Meghan Markle Ends Her Australian Tour In A Completely See-Through Skirt

Nicknamed “Di 2”, Meghan Markle is quickly living up to her reputation as the biggest style icon in the British Royal family since Diana.

Wrapping up her Australian tour, the Duchess of Sussex wore a completely see-through skirt that emulated Lady D’s memorable silhouette picture. For those of you who don’t know the story, we are referring to the iconic photo of then-nineteen-year-old Diana, posing as a nursery school assistant with two small children under her care. As the sun comes out, the camera captures Diana’s gorgeous legs under her sheer skirt.

The Duchess of Sussex greeted well-wishers in Rotorua in a blue sweater and a spectacular pleated sheer skirt created by her favorite designer, Givenchy. She matched the outfit with a pair of her signature blue stiletto heels. While she stood with her back to the cameras, photographers couldn’t take their eyes off her perky silhouette, which was perfectly visible under the skirt. In some other pictures where there’s no direct sunlight, however, it is hard to tell if this is Meghan’s underwear we are seeing, or if it is just an optical illusion, courtesy of Givenchy.

One thing is certain. Fashion genius Meghan has done it again, and with this slight "wardrobe malfunction", she has just added more items on our fashion wish list. Because, seriously, who doesn’t like a Lady D skirt moment?

Sure, this wasn’t an impromptu wardrobe malfunction (like last week, for example, when she stepped off the plane in Tonga in a brand new red dress, unaware that its tag was hanging out). But it was paying the perfect stylistic tribute to her late mother-in-law, whose diamonds she proudly wears on her frequent royal engagements.

During the last 16 days, the former actress has been making daily headlines Down Under with her “woke” wardrobe, that included among others a cool Oscar de la Renta gown decorated with birds to an elegant Martin Grant green and white striped dress. Her fashion choices have been mesmerizing, to say the least. What better way to end the tour than a drop of Diana nostalgia, before she and Harry fly back to England for a well-deserved rest.

We also need a rest from stalking Harry and Meghan on a daily basis, and honestly some time to recover from all the fashion storm.


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