Melatonin Could Become A Key Ingredient In Skincare (Here's Why)

Melatonin is often referred to as “the sleep hormone,” and doctors have known about the importance of melatonin for a long time. Today, more and more people are aware of melatonin and how it affects the body because it’s essential for quality sleep. Our bodies naturally begin to produce melatonin as evening rolls around—it’s the hormone that makes you start to feel tired after the sun sets. But today, the blue light emitted from our phones, tablets, and laptops can interfere with melatonin production, so many people purchase melatonin as a supplement to help them fall asleep if they have been up late working on the computer. But could there be other uses for this hormone?

As it turns out, melatonin is shaping up to be the hot new ingredient in the world of skincare. Did you know that your skin also produces melatonin, specifically at night while you sleep? It acts as an antioxidant—it helps prevent sun damage, and it also protects the DNA in your skin cells from the harmful effects of pollution. Furthermore, it promotes collagen production and neutralizes free radicals.


And the coolest part? It can even help reverse UV-induced sun damage before the effects begin to show. UV damage generally results in fine lines and dark spots over time.

One quick warning about products with melatonin listed as an active ingredient: if you are already dealing with hyperpigmentation and sun spots, it might be best to avoid them. Some research suggests that applying melatonin topically can make already existing dark spots worse. Melatonin is best used for anti-aging and as a skin protectant—it’s a preventative measure.

Try using melatonin products at night, giving them plenty of time to sink in and work their magic. One good option is the Isdinceutics Malatonik 3-in-1 Night Serum. You could also use sunscreen with melatonin as an ingredient to increase its protectiveness, such as the Dark Spot Sun Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen by Dr. Dennis Gross. Melatonin products are a bit pricey right now, but as it gets more popular as an ingredient, it may be incorporated into more affordable drugstore formulas.

Would you try a skincare product with melatonin? Let us know in the comments!

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