This Instagram Model Is Changing The Beauty Game With Her Unibrow

Let’s meet Sophia Hadjipanteli.

She’s part Mediterranean-American, part Instagram phenomenon with over 180,000 followers, part double degree-bearing marketing student, and part New York Magazine to Vogue Italia-covered model. On top of all of that, she’s been cleverly redefining beauty standards by proudly donning an epic unibrow that’s been taking the world wide web by storm.

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The 21-year-old fashionista, who at first glance looks like a “demure Tara Leigh Patrick (a.k.a. Carmen Electra) in the peak of the late-nineties,” as Vice reports, has been slowly making a name for herself online since her teenage ages.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, to say the least, and it was only recently that Hadjipanteli was thrust into the social media spotlight when one of her stunning selfies appeared on Instagram’s explore page and reached more than a million people. Despite her following, she had a rough start.

"As someone that was bullied for either being too short, too chubby, too annoying, or too 'weird' in the way I dressed — I dealt with a lot. I still deal with a lot, and I’m so f---ing tired of it," she wrote alongside a now infamous self-portrait.

Hadjipanteli continued on by saying that though she isn’t “bullied by those specific losers anymore,” she has definitely developed "severe social anxiety" because of her tough past. The non-stop receipt of threats and hate messages for her unique looks and quirks since then hasn’t been of much help either.


Despite the situation the icy-blue eyed, inspirational motivator is taking no pains whatsoever to change up that “one thick smear of jet-black hair stretched out messily across her brow” anytime soon. She likes seeing trolls squirm, likes dancing to the rhythm of her own offbeat drum, and loves breaking beauty "rules" in support of the #UnibrowMovement.

What’s truly made the charismatic beauty so welcomed and loved by guys and gals alike, however, is that like all too many Millennials, she was always bullied by her peers and always felt more than a bit out of place.

It was actually her mother who gave her the confidence to remain true to herself, reminding her constantly that she and her unique brows look stunning and that she does not need to change anything about them. And now she’s doing the same, dishing up her own version of expert advice to help counter negativity by continuing her quest to change up the beauty game.

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Although the model still constantly dyes her hair and changes up her day-to-night looks, don’t expect that unibrow to go anytime soon. Her now-signature feature, which the natural blonde has stopped tweezing and started tinting darker to help accentuate, is here to stay for the long run. And we are totally here for it.


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