nail look on social media, they likely change their nails every one to two weeks. How bad would it be if the paparazzi caught them with grown-out nails? The famous family are always sharing photos of their glamorous and often detailed manicures, which makes us question how much time and money it must take to create nail artwork like that.

From nails that sparkle brighter than a Cartier diamond to nail designs that literally look like a work of art, the Kardashian-Jenners are always surprising us with their new manicures. Keep reading to see the top 25 manicures the ladies have sported - we can’t decide which one is our favourite!

25 Kylie Is A Barbie Girl

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In September 2015, Kylie showed off what a girly girl she is when she opted for an intricate Barbie-themed manicure. The nails featured sparkles, lots of pink, and even faces of the iconic doll. To add glamor to the mani, Kylie accessorized her hands with a bunch of statement rings before posting her fresh mani on social media.

“Thank you @britneytokyo for coming to the house today to do our nails for Jordyns birthday! I love my Barbie nails,” she captioned the post.

They might be a little OTT, but we can't deny we love them too!

24 When Kim Went Goth

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There are two sides to Kim when she gets her nails done. Either she goes for something really basic like a nude polish or French tip, or she does something dramatic like this.

Fans couldn’t believe it when the mom-of-three posted this pic on social media showing off her goth-inspired manicure. Her nails were long and cut into a coffin shape. But it was the silver chain that linked three of her nails together that really left us speechless.

Needless to say, the reality star didn’t rock these bad boys for very long.

23 Khloe's My Little Pony Manicure

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Khloe often opts for pretty pastel or pink shades when she gets her nails done, and this time was no different… except for the My Little Pony face glued onto her ring figure!

The reality star surprised fans back in 2015 when she posted online about her new stiletto manicure. All of her nails were painted in a soft lilac, but her ring finger featured a cute pony face.

"Khloe is really playful when it comes to her nails, which is a lot of fun," her manicurist Chaun P. said, as Glamour reports, adding that Khloe got the comical nails at the request of her nieces North and Penelope.

22 Kylie Is Making Bank

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This past March, fans went wild after Kylie showed off her newest manicure on social media. The reality star’s mani featured realistic hundred-dollar bills glued onto four of her fingernails, which was likely celebrating the fact that Kylie has become a billionaire.

“[’til] my fingers blue,” she captioned the photo, which was a reference to her baby daddy Travis Scott’s 2017 hit “Fingers Blue.” We wouldn’t be surprised to learn this manicure cost more than some people make in a month.

21 Kim, This Is Too Many Rings

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Clearly, Kim is a fan of pierced manicures! Once, the celebrity went all out with her manicure when she made sure each of her nails featured multiple piercings.

The silver shade with which she painted her fingernails would have been nice on its own, but Kim took things up a notch or two by adding the gold hoops to the look. The reality star later revealed that she only got the dramatic nails for a photo shoot and couldn’t imagine dealing with those suckers IRL.

20 Kourtney Is Classic In White

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Fans will notice that Kourtney is largely absent from this list! The oldest Kardashian sister once revealed that she’s been wearing the same shade of nail polish for almost a decade, so it’s no surprise that she’s not one to switch up her manicure very often.

However, we still can’t get over the time she stepped out sporting fresh white nails. The short cut kept her manicure looking clean, while the white nail polish kept them looking trendy. It also doesn’t hurt that her rings were so beautiful!

19 When Khloe Went Metallic

Khloe played up her feminine side when she opted for these extravagant coffin-shaped nails. The reality star chose a pink metallic hue for her manicure. Metallic has been all the rage lately, especially when it comes to nails, so Khloe was definitely on trend.

Although the pink colour kept the overall manicure looking girly, the metallic finish still gave it a bit of edginess. The long cut and rounded shape of Khloe’s nails only added to the glamour of the manicure.

18 Kylie Is All Shades Of Pink

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Khloe isn’t the only Kardashian-Jenner sister who loves pink!

Fans couldn’t help but swoon over Kylie’s manicure when she recently uploaded this photo to her social media pages. The reality star was flaunting her newest manicure. Each nail featured a different shade of pink, giving the manicure a trendy ombre effect.

We love that the manicure feels cohesive thanks to its pink theme. Choosing a slightly different shade for each nail prevented this look from being just another ordinary manicure. And since when does Kylie do anything ordinary?

17 Khloe Is Ravishing In Red

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There have been a few times when Khloe has strayed from her love of pink nails. Perhaps she should do it more often if this photo is anything to go by!

Granted, choosing red nails over pink ones isn’t that bold of a choice. But these nails were definitely striking despite being in a single colour. The long cut and trendy coffin design added edginess to the manicure, while the fire engine red colour added a bit of sultriness and sass. Red is definitely the colour for Khloe!

16 Kylie Loves Brand Names

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We’ve seen Kylie decked out in all-Puma outfits before. But the reality star took her love for the athletic brand to a whole new level when she got Puma’s logo painted onto her nails.

Fans freaked out when the mom-of-one uploaded a photo of this unique nail look to her social media. Kylie usually gets extremely long nails, but this time she switched it up by going for short, almond-shaped nails. The Puma logo was painted in white set against a black background, which made the manicure feel edgy yet stylish.

15 Khloe's Lavender Look

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Khloe is all about pastel colours! During a different trip to the nail salon, Khloe decided to choose a colour other than pink and opted for this stylish lavender. This nail polish would be gorgeous even if this were just a simple manicure.

But Khloe took things to the next level by opting for a bold French-inspired design. She got the lavender colour only on the tips of her acrylics, opting to keep the rest of her nails clear. We’re obsessed!

14 Kylie And Her Finger Candy

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Kylie is by far the most adventurous sister when it comes to her nails! On this occasion, the celebrity chose to go bold by getting nail art. She started off by choosing a neutral base for all of her nails. She then opted for a gold design on her ring and middle finger, which was made to replicate a gold chain.

Despite being totally extra, Kylie’s nude base coat helped to prevent the manicure from being too over-the-top. Her gold rings finished off this glamorous look.

13 Kim's Kimoji Manicure

We know Kim is self-obsessed, but we didn’t realize things went this far!

Kim usually sticks to one colour when it comes to her manicure (aside from piercings, of course). But there was one time on Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she went all out with her nail art.

The celebrity actually had her nail technician glue Kimoji stickers onto her nails for a hilarious look. Some of Kim’s nails even featured her face, which takes narcissism to a whole new level. We have a feeling she didn’t keep these on for very long.

12 Kylie Goes Back To Black

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We’re totally taking this photo to our nail technician! Kylie showed fans just how interesting a basic black manicure can be when she flaunted her new set of nails. The reality star chose a long, stiletto shape for her nails, but what really made this manicure stand out was its intricate design.

Rather than going for solid black nails, Kylie opted for a clear band in the middle, which gave the mani an art deco-inspired look. This is both chic and unique at the same time!

11 Khloe Goes Full-On Glam

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Although Khloe was rocking her signature pink nails after getting this fresh manicure, the reality star shook things up by getting nail art that took this look to a whole new level.

The mom-of-one choose a light pink nail polish for her base coat. On her ring finger, she then had gold foil glued onto the polish. The pink and gold matched each other well, while Khloe’s sparkly rings only added to the glamour of the manicure.

If only we had so much bling to rock!

10 Kylie Knows How To Advertise

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All fans are familiar with the iconic packaging you’ll find on Kylie Cosmetics. The melting design is supposed to imitate a lip kit, which is what made the reality star famous in the first place.

When she first launched her makeup brand, Kylie celebrated by choosing to get the brand’s design featured on her nails. Not only does the design look cool, but this ensured Kylie got extra advertisement for her company. The Kardashian-Jenners always have business on their minds!

9 When Kim Went French

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Fashion magazines have been trying to tell us for years that French manicures went out of style a long time ago, which is why it was so iconic when Kim showed up to the Met Gala with an updated French manicure.

The mom-of-three flaunted her eye-catching nails on the red carpet. She opted for a square shape and a nude-to-white ombre, which gave it the French look. After seeing this, we’d definitely say that the French manicure is back and better than ever.

8 Kylie Goes Classic With A Twist

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Kim isn’t the only sister who’s rocked a French manicure recently! Kylie has also rocked an ombre version of the trend. While we’re used to seeing the realty star flaunting bright colours and bold patterns, this was a refreshing change.

The nude and white colours prevented the celebrity’s nails from clashing with her outfit, and also felt a bit more grown up than her other manicure choices. The square shape and long cut of her nails kept the manicure feeling stylish and glamorous, while the French tips made the look classic.

7 Kendall Is A Green Queen

Just like big sister Kourtney, Kendall is another Kardashian-Jenner who rarely does anything too extreme with her nails. We’ve never seen her rock nail art as boldly as Kylie or do anything as sparkly as what Khloe usually does with her nails.

But perhaps one of Kendall’s best nail moments was when she opted for this stylish green colour. This forest green shade has been trendy for several seasons. It was refreshing that the model kept her nails short and clean rather than opting for long acrylics like the ones her sisters usually sport.

6 Kylie Always Shines The Brightest

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Kylie clearly felt she didn’t have enough of the spotlight on her when she chose these in-your-face nails. We bet astronauts could see this shiny manicure all the way from space based on how much it was sparkling in her photo.

The silver hue of the manicure complemented Kylie’s white sweater. The long cut and square shape of her nails added to the drama of the mani. If Kylie paired this manicure with a dress as shiny, she’d definitely look like a disco ball! Sorry, not sorry.

5 We Heart Kim's Nails

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Last year, Kim’s cosmetic company KKW Beauty launched a Valentine’s Day candy heart-themed campaign that was seriously adorable. The reality star actually made her manicure match the campaign, which made us envious!

Kim opted for a light pink base as well as a clean and classic rounded nail shape. Her ring finger featured several faux candies, including a lilac and blue one. This is a seriously adorable manicure whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not!

4 Kylie's Nails Keep Getting Longer

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Kylie has never been one to shy away from long nails. And she proved that point (once again) when she posted this edgy photo on her social media. While dining out with some gal pals, the makeup mogul decided to flaunt her fresh manicure.

While Kylie’s friends both had dark manicures, Kylie went a different route with bright white nails. Her nails were the longest we’ve ever seen them. Their blunt square cut and asymmetrical design added to the cool factor of this look.

3 Khloe's Nails Make Us Green With Envy

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We’ve established that Khloe really loves pink nails. When she’s not sporting something in the pink family, she’s likely rocking a pretty pastel colour or even a bright red.

But on this occasion, Khloe chose something completely out of her comfort zone - green sparkly nails. Though she kept her nails a similar length and cut as always, the reality star opted for a sparkling emerald shade that was sure to turn heads. We love that she tried something new!

2 Kylie Goes Bold In Gold

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Kylie sure knows how to make a statement!

Usually, the mom-of-one chooses nail art or some sort of funky design to liven up her regular manicures. And even when she opts for a single colour, she still manages to make it interesting, like when she went for this bold look.

Kylie chose stunning gold metallic nails that were sure to make a statement. Her collection of gold rings brought out the sparkles in her manicure. We can only imagine her walking the red carpet in a gold dress with these striking nails!

1 Khloe Gets All The Glitter

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It felt right to finish this list with one of Khloe’s signature pink manis. Rather than just opting for a basic shade of pink, the influencer decided to make a statement by choosing a sparkly, metallic finish for her manicure.

Although the pink colour was definitely feminine, the metallic sheen gave her nails a fashion-forward vibe. Of course, Khloe couldn’t help but show them off on social media in a rose-gold picture that complemented them perfectly.

Source: Glamour

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