Mila And Sarah (+ 19 Other Celeb Pairs We Always Confuse With Each Other)

Sisters. Evil twins. Long lost relatives. Celebrity lookalikes blow our minds because they're actually none of the above.

Thanks to the randomness of the genetic lottery, people all over the world are walking around with lookalikes. You might have even found your own using an app like 'Who Do I Look Like' or 'CelebsLikeMe.' Not only do average people often look like celebrities, celebs also often look like each other, confusing fans with their similar faces, voices and choices in roles.

If you've ever been watching something and thinking you know who the main actor is just to look him up on IMDb and find that he wasn't even in that movie, you know what we're talking about. Doppelgängers are everywhere, and Hollywood is no exception.

Most celebrity doppelgängers know they look alike, and some of them like it! Hilary Swank has taken pictures with people who think she's Jennifer Garner, and Isla Fisher just smiled and nodded when Lady Gaga talked to her thinking she was Amy Adams (more on that later). Others don't like it, while others act like they don't even know how identical they look.

We've rounded up 20 of the most frequently confused celebs to help you learn who's who, or to give you an excuse to gawk at their similarities. Keep reading to discover which models got bullied for their matching facial features, which lookalike comedians posted a mind-bending Face Swap to Twitter and which outspoken actor revealed he has a crush on his own doppelgänger.

20 Marion Cotillard and Kat Dennings

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IRL, Kat Dennings and Marion Cotillard couldn't be more different. Kat is a famously sarcastic American television actress best known for her role on the TV show 2 Broke Girls. Marion is a French Academy Award winning film actress best known for her role in La Vie En Rose. Looking at them, you might never guess that these two beauties actually don't have much in common.

You might think they were sisters, or at least long-lost cousins. Both Kat and Marion have big blue eyes, dark and angular eyebrows and very full lips. They both usually wear their hair dark brown, contrasting majorly with their pale complexions. Pretty? Yes. Identical? Almost.

19 Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland

via All4Women

If Mila Kunis was 10 years younger, she'd basically be Sarah Hyland. Both these celebs got their start playing sassy teenagers on TV comedies.

They are confused with each other so much that Google autofills 'Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland related' when you search for the duo online.

They're not, but they both do have massive green eyes (the rarest eye color, FYI), framed with heavy top and bottom eyelids that both actresses usually trace with black liner. They have brows that come to high peaks and cheekbones that pop with just a little bit of contour and highlight. It's a unique face, but they both pretty much have it!

18 Dakota Johnson and Gillian Anderson

via Vogue

These actresses are a few decades apart in age, but their faces are still totally on the same wavelength. If Dakota Johnson didn't already have a famous mom (Melanie Griffiths, FYI) we'd be betting that she shared actual genes with Gillian Anderson. How else could two people look so alike?

You already know Dakota from the Fifty Shades franchise, but you may not have known Gillian by name until a recent suggestively-named Netflix show brought her back into the public eye. If you were a fan of X-Files, however, you've been following this star for years now - and her beauty is no surprise to you. These two make a stunning pair.

17 Ian Somerhalder and Rob Lowe

via E! News

Both these dudes have that 'smoldering-yet-pretty leading man of the 90s' look, and we aren't complaining about it. An uber-masculine jaw, dark hair and piercing blue eyes is a winning combination - basically like a male version of all the things that make Megan Fox so stunning.

Ian Somerhalder and Rob Lowe have both been cast as romantic interests time and time again, on shows like The Vampire Diaries and Parks and Rec. You might not guess it, but Rob is actually significantly older than Ian. If they end up aging as similarly as they look right now, we think Ian Somerhalder's future face will be just fine.

16 Georgia May Jagger and Lara Stone

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To 'get the London look,' you might need to look a lot like Rimmel spokesmodel Georgia May Jagger. Lucky for Lara Stone, she does. From the long blonde locks to the strong, square jawline right down to the big and iconic gap between their two front teeth, Georgia May Jagger and Lara Stone are absolute doppelgängers.

These ladies haven't always been praised for their unique teeth. Georgia May Jagger told Express that she's been called "bucktoothed" on the Internet for years, while Lara Stone told GQ that Internet trolls bullied her too, and "it hurts when you're already having a tough day." Hang in there, beauties! At least you're in it together.

15 Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson

via Gay Star News

Look at these faces! It's like every coveted male feature has been combined into one (sorry, two) guy(s). Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson both have the bone structure of the perfect man. They both even have the same length of stubble!

It's no surprise to them that people think they look alike, either. Cheyenne takes it as a compliment, because according to an interview with Attitude, he has a major crush on Matt Bomer.

"No matter if you’re a man, woman, cat, hamster, you will get lost in Matt Bomer's eyes," he said. "Matt looks like he’s carved out of cream cheese. He’s just so perfect and smooth and gorgeous."

Weird flex but okay.

14 Olivia Culpo and Eiza González

via People en Espanol

Who wouldn't love to look like these women? The stunning face of Olivia Culpo helped her win Miss Universe in 2012. A very similar face won Eiza González a lead role in the movie Baby Driver. We could look at both of these faces on screen all day, but we can't deny their striking similarities.

Both of these doppelgängers have sweetly heart-shaped faces with strong, mostly-straight brows, brown, almond-shaped eyes and pouty lips. They look like the same face, just before and after Facetune - but we can't decide which one would be the Before and which would be the After. They're both so gorgeous.

13 Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence

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Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence are both It Girls in their own right. Bella's a model who landed campaigns with every major designer from Fendi to Moschino, and Jennifer is an Academy Award winning actress. Both of these ladies are at the top of their game for different reasons - but with really similar faces.

Their light eyes and high foreheads are naturally similar, but the rest we have Bella's plastic surgeon to thank for. She didn't really resemble Jennifer Lawrence until AFTER the nose job, lip filler and jawline reshaping that both plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures created, according to Cosmopolitan. We guess the right amount of money can buy you J-Law's face.

12 Drea de Matteo and Portia de Rossi

via I Am Bored

Both of these knockout blondes were stars of your TV in the mid '00s. Drea played Joey Tribbiani's sister Gina on the Friends spinoff show, Joey. Portia played Jason Bateman's sister Lindsay on the recently rebooted show Arrested Development. These days she's also known for being Ellen Degeneres's lucky wife.

You might think that Drea and Portia's similar features might be thanks to similar cultural backgrounds: Drea's family is Italian and Portia's last name definitely sounds Italian. In reality, Portia is actually of Australian descent. She changed her last name from Rogers to De Rossi because she thought it seemed "exotic," according to Biography.

11 Zach Braff and Dax Shepard

via Mens Health

These doppelgängers know that they look alike, and they like to have fun with each other's fans because of it. In April 2018, Zach Braff posted a picture of him and Dax Shepard doing a face swap and blew people's minds.

"How does Kristin Bell even know which one is her husband?" asked one fan on Twitter.

Dax himself retweeted a fan who called the face-swap "deeply disturbing." We agree. It's not normal for two people to have basically the same faces as each other. Add their similar senses of humor and acting resumes and we could never blame you for mixing these two guys up.

10 Daisy Ridley and Keira Knightley

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Have you ever noticed how much these two British actresses look alike? Daisy Ridley has.

"People have always said that I look like Keira Knightley,” she told Yahoo. "It’s like, 'Why do I have to be like someone else?' It's actually really frustrating. I just think every single person in the world has their own thing going on. And I just want to be me."

If people were comparing us to Keira Knightley, we probably wouldn't be so quick to complain. There are worse people to resemble, Daisy! Keira hasn't said anything publicly about the comparison, but we hope she'd find it more flattering than Daisy does.

9 Blake Griffin and Kris Humphries

vi NesN.com

Not only do these two NBA ballers look like they could be brothers, they've also both gotten involved with Kardashian sisters. Kris was married to Kim Kardashian for a very famous 72 days and Blake was linked to Kendall Jenner in a romantic way. Unlike most people on this list, these guys have actually talked about their similarities in person.

"I came in the gym and I was like, ‘Blake, someone thought I was you,'" Kris said, as USA Today reports. "And he’s like, 'Yeah, yeah, the same thing happens to me all the time.'" But Kris doesn't really see why. "I don’t think we look alike at all," he added.

8 Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett

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Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett have a lot in common. They've both won Best Supporting Actress Oscars. They've both given their talent to the occasional indie art house film. They've even both played characters with magical abilities: Cate as the Lord of the Rings elf queen Galadriel and Tilda as the Constantine angel Gabriel.

Aside from their achievements, their physical features are remarkably similar. Both usually wear their ultra-light blonde hair in short, cropped styles. Both are on the tall side, Tilda standing at 5'11" and Cate at 5'9". Both of them are also super pale. In general, we'd forgive anyone for mixing them up.

7 Channing Tatum and Wentworth Miller

Weird names? Check. Shaved heads? Check. Acting jobs where they're both required to show off their abs? These two men have got them. We think people probably get them mixed up less for their similar faces and more for their similar overall bods.

Wentworth Miller got famous from his lead role on TV's Prison Break in 2005, when he played a hunky bad-boy type plotting his escape from (duh) prison. The next year, Channing Tatum got famous from his role in Step Up. He played a hunky bad-boy type with surprisingly awesome dance skills. Similar dudes in similar roles = definite doppelgängers.

6 Amanda Seyfried and Gemma Ward

via Stylecaster

"I didn't like my face when I was younger, but I'm learning to embrace its qualities," Amanda Seyfried shared with The Orange County Register. It's true that she has one of the most unique faces in Hollywood thanks to the little bit of extra space between her eyes. Wide-set blue eyes are something she has in common with model Gemma Ward - and they're not the only thing.

Both these glamazons have long blonde hair, round faces, feminine jawlines and similarly arched brows. We can only imagine that Amanda would like sharing facial features with a supermodel. Isn't that like perfect proof that your face is a keeper? If she ever needs a confidence boost again, this is it.

5 Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly

via Maxim

Margot Robbie is relatively new to the A-list, breaking into fame with roles in The Wolf of Wall Street and The Legend of Tarzan. Now she's leading major Oscar-nominated movies like I, Tonya and Mary Queen of Scots, so her face is firmly in the mainstream pop culture scene. Jaime Pressly had her turn starring on screen a few decades back, so lots of fans were surprised to see her doppelgänger hitting it big these days.

According to NME, some fans were tweeting about Jaime being a time traveler. Others called them long-lost sisters. The most famous tweet was from YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley, who said they were giving him major Parent Trap vibes. Agreed.

4 Hilary Swank and Jennifer Garner

via New York Daily News

If you often mistake Jennifer Garner for Hilary Swank, you're not alone. They get confused for each other all the time, according to Hilary herself. She told Conan O'Brien that she always feels rude when people think she's Jennifer Garner because she refuses to forge Jennifer's signature when they ask her to sign an autograph.

"People get angry at me because they think I’m just trying not to sign an autograph or take a picture," she explained, as New York Daily News reports. "They’ll be like, 'I'm such a big fan, I loved you in Alias."

Hilary even talked to Jennifer Garner about it in person. "I told [Jennifer] and she said, 'Oh, my God, I get that all the time too!'"

3 Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams

via Reset Era

According to Huffington Post, Carey Mulligan is known to people in the film industry as "the British Michelle Williams." Not only do these two actresses look super similar, they also tend to dress in the same quirky high-fashions and choose the same kind of artsy acting roles.

Let's compare their biggest and most successful roles. Carey Mulligan's most famous one was the beautiful, wealthy and glamorous but unhappy Daisy in 2013's The Great Gatsby. Michelle Williams is best known for the role of beautiful, wealthy and glamorous but unhappy Marilyn Monroe in 2011's My Week With Marilyn. Even their characters are lookalikes!

2 Amy Adams and Isla Fisher

via Fox News

It's the hair. The exact same shade of auburn is probably the biggest feature that get people confused between Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. Mistaking one for the other is so common that Jimmy Kimmel made a 'spot-the-difference' segment about them on his late night talk show in 2017.

According to Isla, even OTHER CELEBRITIES get them confused for one another. As she tells The Hollywood Reporter about one Oscars night: "The crowd parted and there was Lady Gaga and she’s heading right toward me and she says, 'Thank you. Your performance in American Hustle, Amy..." Isla said that when this happens, she just nods and smiles.

1 Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood

via TIME Magazine

One face to rule them all! Which one is the chosen one? Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood not only look similar (big blue eyes, thick noses, thin lips, square jaws and pointy-ish ears), but they also have the exact same fantasy-leading-man vibes.

They're both pretty short for leading men: Daniel is 5'5" and Elijah is 5'6". This was perfect for their most famous roles, Harry Potter and Frodo Baggins respectively. Both of their mega franchises were in theaters at the same time, and both dudes have had to deal with the confusion ever since - but if you ever meet one of them, don't mention it! As Elijah told Time, "We get it, the joke is over." Yikes.

Sources: New York Daily News, Huffington Post, Hollywood Reporter, Time, NME, The Orange County Register

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