Melissa McCarthy Kept The Stars Fed By Giving Out Ham Sandwiches At The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes are seen as a time where the entertainers of the world gather to view how well their peers did in the industry. Awards are given out to people who performed well during the year.

Melissa McCarthy is one of those people. She can entertain a wide variety of people but at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 6th, she was apparently handing out around forty ham sandwiches to those in attendance.

According to Us Magainze, she might have had a really good reason for handing out that food to everyone. You see, people who attend the Globes actually do get to consume some food but that is before the ceremony begins to prevent annoying noises from being heard on television. This results in some of the bigger stars, who get caught on the red carpet, either not having much to eat or simply not getting any food.


With that in mind, some of the fans of the smuggling operation run by McCarthy are Olivia Colman and Jessica Chastain.

This doesn't mean that she wasn't nominated for anything though, in fact, she managed to get a chance at Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama. What this shows the world is that she simply wanted to do something unique and cool during a fun time for her and those who work in the industry.

Ultimately, this proves that there is a need to perhaps even postpone the show to ensure everyone on the red carpet can eat. You see, if people like getting sandwiches to chow down on, they'd probably also enjoy if the ceremony had a more flexible eating policy. This would allow them to eat at any time, maybe even in a different room where it wouldn't create any noise pollution.

All in all, this was a very funny situation considering the character of Melissa but it's also something that is shedding light on an issue that not everyone would have ever known to begin with. But an important question to consider is will she ever be able to pull off a stunt like this in the future, especially considering all the attention she's gotten for doing it. Security might just double check her to be safe in the future.

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