Meghan Markle's Former Costar Has A Wedding Gift Picked Out That "She's Gonna Need"

You would think that inviting a good friend and costar to your wedding would be a no-brainer, right? But when it comes to Patrick J. Adams, former costar to retired actress Meghan Markle, he's not so sure if he and his potential plus one, his wife and fellow actress Troian Bellisario, are on the invite list.

But then again, this is not your average celebrity wedding with a star-studded invite list. Markle is a future royal as she is set to marry Prince Harry on May 19th, and as such, their wedding attendees must be carefully handpicked with no offense meant to Adams or his wife.


Adams seemed to be very understanding of the situation and he didn't say that he wasn't invited. He just declined to say either way. What he was happy to talk about was the gift he and his wife had all picked out for his friend and former co-star.

“We were trying to choose between like a blender or bread maker. You know something classy, like a good blender,” Adams told an Entertainment Tonight host on the red carpet. His wife agreed with his suggestions and Adams added, “She’s gonna need a Vitamix for sure.”


Of course, Adams and his wife were joking because while a Vitamix is a thought of as a highly desirable wedding gift for us normals, certainly, Markle will have a team of nutritionists and chefs at her disposal and will not need any of the typical wedding gifts for which most new brides and grooms wish.

Actually, Kensington Palace recently released a tweet stating that Prince Harry and Markle have officially requested that in lieu of wedding gifts, well-wishers donate to a list of seven handpicked charities that the engaged couple has carefully chosen.

Adams joked that the Vitamix intended for Markle and her future hubby will make it to Kensington Palace whether he's invited or not. We hope he gets to attend the royal wedding, but as far as wedding gifts go, he and his wife will most likely make a caring donation to help celebrate the union of his pal and her prince.

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