Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher: 20 Things The Low-Key Couple Want To Keep Private

Nobody in their right mind thought Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher would one day end up marrying each other and having cute kids. But that's exactly what happened.

And the story seems to be right out of a Hollywood rom-com. Complete with TV tropes like girl meets boy when she is young, girl and boy go their separate ways but remain friends through the years, and then girl suddenly realizes she's in love with boy when they meet again.

Cue the drama, throw in some funny bits, and you have a bonafide real-life rom-com on your hands! No wonder we keep rooting for this celeb couple to break the curse of Hollywood romances and be a real-life happy ever after.

So here are 20 things low-key celebs Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher want to keep private about their lives.

From the weirdest (and most nerve-wracking) honeymoon ever to finding out about fake rumors from the grocery-store gossip aisle, these two sure have an interesting life going on behind-the-scenes. And it took some digging to find these juicy stories out. Most of which are courtesy of Mila Kunis since she's the more talkative one among the two.

So sit back, relax, and be prepared to have thy mind blown.

20 Mila's Mom Was Not A Fan Of Her Relationship With Ashton


It would be a massive understatement if we said that that people were surprised when they found out Mila Kunis was in a relationship with Ashton Kutcher. And it turns out, her mom was the most surprised person on the lot!

"We were driving up Laurel Canyon, and I was like, ‘Mom, I have to tell you I’m dating somebody.’," Kunis told Dax Shepard on his podcast Armchair Expert. "And she was like, ‘Oh, tell me! Who are you dating?’ And I was like, ‘You’ve got to brace yourself for this one. ... I’m dating Ashton Kutcher.’" Her mom was nearly speechless, Mila explained. “There were so many thoughts that she couldn’t process.”

19 She Had A 'Love At First Sight' Moment With Him


When she came on as a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Mila Kunis said that she never saw Ashton Kutcher in a romantic way when she did the That '70s Show with him.

And that's understandable because she had fibbed about her age to get the role and was 14 at the time. She finally ran into him again in the 2012 Golden Globes but didn't recognize him at first.

"...I was like 'Wow! That guy's really tall.' Then he turned around and I was like '*Gasp*'. And then the moment where you hear or see in movies where your heart skips a beat? It happened with Ashton and I was like 'Stop it!'."

18 They Obviously Didn't Watch The Ending Of Either Of Their Rom-Coms


James Corden had another interesting question for Mila Kunis about her relationship– "When did it move from the friend zone to the end zone?"

And to the delight of the audience, Kunis admitted that both of them ended up playing out the plotlines of their respective movies Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached.

"...If we had just paid attention to how those movies turned out we would have known we just can't go into a relationship this way ... We literally shook hands and [said] 'We're both gonna have fun cause we're both single and young.'"

"3 months later we are living together and 6 months later we are married and have a kid. We clearly didn't watch the end of either one of our movies."

17 They Are Total Opposites


When she was invited as a guest on the talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Ripa asked Kunis if she and her husband were alike or opposites. To which she said that they were total opposites and that Ryan Seacrest could attest to it.

Ryan agreed and said, "She has this energy about her and he's more calm and strategic in thinking."

"He's also very optimistic and I'm very pessimistic," Kunis said.

"He sees the world – all the good in the world and all the good in the people, and deep down I'm like 'That's not true! Here's why everything you think is wrong.' But I think there's a balance between [us]."

16 She Likes Him But He Still Gets On Her Nerves Every Day


In the same episode, when Ryan quoted that Kunis had previously said that her husband did not get under her skin, she immediately denied ever saying that. And then told them the real story.

"'I like my husband' is what I said. Like, I love him but I also really like him. We are newlyweds is what I think people forget."

"But you guys have known each other for forever," Ryan said. "Yes, we have. We have known each other for 20 years. But we are newlyweds. We have only been married 3 years. So I still very much like him," she said, and explained how despite that he still got on her nerves every day.

15 She Was The One To Catch Feelings First


While on the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, Mila Kunis shared the real story of how her relationship with Ashton Kutcher went from friends with benefits to life partners.

The two had a simple policy in place before they entered into that casual relationship. It was that they would respect each other and be transparent if one of them caught feelings.

So when Kutcher casually told her about how he had a similar relationship with another girl, she felt like she had been punched in the gut. She said she went to his house the very next day and was honest with him about the whole thing. Then she left. And bawled her eyes out.

14 But That Story Had A Happy Ending


Continuing the story on Marc Maron's podcast, Kunis said that Kutcher knocked on her door the very next day at 8 A.M.

"He was like, 'Let's move in together.'"

But Kunis wasn't very sure if that was a good idea since Kutcher had just separated from his wife, Demi Moore, a year back. And those two had been together for 6 years!

But Kutcher was persistent and finally got through to her when he said, "I'm not going to lose you."

With that, they committed to each other and moved in together. And then went to great lengths to keep their relationship out of the limelight.

13 They Found A Middle Ground In Their Religious Differences


On Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast, Kunis shared that Kutcher was raised in a Catholic household but found himself drawn strongly towards Judaism in his adulthood. But since she was not religious at all, they had to find a middle ground when it came to the subject of raising their children with religion.

So they decided to observe the Jewish Sabbath every Friday night. Only, instead of keeping it hours long, they decided to make it a mandatory family time where they would show love for each other and apologize for the upsets caused in the past week.

12 They Are Not Going To Leave Their Kids Any Money


When Ashton Kutcher was a guest on Dax Shepard's podcast Armchair Expert, he revealed that he and his wife were not planning to leave their kids a single dime when they passed away.

"I'm not setting up a trust for them. We'll end up giving our money away to charity and to various things."

Why? Because both he and Kunis grew up in poor households and thus knew the value of money and the importance of being self-made. So they do not want to spoil their kids and turn them into entitled brats.

But Kutcher did mention that he was open to financially supporting his children as an investor if they ever came up with a good-enough business idea.

11 And They Aren't Getting Any Christmas Gifts Either


In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mila Kunis said that she and her husband were going to try their best to make sure their kids did not grow up and become spoiled.

And one of the ways they planned to do it was by not giving the tots any presents on Christmas Day.

The reason behind this decision was because their kids were getting far too many gifts from their grandparents.

“We've told our parents, ‘We're begging you ... if you have to give [them] something, pick one gift. Otherwise, we'd like to take a charitable donation, to the Children's Hospital or a pet [or] whatever you want.’”

10 Keeping Their Wedding A Secret Was A "Ninja Effort"


When Ashton Kutcher appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show after his marriage to Mila Kunis was confirmed, Ellen obviously asked him about that, joking that she was offended she had not been invited.

"It was a ninja effort," he said. "We really didn't want helicopters at our wedding and it's a legitimate concern. So I was like posting things on social media that we were in different locations to avoid [people and noise]."

The two did not want to scream their vows at each other or turn it into a public drama.

In fact, they did not even confirm the leaked reports of their marriage until they had completed one year of wedded bliss!

9 They Wear $190 Wedding Rings That They Got Off Of Etsy


When Ashton Kutcher went down on one knee before Mila Kunis, he did so with a beautiful and unassuming diamond ring perfect for his down-to-earth girlfriend.

Only, it wasn't unassuming and had cost Kutcher a hefty $250,000!

So, to balance out the outrageous price-point of the engagement ring, Kunis went on Etsy and ordered two simple platinum wedding bands for her and her husband. The total price of which was just $190!

"My engagement ring is beautiful, but I don't ever wear it. This ring, I'm like, 'It's $90!' It's great. That person on Etsy had no clue whose ring they were making, but they were wonderful and very nice and polite and generous," she told Conan O'Brien on his talk show.

8 She Was Chill About Her Second Pregnancy


During their conversation on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Conan also asked Kunis how she felt about her second pregnancy. She had not given birth to Dmitri by then.

"I feel really good," she said.

She then explained how she had used an app during her first pregnancy where she could compare the size of her growing baby to a fruit every day.

"So, 'Oh, today my baby's the size of guava,' or a banana, or avocado.' And I did it, like, every day," she said. "[But] I couldn't even tell you how far along I am right now. I'm like, 'I don't know. A couple months?'"

In short, she was super chill about her second pregnancy.

7 The Grocery Store Magazine Aisle Is How She Finds Out Rumors About Them


In conversation with Cosmopolitan about false rumors about their marriage, Mila Kunis said that she never reads anything about herself but usually finds out that she's pregnant once a year and divorcing Kutcher once a year from the tabloids in the grocery store aisle.

"At one point when I was pregnant, [the tabloids] said that I had an emergency and was rushed to the hospital, and my face was on the cover," she said. "The amount of stress that caused my family, nobody will understand."

But she did mention that her dad is always hopeful and asks her if the pregnancy rumors are true.

6 They Always Make Time For Date Night

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When Cosmopolitan asked her about her ideal date, Kunis said that she and her husband have a thing called 'White T-shirt Night' where they wear jeans and a white tee and then go out on a date.

"Whether that's bowling or dinner or going to a cheese shop and have some wine or walking around. I think that's just the best thing to do - and sometimes it's just nice to stay home."

In a separate keynote speech at the 3rd Annual City Summit in Hollywood, Kutcher also spoke about the importance of scheduling time for family. And how nurturing his partner would naturally make her a better parent and take care of their marriage.

5 Ashton Schedules Spending Time With His Kids Because They Come First

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During the keynote, Kutcher also said that his family is his No. 1 priority and that work always comes last.

“One thing I do is schedule my intimate life. I schedule my time with my kids. I make those blocks, hard and fast in my calendar, and I don’t move them. Generally speaking, my weekends are off limits. I spend that time with my kids.”

He does all this because he doesn't want to miss any the landmark moments in his kids' lives. And while it can't be easy to balance it all, the effort he's making is admirable!

4 The Kids Are Not Allowed To Have Sugar


Science has already proven how addictive sugar is, regardless of whether one is an adult or a child. In fact, it's worse for a child because they cannot control their impulses even when something ruins their health. Plus, sugar has no nutritional benefits.

That's why when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's kids, Wyatt and Dmitri, were really young, they were never allowed to have sugar.

Speaking about Easter and sweets on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show, Kutcher said that instead of candies, they used Cheerios and raisins during Wyatt's first Easter Egg hunt. Of course, the older kids get, the more they notice the lack of sweets, so good luck with that!

3 They Took Ashton's Parents With Them On Their Honeymoon


When Mila Kunis was invited on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she had a hilarious tale to tell about her honeymoon.

It all started when she decided to give her husband a gift card for a luxurious RV on his birthday. Only, he thought she was hinting they go on a honeymoon, which she wasn't. And so they went on a trip with his parents in tow.

Long story, short: the air-conditioner broke within 8 hours while the temperature outside was 110 degrees, Apple maps navigated them onto a road that was not a road, and they finally ended their trip–after 6 days–an hour outside of Napa in front of two prisons because Kutcher's mom had referenced a decades-old guidebook to plan the stops.

2 They Named Their Son In The Weirdest Way Possible


While on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Ashton Kutcher had a very interesting story to tell about how he and Kunis came up with their son Dmitri's name.

They were initially planning to name him something else, but one day while they were driving, Kunis suddenly said that they should name their son Dmitri. She had a feeling about that, plus a feeling about some political happenings. Ashton was skeptical, but after another of Mila's "visions" came true, he changed his mind. A few days later, he came home and told Kunis that he too felt that their son should be named Dmitri.

1 They Filed A Lawsuit Against A Tabloid That Used Their Daughter's Picture


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are very protective of their children's privacy. So when the tabloid Mail Online used Wyatt's pictures to promote clothing, they sued the website for using their daughter's pictures.

They won the court battle eventually. And though we don't know whether the settlement involved any monetary fines, the website had to henceforth pixelate the children's faces whenever they posted any pictures.

"I continue to kindly ask, please don't post/publish photos of our kids," he tweeted later.

"They haven't chosen a life in the public eye. Yes we took them to a public place (we like sharing life with our kids) no that doesn't mean we are ok with their photos being published. Please."

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