Meghan Markle's Fun And Floral Baby Shower Activity

Meghan Markle's NYC baby shower activity

Meghan Markle was recently in New York City celebrating her first of two baby showers, with all of her friends from the U.S. and Canada. The baby shower was planned by Serena Williams, and the tennis star made sure to include all of Meghan's favorite things making it a truly memorable event for the mother-to-be. The Duchess of Sussex is reportedly due late April, so this was the last chance she had to travel to The States before the baby comes.

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Serena kept the baby shower pretty relaxed with not too many activities party games going on, but there was one activity which will most likely inspire all baby showers to come this year, which was a flower arrangement session. The baby shower was held at the penthouse suite at the Mark Hotel, a gorgeous duplex with stunning views over Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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As reported by Elle, Meghan's baby shower was a classy, elegant event with soft jazz music playing in the background as guests were enjoying the food from Mark Hotel's Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The Duchess of Sussex has previously revealed that she and Prince Harry wants to keep the baby's gender a surprise, so there was no pink or blue theme or gender reveal at the baby shower.

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Large amounts of flowers were seen to be brought to the suite, both for the decoration and for the floral arrangement session, and ET Online reports that all of the ladies' final bouquets were donated to the organization Repeat Roses, who give flowers to charities. Repeat Roses shared took to their Instagram to share to which NYC organizations they had given the floral arrangements they received from Meghan's baby shower; Ronald McDonald House New York, Hope Lodge NYC, and Unique People. All three organizations also shared the flower arrangements they had received, expressing how much joy they had spread.

While some voices are saying that donating flowers is the least Meghan could do after spending $200,000 on her baby shower, it was, however, Serena Williams who picked up the tab. Perhaps it is best focusing on the positive, the flowers put a smile on so many people's faces, and Meghan helped to spread the word about Repeat Roses and what they are doing.

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