Miley And Liam: 15 Facts About Their Relationship

Throughout the ups and downs of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship, we’ve seen a lot happen. These two seem pretty happy with each other when they are actually together. A lot of fans are rooting for them to stay together, and it looks like they might.

Unfortunately, their relationship isn’t all that it’s cut out to be. Two famous people dating sounds good, right? They have money, they have a nice house and they barely have to lift a finger. As we all know, life isn’t that simple. People have their flaws.

With every relationship comes drama and difficulties. This is the same for those who are famous. Even Miley and Liam have their issues. At the end of the day, they might have to work through some challenges. No amount of money can prevent arguments, scandals and breakups. According to plenty of headlines and news sources, we can see that things don’t always go so smoothly.

Miley and Liam might look innocent and like they have it all together. We’ve collected some facts that prove otherwise. This isn’t to say that they don’t have their moments. For now, we’re focusing on what is not so right in this power couple’s relationship.

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15 Miley Seems Way Too Co-Dependent In A Relationship

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Considering that Miley and Liam have such a rocky relationship, the two have been flying solo quite a bit. They seem to take a lot of breaks and then end up back together. Fans are beginning to wonder if they should really be together.

The question of their love for each other was further solidified when Miley spoke out about her single life. She mentioned that it was good for them to take a three-year break. She also talked about the positive impact that the breakup had on her personally.

Miley said,

“I think if you’re growing up attached to another person, you never really get solid as your own being.”

This makes sense, and we hope that she was able to grow as a person during this time. Some have begun to ask if Miley should stay single.

14 Miley’s Wild Phase With A Victoria's Secret Model

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In today’s times, it seems like lots of celebrities are getting experimental. They’re dating people whom we wouldn’t expect them to—or people whom they probably didn’t expect themselves to either. People of all walks of life are stepping out of their usual constraints.

Miley is included in this. During one of the couple’s breaks, she found herself hooking up with a Victoria’s Secret model. Miley’s relationship with Stella proved to be short-lived, but it seemed like a pretty big deal at the time.

Though Miley eventually broke up with Stella and fell back into Liam’s arms, there are rumors regarding an on-going relationship with Stella. It’s said that Miley sends Stella explicit texts. This doesn’t seem to be detrimental to the couple, so maybe it’s going to blow over.

13 Liam Took Miley Back Suspiciously Close To The Opening Of One Of His Movies

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One of the worst parts about relationships is that sometimes people end up getting taken advantage of. This can happen anywhere, really. It occurs in friendships, hookups, with strangers and more.

Unfortunately, there is some suspicion that Liam has been using Miley. This is all based upon speculation in regards to some hints we’ve seen.

After the two had been split up long-term, they suddenly reconciled. Keep in mind that this was just in time for the promotion of Independence Day: Resurgence, which was his newest movie.

We would assume that he’d have enough connections otherwise, but perhaps he needed that support from Miley.

Though using people isn’t all that uncommon, it’s pretty unfair to Miley if that’s what is really going down. If it is, we’re starting to wonder how much of their relationship has to do with it.

12 After The Break-Up, Liam Moved One Quite Quickly, And Easily

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It seems like the most amazing couples have the hardest time moving on after a breakup or a major fight. It simply makes sense. They want to truly evaluate their decision and try to work things out.

With how committed Liam and Miley appear to be, we would expect the same from them. When they have their little breaks, most fans would think that the individuals would take it easy and proceed with caution.As we’ve witnessed though, they sometimes move on a little too quickly. This usually results in short-lived relationships with others.

Once Miley and Liam’s engagement was over, he was seen smooching another gal. This was just a day after the news broke.

Miley also went after Patrick Schwarzenegger almost immediately after the engagement fell through.

11 J-Law Made Her Move On A Newly Single Liam

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Scandals and affairs are no joke in Hollywood. As much as it might help the person being cheated on, everyone finds out about the news. It’s all one somewhat unavoidable news story after another. Every single person has to know who just broke whose heart.

Liam was in the process of hitting things off with Jennifer Lawrence when Miley popped back into the picture. This chick is fast! Her goal was to prevent the romance from even happening. Some have said that this was just a little bit too much for Miley to do. They weren’t even together at the time.

Nonetheless, they ended up back together. Now, Miley credits that blossoming fling with bringing her and Liam closer to each other. Maybe it really was all worth it.

10 There Was More Than Just One Breakup

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No matter how much they might appear to love each other, things clearly aren’t going to be as good as they seem. Liam and Miley have been through a lot together, including a fair share of breakups.

Miley spoke on the topic of the couple’s countless breakups, focusing specifically on their 2013 breakup. From the looks of it, it seemed to be pretty hard on both of them.

Now, Miley is dispelling any sign of regret that she could have had over that breakup. She shared her feelings, explaining, “I think, now, that everything is happening for the right reason, and I knew that when we weren’t together for the first time.” She went on to say that she doesn’t have any regrets about the breakup and that she is glad it happened.

9 If Liam Was The 'Wrecking Ball' Why Did Miley Take Him Back So Easily?

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One of Miley’s hit songs— “Wrecking Ball”—was released in 2013. This may not seem like a big deal, but this is the same year that she and Liam called it quits. Clearly, they were having some emotional challenges.

It was rumored that the song was written about Liam and their relationship. Around the release/breakup date, Miley was performing it on stage. She ended up breaking down in tears during the performance. We—along with lots of other fans—have wondered if it had something to do with the song’s emotional connection to Liam.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Miley wrote a song specifically for this purpose. It’s happened with plenty of celebs before. We’re just a little bit concerned about what Liam could have done to her. Those lyrics are pretty powerful!

8 The Whole Ring Thing To Throw Their Fans Off

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This has been an ongoing discussion since 2012. It’s when Miley’s ring—from Liam himself—became a big deal in the media. It hasn’t stopped, and it’s for plenty of good reasons.

Liam gave Miley a ring back in 2012. There was some talk about whether or not it was an engagement ring. Those rumors weren’t really confirmed or denied. To make matters worse, she decided to keep it on her left ring finger. As many of us are aware, that finger is reserved for engagement and wedding rings.

We can’t really say that she kept it on her finger though. She was frequently seen without the ring on. Just when we thought they had called off the engagement—if that’s what the ring was—she was wearing it again.

7 Are They In Or Out?

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Miley and Liam have been off and on multiple times. For whatever reason, they haven’t been able to find a groove in their relationship. It has most likely had something to do with their busy work schedules and their conflicting personalities. Liam seems so clean-cut and laid back, while Miley is a wild child.

They have seemed to settle down since their rough first few years. It is said that the two broke up more than five different times in the first four years.

That’s over once per year, which most will agree seems a bit excessive.

For two people who are so passionate about each other, we would expect them to make things work. From what it looks like, they’re getting closer to figuring things out and staying committed.

6 Liam Always Seems Ready To Leave

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At one point—following a dirty split between Miley and Liam—some things were said. These comments from Liam probably should not have gone public. We never got a confirmation on Miley’s response to reading them, if she even found out.

Basically, Liam was interviewed right after the two broke up.

He explained how he had been ready for that break up for several months prior to it actually happening.

Even if this is the truth, he should have kept it to himself.

Fans were worried about how a comment like this would hit Miley. As we all know, the two ended up getting back together. It must not have been as big of a deal as we imagined it would be. Liam better be careful what he says about his lady, though!

5 Was The Miley And Robin Thicke Scandal The Last Straw?

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Most of us can recall Miley’s risky behavior with Robin Thicke. We’re talking about that racy performance at the VMAs in 2013. Following the show, few people mentioned that they enjoyed watching it.

Fans and non-fans alike were shocked about this performance. It was pretty inappropriate and just seemed a bit too intense for an awards show with viewers of all ages. The combination of Miley’s dance moves and her outfit proved to be too much.

Not to mention, how did Liam feel about this situation? After the performance came to an end, a source shared about Liam, explaining, “Miley and Liam were already pretty much broken up at that point, but when he saw her performance and the backlash it created, it was the nail in the coffin.” Poor Liam!

4 Their Wild Fight And Very Public Fight

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Not many of Liam and Miley’s fights have been made public. Either they don’t fight very often or it goes unnoticed. Whatever the reason is, it makes this one publicized fight a big deal.

It all began when Liam decided to stop wearing the promise ring that Miley had bought for him. From what it sounds like, this was a big problem in Miley’s book. The disagreement ended in a huge fight.

One source close to the couple said,

“She was screaming at him furiously. The fight was one of the worst they’ve ever had.” Then, Miley got so mad that she smashed her phone into little pieces. This was her way of ignoring Liam for a few days.

Luckily, it looks like the couple has managed to push through! They seem much happier nowadays.

3 January Jones Was Just One Of The Many Women Linked To Liam During The Breakup

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Some of this is based purely on rumors, but some of it could very well be true. Back in 2013, Liam was seen going to a pre-Oscar party with January Jones. At this time, rumors were also flying around saying that Miley and Liam were engaged.

This was more than just a casual date to the party. It was later shared that Liam and January got “hot and heavy” at the party.

Miley likely didn’t go to that party with Liam due to her own work obligations.

Miley and Liam were definitely still a thing at the time, but that didn’t seem to slow Liam down. When September came around a few months later, Miley and Liam ended up splitting. Could Liam’s little fling with January have anything to do with that?

2 TMI On Their Private Life

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Some things should just be kept on the DL. Sadly, celebs don’t always get to keep things hidden. The spies—better known as the media—seem to figure everything out and send it our way super quickly.

There is—however—a pretty big difference between the media sharing the dirt on someone and that celebrity sharing their own dirty secrets. As for Miley, it seems like she doesn’t care much about her personal life with Liam—or maybe she cares too much.

She recently went on Ellen and spoke about her bedroom life with Liam. The details were pretty juicy. The whole talk went a lot deeper than anyone would have expected. A lot of viewers were shocked by Miley’s openness about something so intimate. Apparently, it wasn’t a big deal to her.

1 They Kissed The First Day They Met Each Other

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We can all think of a friend or a co-worker who always kisses on the first date. Sometimes it’s their first time meeting their date as well. There are mixed opinions on kissing on the first date, as some don’t approve of it.

Regardless of how anyone feels about it within their circle, it’s a different ball game in Hollywood. Actors and actresses are expected to do plenty of things that we would never do.

Miley and Liam actually were two people who kissed on the day that they met. Now, this isn’t as bad as it sounds. The couple was in the process of filming The Last Song. They were asked to share a kiss on that first day.

Since their first kiss in 2009, they’ve grown even closer and have become even better together.

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