Melissa Joan Hart Inspired Soleil Moon Frye's Healthy Lifestyle

Soleil Moon Frye credits her good friend Melissa Joan Hart for inspiring her to lead a healthier lifestyle.

In an interview with E! News the actress revealed that her struggle began after her third pregnancy, when she had difficulty losing the baby weight. However, it was not until after she had her fourth child in 2016 that she knew she had to embrace a healthier lifestyle. A year after the birth of her son Story, she debuted a new body while on vacation with her family revealing her 40 pound weight-loss.

Months after showing off her sleeker and slimmer body, the former Punky Brewster star is revealing she could not of done it without Hart’s help.

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"I called my good friend Melissa Joan Hart who I've grown up with my whole life and I was like, 'What do you do girl 'cause I need help! 'And she told me about Nutrisystem and I immediately ordered it." Frye shared.

Taking her good friend’s advice paid off for the busy mom. It not only kick started her journey to losing weight, but it put her on a path to a healthy life-style.

She is now also a big fan of Nutrisystem and will tell anyone to give it a chance. It is more than a weight-loss meal plan. It is a life-style. Plus she didn’t have to miss out on dinners with the family, which is one thing she was not willing to give up for weight loss.

“We’re a family we eat together. I’m losing weight the healthy way. I need to lead by example. I’m not going to starve myself in front of my kids.” she explained.

Soleil Moon Frye and Melissa Joan Hart have been best pals since they were five-years-old. In 2014 Hart partnered with Nutrisystem to help her achieve her weight loss goal. Years later she has kept the weight off and looks as good as she did as a teenager. She even showed off her amazing bod in a red bikini last year in ads for Nutrisystem.

The experts say having a friend help you on your journey to a healthier life-style can make all the difference. That is certainly true for Frye, she looks gorgeous!

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