Moments In Relationships When You're At Your Weakest, According To Your Zodiac Sign

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to relationships, but one major thing that we tend to gloss over is actually an important thing: when it's time to make an exit from that relationship. It's honestly really depressing to talk about, so we always push off that conversation that leads us to know what our relationship dealbreakers are until we're staring one in the face and we don't have the time to regroup and figure out what to do. Everyone has a different breaking point when they need to take a step back from a situation. Regardless of that breaking point, however, you're probably going to arrive at it when you're feeling at your weakest.

It's really hard to make a relationship work when you're not in a good place, and a lot of relationships end up splitting because both parties are just at their breaking points. For some people, that breaking point happens when you're zapped of everything you have to offer and you just can't feel anything for the situation anymore. For others, it's when you feel totally out of control in a situation, basically acting totally out of character. Either way, when you're at your weak point, your relationship is very out of balance. You need to know where that breaking point is so that you don't go barreling towards it, not knowing why you're feeling worse and worse. Here are the moments in your relationships when you feel like you're at your weakest and are going to break, according to your zodiac sign. Make sure you look up your moon sign and element as well because that also plays a major factor!

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16 Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): When Your Passion Feels Zapped

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Fire signs are all about passion and energy, and when they don't have it anymore, they can definitely feel like something is very wrong and even missing from their lives. Fire signs are dynamic and even temperamental at times, and if you're not careful enough with these signs, you might end up getting burned yourself. Much like fire, however, people born under fire signs need something to keep them going or else their fire runs the risk of burning out. This is why fire signs need to be around people who push them to be better people. If they're in a situation where the passion is just not there, for a fire sign, it feels a lot like the life is being sucked out of them. Fire signs can't be in relationships like that.

15 Aries: When You Feel Like There's No Winning And You Just Give Up

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Aries signs are kind of the spark of everything, which makes sense since they're the first sign of the zodiac. Aries starts everything: they're passionate people who inspire everyone around them to be better. They're really competitive at heart and will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams, even if that dream is to win an argument or to get out of bed that morning. Relationships start to go bad for an Aries when they feel like there's no possible way they can come out of the situation with a win. When an Aries gives up, that's the sign that something is very wrong. For the Aries, when they're basically acting like the relationship can't be saved and they're not actively trying to put in the effort to save it anymore, the relationship is basically over unless a miracle happens.

14 Leo: When You Do Things That You Would Normally Never Do

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If a Leo was a type of fire, they'd be a bonfire: their light and warmth are impossible to not be attracted to and they're the center of attention at any event. Leos thrive in the spotlight: they love being a person other people rely on for inspiration, so they hold themselves up to a very high standard so they feel like they deserve it. The Leo prides themselves on their ability to inspire others and their sense of self. When they're in a relationship, they make it a point to be that person as well. The problems start to arise when the Leo doesn't care about holding themselves to that standard. They feel lost, and in trying to find themselves, they do things that they would never have done before. That could be something simple and harmless, or it could be something relationship destroying. When a Leo feels lost, they're just in a bad place.

13 Sagittarius: When You Feel So Drained That You Don't Want To Do Anything

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The average Sagittarius is an adventurer at heart, a wildfire that will stop at nothing until it gets to the truth of the matter, even if the matter is life itself. Sagittarians are motivated by the truth, but more than that, they want to constantly push the boundaries of what they know: that's what they're really passionate about. That's how they are in relationships as well. Sagittarians have all the energy in the world that enables them to go out and do the things they want to do. When it comes to relationships, the Sagittarius brings life and vitality to the table and they often push their partners past what they thought they could be. That being said, a Sagittarius's energy levels are finite: put them in the wrong situation and they could very well run out of energy. When a Sagittarius is basically all tapped out and they don't have the energy to do anything, you've got a real problem on your hands.

12 Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): When You Succumb To Inertia

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Earth signs keep it real, but they tend to be the most stubborn and headstrong of the zodiac. This can be a wonderful thing: when an Earth sign sets out to do something, chances are it's going to get done efficiently. Earth signs are big believers in "slow and steady wins the race." They're not showy (much) and they're pretty humble and practical. Without Earth signs, some things just wouldn't get done. In relationships, Earth signs are incredibly caring, but they need to know there's a future to the relationship. If they feel like there's really nothing going to happen later on down the road, they're going to succumb to inertia. They won't be happy in their relationship because, in their minds, it's not going anywhere, and because it's not going anywhere, it has an expiration date.

11 Taurus: When You Know Something Is Wrong, But You Do It Anyway

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The average Taurus is stubborn and headstrong, and they have a moral code that's impossible to bend. If something is right for the Taurus, it's always right, and if it's wrong, it's always wrong. People born under the Taurus sign are known for being reliable solid people and very attentive people in their relationships. This is because being loving is the right thing to do for the Taurus. Tauruses might now show that they're cracking under the pressure under a relationship for a long time because they're so focused on appearing solid and reliable. More often than not, the Taurus is simply too stubborn to ask for help a lot of the time. The Taurus will end up charging into situations that they know they shouldn't be involved in and doing it anyway because they're running on sheer stubbornness. That's their way of checking out.

10 Virgo: When You Don't Bother Taking Care Of Yourself

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The Virgo is a practical, reliable person who makes it a point to make sure all the details are taken care of. Out of every sign of the zodiac, the Virgo is unique because they genuinely don't care about being in the spotlight. They just want to do their job and help others become better people because they think that's what makes them a better person. In relationships, Virgos are the people who are going out of their way to take care of their partners and the ones who will remind them that they deserve to take care of themselves. Virgos do this for themselves because to them, that's just part of what makes them better equipped to help others. When the Virgo is only focusing on taking care of other people and no longer making themselves a priority for self-care, you've got a real problem because the Virgo is about to break down.

9 Capricorn: When You Lose Your Motivation And Ambition

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The Capricorn is a person who's ambitious to a fault. The Capricorn doesn't really know how to be any other way: they don't treat their dreams and goals like lofty things that will only happen in the distant future, they treat them like realistic benchmarks of success, which is why the Capricorn is such an effective person. Capricorns normally don't bother with relationships much: it takes a very special person to make a Capricorn open up. That's because they want to be with someone who compliments them and their goals and more often than not they find that person. Most people think that Capricorns are the type to bury themselves in their work when they're feeling overwhelmed in their relationship, but that's not the case at all. Rather, Capricorns will totally forget what they need to do, floating aimlessly without ambition when they're at their breaking point.

8 Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): When You Lose Your Freedom But Don't Care

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Air signs are all about big ideas and being in motion all the time. These are personalities that need their freedom to be themselves whenever possible. Sure, some Air signs can be airheads, but every Air sign possesses an intelligence beyond their years. They're generally the smartest people in a given room, not because the other signs are less smart than them but because Air signs are good at thinking outside the box. When they're in a relationship that stifles their freedom, they'll definitely make sure you know about it so you don't hang on to them so tight. That's not necessarily an issue. What is an issue is when the Air sign gets so stifled and feels trapped, but they just don't care and have resigned themselves to their fate. They'll fall victim to the sunk cost fallacy and end up stuck in a relationship where the spark is just gone.

7 Gemini: When You Have Nothing To Say And Feel Nothing Is Worth Saying

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If the Gemini were a type of wind, they'd be a comforting, cool breeze. They're remarkably agreeable, going with the flow a lot in a relationship. That being said, the average Gemini has a lot to say on just about everything. You will always know how a Gemini feels about any given subject, whether they use their words or communicate in some other way.  This goes double for relationships: Geminis are some of the best communicators you'll ever meet and making sure they're on the same page with their romantic partner is a big deal for them. It's really hard to render a Gemini speechless, but when they are, it's a major moment for them because it's so out of character. When a Gemini is at the point where they don't want to say anything because nothing is really worth saying, they're basically at their breaking point.

6 Libra: When You Lose Control Of Your Emotions

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Libras tend to be calm, serene people: they live life easy as breathing. They are the embodiment of living cute and drama free. They put out the energy that they want to see in the world by being kindhearted people that are all about fairness. Libras have a strong sense of justice and a belief that all good things come when things are fair, so they make it a point to be fair and kind in everything that they do. Libras also believe that everyone can and should be able to relate to and understand each other, which is how they operate in their own relationships. They treat their romantic partners as fairly as they can by not getting too caught up in their own emotions and making sure everyone gets what they need. A Libra reaches their breaking point when they feel like they're totally losing control and they can't stay on that even keel.

5 Aquarius: When You're All Tapped Out Of Any Ideas

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Aquarians are low-key some of the most stubborn people you'll ever meet, but they're also unconventional people who can actually roll with a lot of different changes. Change breeds good ideas, and an Aquarian lives in big ideas. They are humanitarians at heart and people who are always wondering about the big picture. They honestly don't know how to be any other way: it's the big picture that shows everything worth thinking about, after all. With the big picture there, the little things will just fall into place. In relationships, the Aquarian is the one with the big ideas, the dreamer bringing a sense of intelligence to the proceedings. An Aquarian is really hard to read emotionally because they tend to process a lot of things intellectually (love is more of a choice to them than a feeling), and their breaking point is no exception. An Aquarius is at their breaking point in a relationship when they're just fresh out of ideas on what to do about it. Once their well of ideas is dry, they're at a loss.

4 Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): When You Feel Out Of Control

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Water signs are by far the most emotional of the zodiac, but far more than that, they're sensitive to their own feelings and the feelings of others. While Water signs can be very introverted, they have a lot of patience for other people and will stop at nothing to be there for others. In order for them to do that, they need to be emotionally healthy, which is why more well-adjusted Water signs make it a point to prioritize their mental health. Water signs aren't control freaks by any means. Water signs are all about change and going with the flow, but Water signs need to feel in control emotionally. When they're in a relationship that takes that control away from them, they freak out because they've lost that security.

3 Cancer: When You Have No Emotional Energy To Spare

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The average Cancer is one of the most caring, nurturing people you'll ever meet. Sure, you've got your Cancers that are a bit more caustic and sarcastic personality wise, but deep down, every Cancer has a big heart that's easy to see the more they come out of their shell. Cancers are great listeners and kind of the "mom-friend" of the zodiac, at least emotionally: they're the type to listen to friends and family and be that shoulder they cry on. This is the person they try to be in relationships as well,  and normally that goes fine for them because they have the emotional bandwidth to take care of everyone they want to take care of. A Cancer is at their breaking point in a relationship, any relationship when they basically have no more emotional bandwidth, but they keep trying to stretch the patience they have. Eventually, that dam will break, leaving the Cancer broken.

2 Scorpio: When You Feel A Deep Void Nothing Can Fill

via When Angels Deserve To Die

Scorpios are intense, but unlike the passionate Fire signs, Scorpios are more like ice because while they're passionate, it's more of a cold passion than a hot one. Water comes in three different states, and the Scorpio definitely represents the solid state of water because of their stubbornness and their need for consistency. Scorpios are sensual people who are generally always looking for love wherever it can be found. Some Scorpios are calmer people who channel that intensity into achieving their goals, making them look a lot like Capricorns, with whom they tend to get along with really well. Other Scorpios end up being really self-destructive. Regardless, Scorpios are people who feel very deeply, and that's what they bring to the table in their relationships. A Scorpio gets to their breaking point when their relationship isn't bringing them any joy. They feel a void that nothing can fill, or worse, the relationship is creating a void to them.

1 Pisces: When You Lose Your Idealistic Spark

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The average Pisces is either a sweetheart and a dreamer or a total savage who can dress you down with a single glance, but regardless of what type of Pisces you are, you're deeply in tune with your emotions. People born under this sign tend to be really empathetic and even a little empathic because they not only relate to others really well, they can read the emotions of others and even predict what they're going to do sometimes. The average Pisces believes that if we all put in a little effort, we can create a better world, and they operate with that kind of idealism in their relationships: everyone is capable of change and of being good, it's just up to us to actually do that. A Pisces is very likely to break down in a relationship when it's robbed them of that idealism. Once they start genuinely believing that people aren't inherently good and that no one can change because of the relationship, it's time for them to either leave or reevaluate the relationship.

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