Metroid: 20 Disturbing Facts About Samus’ Upbringing

Metroid was first released in 1986. At first it was merely a game, yet another in the plethora released by the Nintendo Company. But as it gained success and of course notoriety, it grew in scope. Many of us had posters on our walls, and even played the game to no end, never knowing that the heroic avatar that was at the center of the game was actually female, but as the story developed, we were all made aware by the end. Metroid even has its own manga adaptation.

Now, after everything, where would we all be without Samus Aran, the galaxy's bravest bounty hunter.

We’ve dug up quite a few interesting facts about her story and how she came to be one of the most feared in all the universe, and of course the hero of this story.

20 She Was Orphaned After A Pirate Raid

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And of course this story starts with an abandonment of a child. Her start is as tragic as some in the most historic of stories, and we struggled with her as we learned of the raid that made her the orphan she'd turn out to be. It was a pirate raid and the events that followed would bring her forth and thus produce the hero we now have today.

19 She Was Adopted By The Chozo

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After the raid, Samus was adopted by the Chozo. While their etymology is unknown, the Chozo are a driving force in the game and their presence is an important one at that. They are considered to be wise beings, and their care of the abandoned child shows them to have been compassionate. It's their care, attention, and, of course, guidance that led Samus to become such a fearsome bounty hunter.

18 She Served Under Adam Malkovich In The Federation

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Much like Star Wars, or even Star Trek, Metroid has grown in scope, and its reach has traveled quite far. There are even talks of a film, and we don't know anyone who wouldn't be exited about that. And like all these other examples, Metroid's story is complex and multi-layered, and if you delve deeply into it, there's definitely much to learn, like how Samus trained with Adam Malkovich once she joined the Federation Police.

17 She Was Genetically Enhanced When She Was Young

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As we'll soon learn, our heroine here was in fact human, but in order to handle the conditions on another planet, she was enhanced... something which we all wish we could do, especially those of us who've always wanted to visit other galaxies. And while that still remains impossible, we can always live vicariously through our Samus over here.

16 She Was Originally From Earth Colony K-2L

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In the future, the Earth is extremely different. That's pretty obvious and we're expecting the word "duh" to appear in the comments, but we felt it necessary to mention, as in the reality that the game is based on, the Earth is separated into colonies, and Samus was from the specified colony. She had a proper way of life on Earth in her early childhood.

15 She Knew Her Parents Before Adoption

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In Samus' backstory, it has been noted that before the pirate raid that came to Earth Colony K-2L, she lived with her biological parents, Rodney and Virginia Aran. The story tells us that they were loving parents and this artwork by dananicoles depicts that beautifully. The fact that she had such an upbringing tells us so much about her character and where she ended up as a person without needing to say anything in-game.

Art by dananicoles.

14 The Colony Was Visited By The Chozo

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Apparently, the Earth colony she was born on was visited by the Chozo soon after the raid. It was on this trip and visit that they found the orphaned Samus, and good thing too. As a child left on an abandoned planet, anything could have happened to her. Fear of the unknown must have been a factor for both parties concerned.

13 She Caught The Attention Of Old Bird Early On

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Old Bird was a sage of the Chozo. Essentially all of the Chozo are wise beings, but really, it's in his name. What else would a dude named Old Bird be? So he took the role of teacher and imparted loads and loads of knowledge to the orphaned Samus. Many attribute his teachings to her success as a galactic heroine. All warriors need a teacher, no matter how awesome they are in their own right.

12 Her Infamous First Meeting With Ridley

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Ridley is a most ferocious character and one that can be definitely considered mortal enemy to our heroine over here. But at first, she mistook, or rather misinterpreted, his intentions. She actually asked Ridley if they could be friends at first, and there were some most terrible results that ensued...

11 She Was Infused With Chozo DNA

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When she was genetically enhanced, it was Chozo DNA Samus was infused with. This made it possible for her to live and breath outside of Earth, and this is a really important detail to have been made aware of. So many films and games rarely explain portions of the story like that, and here, the fan isn't left to wonder, and the scientific facts help us appreciate the lore of Metroid all that much more.

Art by Rocky Davies

10 Her Training Was Long & Arduous

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Like most galactic heroes such as Samus Aran, her training sure was tough, but she was pushed and treated like everybody else. There was no special treatment for her, and the tough love she was shown did her a world of good. She became classically epic, as the game proves. Many characters in this genre have undergone specific training. An example: Darth Vader. George Lucas released three films at the turn of the 21st century and all to show us how long it took to train Vader into a bonafide Sith Lord. It's not as easy as it looks.

Art by Jo.

9 A Showing Of Upmost Compassion

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At the beginning, when she was first taken in by the Chozo, they weren't all that sure that she'd be as great a warrior as she turned out to be. Interestingly enough, that all changed when they saw her interacting with a bunch of Lono Feria, and the compassion she showed them was what ultimately turned it around for the Chozo. After that moment, they believed in her potential. Amazing how an act of compassion can tell of a person's greatness in battle.

Art by DidiEsmeralda

8 A Vote Of Confidence

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Oftentimes, it is that vote of confidence form the wise sages in our lives that we need the most, especially when bounding out of the nest, trying to make it on our own. The same can be said of Samus, and once she was told by Old Bird himself that she had and would always have his confidence, she left the planet for the Federation and so began her epic journey. Kind of like a push, but a good one. There's nothing like it before embarking on those dark and terrible journeys.

7 She Excelled At The Academy

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And that's why she excelled. Of course that's not the only reason. She had tons of drive and willpower, and sometimes maybe a little too much, oftentimes being brash, making decisions too quickly, but that too makes a great and epic warrior. She was a great student and it didn't take her long to prove herself in her studies and training. Maybe it had something to do with that vote of confidence from Old Bird, eh?

6 A Promotion To The Star Trackers

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And as cinematic icon, Dwayne Johnson, always says: ''Hard work always pays.'' We'd say so. And we speak from experience, as it's hard work getting these articles researched, written, and edited, but it feels great when we see your awesome comments letting us know how we did. But like all of us, working towards a goal, Samus did just that. When she made it to the helm of what she was after, it must have felt great indeed.

5 A First Assignment Under Chief Hardy

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And with that promotion came a most dangerous assignment. She was to work under Chief Hardy, and if his cool name isn't enough to convince you of his prowess on the field of battle, just read up on the character further. You won't regret it. He was who led her on her first mission to the Planet of Jigrad.

4 An Attack Without Orders

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As we mentioned earlier, Samus could at times be brash. Not necessarily a loose cannon, but close. Oftentimes, it's a warrior's passion that will get them to act this way, and when it comes to Samus, she's got a lot of passion, that's for sure. She, Kreatz, and Mauk actually attacked without orders on a specific mission, which led to the imprisonment of a space pirate. So the outcome wasn't all that bad, but an attack without orders can sometimes be a recipe for disaster.

3 She Was A Prodigy

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At the end of the day, can we say that this little orphaned girl was a prodigy before it all began? Perhaps. There are many that would argue that she was trained to become the machine she is today, but others feel that there has to be something within a person, an innate essence that can only be ignited with proper training and guidance. As her story progressed, readers and gamers alike became privy to this fact.

2 Her Sadness & Anger ... A Most Powerful Weapon

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As we've mentioned, Samus showed passion many times during her upbringing and rise in the ranks, but what fueled all that passion? What made her try that hard at making it to where she desired to go? Well, many would argue that it was nothing more than the angst she felt when looking back on her sad and unfortunate past— essentially the loss of her loving parents. Such sadness is oftentimes all the fuel one needs.

1 Almost Lost Her Life Early On

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And she almost ceased to exist, and all before it began. So many stories start like that; it's an excellent recipe for writers, and trust us, as writers we know. But with this story, the simple fact that she escaped with her life intact after her first encounter with Ridley told us what to expect when it came to this incredible and awe-inspiring character we have come to love, respect, and cheer for.

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