Pickle Flavor Is Overtaking Avocados As The Millennial Staple Food Trend

A generation that's known to be fickle is finding satisfaction with a pickle. No kidding here folks, it seems everyone's favorite vegetable that's fine in brine has become the trendiest taste among millennials.

It makes sense, actually, strictly on color alone. The green hue not only won't clash with the vegetation that the younger set craves more these days, but it's also in lockstep with environmentalism, another trendy piece of subject matter. Or maybe it's that salty and bitter element tempting the tastebuds that reaffirms that millennial lives will continue to be a slippery slope until those dastardly boomers finally retreat to the sidelines.

Regardless of the reasons, there's no shortage of pickle-inspired nosh items out there for those impressionable teeth to chomp on, such as Boom Chicka Pop's pickle-flavored popcorn or 365's dill pickle potato chips. Between bites, wash all that munchable greenery with Gordy's Fine Brine or even Sonic's pickle slushie.

And as proof that a blend of pickles and ice cream is no longer the exclusive domain of pregnant women, New York-based Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. is selling scoops of the frozen dairy wonder with the tarty taste of that cucumber concoction. For those into spirits of the bottled sort, a few clubs in the city are offering pickle juice as mixers for the hard stuff, especially whiskey.


Meanwhile, up in Canada, food bloggers are offering ideas for making preserves that are requisite consumables during the hardy winter months. The biggest trend in this traditional food prep practice? Well besides, pickles, how about pickled fruit, as bloggers regale their viewers with tips on recipes on how to brine-up their favorite fruit from mangos to peaches.

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Further down south, where folks like almost everything crispy, pickled fried chicken has been the rage over the summer, even with KFC offering a variation of its famous cooked poultry with a briny taste to them. Ditto for tacos. And while the motives for adding pickles may not be anywhere as political as millennial tastes, it turns out the technique of adding brine to a carnivorous dish has the same effect as citrus juice on fish. It tenderizes the meat and makes it more flavorful.

But then, there's the question about how long this pickle trend will last. Millennials were infatuated with pink throughout 2017 and earlier this year, mostly tied in with acceptance and support of the LGBTQ contingent. Then interests swayed towards pickles. Given the fickleness of that generation, it's doubtful the trend will last longer than a jar of pickles throughout the winter.

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