Meghan Markle Can Use Princess Diana's Nickname For The Queen

Meghan Markle is breaking another glass ceiling in the British Monarchy. One day after she charmed the socks off of crowds in Cheshire, where she traveled along with the Queen on her first official royal outing without Prince Harry, it was widely reported that the former Suits star was granted yet another honor.

It was revealed that the newly hailed Duchess of Sussex will soon be allowed to address the 92-year-old monarch with a term that is slightly less formal than the formidable “Your Majesty”, as The Independent reveals.

It’s a bit complicated, so pay attention!

Right now Meghan is expected to greet the Queen as “Your Majesty”, and curtsy every time they meet.

But in due course, she needs to get to nickname-basis. And in Meghan’s case, this will happen sooner than later.

Just like Princess Diana, the Duchess of Sussex will be expected to address her grandmother-in-law as “Ma’am”, thrown in the conversation as many times as possible in line with royal protocol.

However, as soon as she gets to know the Queen as well as Diana did, this will change again to the more intimate “Mama”, an unofficial term of endearment reserved only for the nearest and dearest. As a side note, she won’t be allowed to use the Queen’s pet name “Lilibet”, which is rightfully only reserved for close family members, and a few dear friends.

It looks like that overnight one-on-one train journey to Cheshire was a great opportunity for some quality gal time. Looking at the photos of Thursday’s event, it’s obvious that the two women are now very chummy. Donning an elegant Givenchy pencil dress, Markle is seen exchanging happy smiles with a jolly-looking Queen, who is dressed in a bright green outfit.

All in all, the pair look like they get along wonderfully, and it appears as though the Queen’s confidence in the former actress increases by the day.

Granted, it might sound a bit weird to call your grandmother-in-law “Mama”, (especially if you’re American-born like Meghan) but so far, the 36-year-old’s commitment to royal life has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.


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