Miley Cyrus Has Released A Converse Collection

If you have ever spent any of your free time imagining what a Miley Cyrus-inspired sneaker would look like (assuming that you have an exceptional amount of free time on your hands), tell us that they wouldn't look just like this! Lots of pink. Lots of glittery sparkles. Ultra attention-grabbing.

Yes, sir, these are not your typical sneakers. Converse are considered classics in the sneaker world, and don't often have a ton of extra flair. These puppies, however, will get tongues wagging with all of the Miley-goodness that she has put into them.

The singer has jumped onto an ever-increasing bandwagon of pop stars that are collaborating with sneaker companies such as Selena Gomez, who recently launched her line of shoes with Puma.


The pop star took to Instagram to write, "Look what I got!!!!!! The very 1st sample of my collection with @converse!! I'm in looooooooooove!!!! They r even cuter in person BTW! BB pink glitter staxxxxx!".

The new "Converse x Miley Cyrus Collection" sneakers will cost anywhere from $70 to $95 per pair ordered online. Even the laces are unique, with either bandana prints or glittered-up to Miley perfection.

The official site for Miley's new kicks offers the tagline: "Mix and match, whatever your style, piece together a unique look for every day of self-expression".

And the actual products do not disappoint. If you are looking to express yourself with footwear, you'll definitely be able to make a statement with these canvas sneakers. You can choose low tops for days when you would rather whisper a statement or high tops when you feel like being a bit louder. The low tops even feature a special "MC" signature stamp.


The high tops are decked out in platform style, so if you dare to be brave enough to express yourself with these shoes, make sure that your ankle game is strong, otherwise you might not want to wear these heavy shoes for longer than it takes for you to wait in line at Starbucks.

We think these are super cute shoes that would be perfect for wearing out and about for a casual weekend and can't wait to see them hit the stores!

Great job Miley!


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