See The $5 Microfiber Towel That Is Perfect For Calming Frizzy Hair

A formerly frizzy-haired woman recently shared her experience on using a special microfiber towel to dry her hair and the results are amazing!

Recently, a writer for Today named Kayla Boyd posted an article about her admiration for a $5 hair care product that has changed her morning routine "immensely." You might have already heard about this product before. It's been around for over 10 years and it's simply a microfiber towel with a small rubber band attached to the end. Yes, we're talking about the good ol' Turbie Twist - as seen on TV!


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If you've never heard of it before, the Turbie Twist is a colorful towel that you wrap around your hair to increase drying time thanks to its super-absorbency microfiber material. The name comes from the turban-like appearance that is achieved after the towel is twisted around your hair. Boyd, a woman with what she describes as "long, textured hair" sings the praises of this seemingly basic product and claims that the towel's power goes far beyond increasing drying time. In her article, she stated that she has tried just about every hair care product on the market with the goal in mind of taming her naturally curly tresses. Before the Turbie Twist came into her life, she had so-so to unsatisfactory results with other products.

She even goes so far to say that she "firmly believes" that everyone with medium to long hair should have one of these little towels. You might have heard hair care experts warn against drying hair with regular bath towels, suggesting to use soft T-shirts instead. Boyd backs this up by writing that ordinary cotton towels have never stayed put on her wet head before and they have always made her hair frizzy and hard to work with.



"The unique twist and loop system really helps the hair towel stay in place," Boyd wrote. "After you get out of the shower, you flip your hair over with your head facing the floor. The back of the towel fits perfectly around my head, and then I wrap my hair with long part. Twist it up, pull it back and then it stays in place with a small elastic loop in the back."

She also insists that the Turbie Twist will be able to fit any head size and help to make sure that hair is dried thoroughly while keeping wet hair up and out of the way so that other "getting ready" tasks can be focused on. Obviously, there are many hair types out there so while the Turbie Twist worked wonderfully for Boyd, it may not work as well for others. Have you ever tried the Turbie Twist? Is it as incredible as Boyd says and is it deserving of this new wave of hype? Let us know in the comments!

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