Mischa Barton Reveals She Was The One Killing Off Her 'The O.C.' Character Marissa Cooper

Mischa Barton Reveals She Was The One Killing Off Her The O.C. Character Marissa Cooper

Mischa Barton recently revealed that she was the force behind killing off Marissa Cooper on the 00s hit show The O.C. In an interview with the New York Times, the actress said that she felt like Marissa Cooper had run her course and that there was not much more they could do with the character. After three years of the mega success The O.C., Mischa wanted to quit and explore other career opportunities, and the then twenty-year-old fought for having the producers kill the character not to leave any doors open.

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According to the actress, the initial idea was for Marissa to leave Newport Beach to live with her father on his boat in Greece, but Mischa did not want that to be the end for Marissa. She reportedly fought the producers not to leave it at a tearful goodbye in an airport, and her request was heard. As anyone who watched The O.C. will remember, Marissa's ex-boyfriend Ryan was driving her to the airport when suddenly her ex Kevin Volchok chased them down and rammed the car. Marissa died in Ryan's arms as he carried her away from the wrecked car to the tunes of Hallelujah, and apparently, the actress found that a more suiting end for her character.

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Mischa Barton Reveals She Was The One Killing Off Her The O.C. Character Marissa Cooper
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As reported by Hollywood Life, Mischa also felt that Marissa's turbulent life had kind of let her become a 'burnout character'. After she had battled substance abuse, become estranged from her mother and kicked out of her elite high school, there was not really anywhere else to go with her, and Mischa was personally kind of over the show.

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Fittingly enough, Mischa Barton is one of the cast members of the reboot of The Hills, which premieres this year. The original The Hills came from Laguna Beach, which was initially inspired by The O.C. but in 'real life', so although Mischa makes a point of the fact that she is not the same person as Marissa Cooper, it does feel like she has come full circle.

Any fan of The O.C. or The Hills will be glued to their screen on June 24, when the first episode of The Hills New Beginnings airs, and the show is already promising a lot of drama.

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