These Are The Pants That Models Can't Stop Wearing Right Now

When you think of clothes that world-famous models wear when they're not at work, you may believe that all they wear are designer clothes. After all, they most likely have more than enough money in the bank to wear whatever designer clothes they can get their hands on. But the reality is that- while they most likely do buy some designer items- models do like to wear inexpensive clothing, too. It's not just one model doing so- it's multiple models who like to save money here and there.

According to InStyle this past Tuesday, several famous models have been spotted wearing affordable pants while walking the streets outside of work. Some may be surprised by this specific revelation, but it really shouldn't be seen that way. If a clothing item is seen as practical and easy to wear, then it's going to be popular with a lot of people- regardless of what the price may be.

via InStyle


The pants in question come from Dickies, a clothing company that's been around for upwards of almost 100 years. Model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing the girls' Dickies Worker Wide-Leg Skater Pants in an off-white color. Her sister and fellow Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian has also worn the same style and color pants- which can be purchased for $69 USD at Urban Outfitters. Meanwhile, model and actress Emily Ratajkowski wore the denim version of the same Dickies Pants and even showed them off in an Instagram post. Those pants are currently being sold at Macy's for $60 USD.

While it may be unexpected to see gorgeous, famous models sporting an inexpensive pair of pants as a fashion trend, it's a nice change from all the expensive fashion trends that are out there. Perhaps more celebrities- both models and non-models alike- will take to this trend and promptly follow suit. But it's not just celebrities who will be interested in these pants. Anyone can partake in this trend just by purchasing a pair of the girls' Dickies Worker Wide-Leg Skater Pants for themselves. It really is that simple!

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