Meghan Markle Accidentally Breaks Royal Protocol (In The Nicest Way)

Meghan Markle seems to have accidentally broken Royal protocol.

The Suits star set to marry Prince Harry come this May hasn’t yet grasped all the rules that come with joining the Royal Family. Prince Harry and Markle stepped out to greet the eager crowds outside Cardiff Castle in Wales on Thursday, January 18, 2018. The Prince and Meghan were all smiles when approaching the crowd who were attempting to grab a shot of the couple. One girl, in particular, 10-year-old Caitlin Clark, asked Meghan for an autograph and behold she did what she has always done for her fans and signed!

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This is the very moment where Meghan Markle unknowingly broke Royal protocol. But how so? It turns out, every member of the Royal Family, from the Queen herself, to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, is all barred from ever giving out an autograph. According to Travel & Leisure, this protocol is set in order to protect the family and help from people ever forging their signatures. So if you ever want an autograph from Queen Elizabeth I, then you better get bidding on a 1599 original worth nearly $30,000.

In the past, Prince William himself has been known to respond to an autograph request by saying “Sorry, they don’t allow me to”, which is often the answer you’ll get. According to People, in any situation where a current member of the Royal Family is asked for an autograph and we're sure it happens often enough, the response you’ll usually get is a polite no. Along with Meghan’s autograph, to which she wrote “Hi Kaitlin”, spelling the young girls name wrong, she also kindly posed for a selfie with one of her admirers.

Crowd members who were lucky enough to meet the 36-year-old described her nothing short of “beautiful”. They said that Meghan was “so welcoming and easy with the crowd”. Seems like she’s a natural! Considering Meghan is not a Royal just yet, now is the time to snag a signature from the Royal to be before she’ll truly be breaking the rules.

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