Millie Fanclub: 20 A-Listers Who Can’t Get Enough Of The Stranger Things Star

If you have binge-watched Stranger Things, chances are you're a huge fan of the young, witty and talented Millie Bobby Brown. Well, you are not alone — if you were to join her fan club, you'd be at the end of a line complete with A-listers.

How can you not love the remarkably talented young actress? The 14-year-old English youngster is already a proclaimed actress and model, as she rose to stardom with her starring role in the Netflix's original series.

The world instantly became mesmerized by her, and besides already receiving an Emmy Award nomination, A-listers are going haywire for this beautiful young tween. Celebrities who have been in Hollywood for years now are all excited to meet the real life Eleven and take an adorable picture with her. Deep inside though, we're sure Brown is just as honoured to be in the presence of the older heavyweight celebrities.

We do not know how we'd keep our cool around Millie Bobby Brown, but we're not alone, as the following is a list of celebrities who lost their minds when they met her. Prepare to feel quite emotional.

20 We Are Sure These Two Have A Lot To Chat About

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We would seriously all freak if we got to meet our beloved fashionista Gossip Girl, Blake Lively.

We would probably go loco if we met the beautiful and hilarious Lively, but when she met MBB, things went the other way; it was Lively that went bonkers when she got to finally meet the grounded and mature Brown at the Golden Globes in 2017.

Brown has surely made a difference in our world, but this selfie of Lively's expression and Brown's infectious happiness has SERIOUSLY put us over the moon. Lively was crushing over Brown, and like a true fangirl, she captioned the selfie: “Playin’ it chill…..”

19 We’re Waiting For An Official Calvin Klein Runway Show

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Another star that cannot get enough of Eleven? Karlie Kloss. You know a star has hit the bigtime when mega supermodels like Kloss pay so much attention to a new Hollywood star. Brown turns to Kloss for life advice, as MSN reports.

While we cannot get over this photo of the two models strutting in the same white leather jacket, Kloss felt the same afterwards. The supermodel couldn't contain her exhilaration, but neither could we — they should certainly do a photo shoot together.

18 Brown Can Relate To Miley Cyrus

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It seems like America's national pastime at the moment is Millie Bobby Brown. Do you know what singer Miley Cyrus's pastime is? Connecting with Millie Bobby Brown.

The two first got to meet at the 2017 MTV VMAs after Cyrus' astounding performance, and since then they have been inseparable. This must have been a dream come true for the lovable young actress as she admitted that she was always a huge fan of Cyrus, since her Hannah Montana days. Years later, and the two frequently speak through FaceTime and text, as Cheat Sheet reports. These gals truly love each other.

17 Coincidentally, Matthew Lewis Has A Tattoo That Is So MBB

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You would think that Brown would be the one overly excited to meet A-listers that she has looked up to, but for many, like Matthew Lewis, it is the complete opposite. When we say obsessed, we mean that Lewis, the Harry Potter star, is utterly obsessed (don't question it) with Eleven.

When we saw the selfie of the Harry Potter and Stranger Things stars together, we hyperventilated a little. To top it all off, in the selfie Lewis is proudly showing off his Roman numeral tattoo of the number eleven to honour Brown's on-screen character Eleven. How rad is this picture?

16 We Will Surely Be Seeing More Of Brown And Ellen DeGeneres

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The breakout star who was born in Spain certainly has a bright future, and one celebrity who is so enamored by Brown is the one-and-only queen of comedy and daytime television, Ellen DeGeneres. We all know that when the hilarious TV host falls in love with a celebrity, they make numerous appearances on her show, so get ready to get a ton of unique and funny screen time with Brown and DeGeneres.

How could she not love Millie? The young star tells W magazine,

"I always wanted to be on Ellen, and that was the first e-mail I sent: to Ellen DeGeneres. I explained my life story and how I needed to be on her show. I never got a response. Five years later, I was on Ellen! She found that e-mail and showed it to the audience. Very embarrassing. I had made lots of grammatical mistakes."

15 The Social Media Queen Has Heart Eyes For Brown

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You may or may not be Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but if you have been keeping up with Millie Bobby Brown, then you may know that Kim K and Brown met up with one another.

Considering Kim K is a beauty queen and Brown is a young actress, one would think these two are completely at opposite ends, but their admiration for one another was made public on Twitter.

Before uniting in March 2018, the two exchanged loving and adorable tweets to one another for months. It was like a dream come true for KKW, who posted a 'gram story with the caption, "You guys look who I’m hanging out with on this Good Friday."

14 Millie, Do You Love Me?

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While we all normally fetch for boy advice from our friends or family, Millie Bobby Brown has a favourite contact on her phone to hit up when she needs to have a boy talk, and that's the "In My Feelings" hip-hop artist, Drake — say what?

Yes, it must have been "God's Plan," for the two to meet and become such close buddies. Following their first meeting in 2017 in Australia, the two immediately struck up a close-knit friendship; so much so, that they text each other extremely frequently.

The Independent reports Millie saying, “We just texted each other the other day and he was like, 'I miss you so much' and I was like 'I miss you more.’." 

13 Aaron Paul And His "Daughter"

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The Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul also got his break on a series, so we're sure he can relate to the mega stardom Brown quickly experienced.

Well, if you're a superfan of Stranger Things, you may just be able to become besties with Brown like the Breaking Bad hottie did. If you follow both actors on IG, you may have noticed that Paul and his stunning wife Lauren are Brown super fans. Paul calls Brown his adopted daughter!

Also, we were gushing when Mrs. Paul posted a photo of Brown holding their daughter with the caption: "Our daughters finally meet."

12 Cara Delevingne, Meet Model Millie Brown

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The 14-year-old has met A-listers that us normies could only dream of meeting, like Cara Delevingne. During a red-carpet interview, Brown revealed that she and one of the world's most beloved models have "been texting."

Brown might as well be a Delevingne sister, as the two text each other discussing their outfit choices and sending #ootd pictures. Now why don’t we have that opportunity?

11 Brown Captivated A Jackson’s Heart

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It would be totally daunting for us to meet MBB or all the celebrities she instantaneously became BFFs with.

One total rad chick that we have a girl crush on is the late King of Pop's daughter, Paris Jackson. Though it would probably be havoc for us if we met her, Jackson is so calm with Brown because the two have become super close.

Jackson grew up around fame, which certainly helped when she met the Stranger Things star. And just to let you know, the pair starred in a music video together, as Refinery29 reports. The caption for the photo on Jackson’s IG was “See you soon sista.”

10 Brown Has Cuddled With Zac Efron!

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Okay, so we have concluded that Millie Bobby Brown is only 14, but she is WAY cooler than us. Hollywood is totally smitten with the ultra-talented actress and enthusiastic model, and that includes our favourite blue-eyed hunk, Zac Efron.

Brown experienced a fangirl moment when she got to meet up with the handsome actor (just like we would) at the 2017 MTV awards. However, it did not end there. To show his love for Brown, on her birthday Efron wore an “Eleven” t-shirt and posted a sweet message to her on social media.

9 We Cannot Stop Gushing Over These Young Celeb Besties

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Imagine meeting another celebrity, immediately turning into best friends, and heading over to Disney together? That is exactly what happened between the two young actresses, Brown and Maddie Ziegler who are full of zest. They are seriously #friendshipgoals and we cannot get enough of them. They've shared so many adorable moments together, we cannot stop blushing over the duo who are superfans of one another, too.

We're totally jealous, we did not look that posh at 14 or 16 years old with our bestie. The Dance Moms alumna actually had not even seen Brown in Stranger Things when they first met, but when she eventually binge-watched it, she fell in love with her bestie. Be ready to tear up. As Seventeen reports, Ziegler said, "We’re two people that are so happy that we found each other because we could relate to each other."

8 The Soft-Spoken Sophia Bush Made Her Feelings Clear

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You fell in love with her on One Tree Hill, and now, Sophia Bush is gushing over another actress, Millie Bobby Brown. Talking about the young starlet, Bush was not shy to reveal her emotions towards Brown, expressing her love by saying that Brown is "a Tour de Force," as People reports.

Bush gushed about Brown to her friend, Aaron Paul, so she's probably the one who got them all to be friends!

7 Can Brown Start Glee All Over Again?

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It's so refreshing to see celebrities love one another. No catfights, no drama and nothing but love. But honestly, do you expect anyone to hate on the adorable and wise-beyond-her-years Brown?

Funnily enough, when we think of Glee alumna Lea Michele, we think of MBB, probably because of the sweetness and innocence they both radiate. Michele is full of class and sass, so it is not surprising that Michele fell in love with Brown when she ran into her at the 2016 Emmys.

The singer and actress captioned her IG picture, "This girl … It was so lovely meeting you last night. You are the sweetest, smartest, most lovely young lady."

6 Jimmy Fallon And MBB Are Epic

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Technically, we would freak out if we met the hilarious and one-of-a-kind late-show host Jimmy Fallon, but when he had Brown on his show, he was the one who freaked over her. He especially lost his cool when she showed off on his show and effortlessly rapped Nicki Minaj!

As Glamour reports, it was impressive and then Millie even dropped the mic. Epic!

5 When A Pretty Little Liar Meets A Strange Thing

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Since these two stunning and talented actresses both have their own shows that they star in on Netflix, we're kind-of anticipating a Netflix original with them together.

We fell in love with the exotic and beautiful Shay Mitchell on Pretty Little Liars and now all over again in You, but Mitchell fell in love with the coolest teen on the block on Stranger Things. When Mitchell crossed paths with Brown on the red-carpet, the A-lister was unable to mask her emotions and couldn't keep her cool. Mitchell and Brown were equally excited to meet each other, but Mitchell's open-mouthed expression speaks a thousand words.

4 We Cannot Wait For These Two To Jam In The Car

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The charming James Corden has met just about every Hollywood heavyweight on the planet, including Sir Paul McCartney, but when he met MBB his enthusiasm was on a new level. When Corden met with Brown, they bust a couple of dance moves, and he could not get the massive grin off his face, as Capital FM reports.

We can't wait for MBB to appear on Carpool Karaoke!

3 The Harry Potter Star Brown Looked Up To

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Considering the fact that when Brown first hit the television screen she totally reminded us of Emma Watson, we knew a meeting between the two was going to be magical. MBB met Watson at the MTV awards and both looked starstruck!

After they accepted their awards, it was bound to be an emotional encounter between the two, and Watson's face showed total admiration for the younger star — it was love at first sight! Hugh Jackman was digging it, too.

2 Literally, EVERYONE Loves The Gracious Brown

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Brown's impeccable style and flair is another reason why many A-listers have expressed their adoration for the elegant 14-year-old. Ray Donovan star Liev Schreiber is one who appreciates the young lady and her talent, and he is not afraid to show it off.

At an awards show, Schreiber got totally distracted when MBB passed him and his son, Samuel Kai. As People reports, he totally forgot about his own nomination and if he'd won. Hey, who cares about winning an award when you're already #winning because you got to meet the unique Brown, right? He snapped an adorable photo of his son (who will thank him one day) and Brown, and captioned it, "Shut the front door!!! We can go home now."

1 Laverne Cox Praises The Young Actress

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Maybe Brown will slay in Orange Is the New Black one day — we'd love to see that, especially since Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox was so pumped when she met the distinguished and impressive young actress.

Cox posted an IG video from a party, and guess who she made the star of it? Yup, MBB! Wow, we're not sure who's more flattered.

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