Meghan Markle And 15 Other Royal Members' Net Worth Revealed

When we think of the word "royalty," the first thing that comes to mind is enormous wealth. Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses are all inexorably linked to gold palaces, beautiful jewels, crowns, and of course elaborate thrones. In the past, the royal family was definitely the "one percent" of the United Kingdom. Most of the wealth was concentrated firmly in the hands of the aristocrats, and the peasants were left to wallow in the mires of their own poverty. Today, things have changed a lot - and the royal family is neither as powerful or as wealthy as it once was. As reported by the Daily Mail in 2015, the fact that Buckingham Palace is essentially falling apart and in dire need of renovations perfectly illustrates the fact that the royal family is not what it once was.

But the royal family is still incredibly wealthy. Billions of dollars lie in the hands of the various royal family members, and it might surprise you to learn how rich some of these people really are. Although there are certainly people who are wealthier on this Earth today, the overall estate of the Windsor family is still nothing to look down upon. Here are 16 Royals who have impressive net worths...

16 Meghan Markle Has A Net Worth Of About Five Million Dollars


Meghan Markle has been one of the central figures in the Royal Family - although technically she's not actually part of the family. She's pretty much-certified royalty though, with her wedding to Prince Harry fast approaching. This American born woman represents perhaps an even bigger change to the Royal tradition than Kate Middleton did when she married Prince William. She has a past career in acting and has appeared in television shows such as Suits in the past. But of this woman's net worth? How much money is she bringing to the royal table?

You would be right to assume that Meghan Markle has the smallest net worth of all of the royal family members, but it's still nothing to scoff at.

As Time reports, Markle's past as an actress has generated her a significant amount of money, and her net worth is estimated to be around the $5 Million mark. According to Fortune, the actress earned $50,000 per episode with her performances on the show Suits, bringing her annual income to an estimated $450,000 a year. She has also acted in other roles throughout her acting career. Although she will stop acting after she gets married, her future expenses will be paid for by the Duchy Of Cornwall, as Time reports.

15 Kate Middleton Has A Net Worth Of Approximately $10 Million


We all know Kate Middleton by now, and although she was previously seen as a newcomer and possibly an outsider to the royal family, she is now very well settled into the royal life. Lately, she has been all over the news, as she's just given birth to her third child with Prince William, a son whose name (at the time this article was written) is yet to be revealed, according to the Express. She's been involved in royal engagements for quite some time now, and along with her husband, she is expected to be a major royal figure in the future - she might even be queen.

As Time reports, Kate Middleton may be a "commoner," (and the first one to marry into the royal family in recent times) but she is anything but poor. Even before she married Prince William, she enjoyed quite a privileged life, the daughter of two millionaire entrepreneurs who made their fortune through an online shopping business. As Meghan Markle will soon find out, after marriage Kate was expected to join her husband in royal duties, and have all her expenses paid for by the royal family. Time predicts that she will probably one day inherit part of her parents' fortune, along with her two siblings.

14 Prince Philip Has A Respectable Net Worth Of $30 Million


Prince Philip is the husband of the queen, and is considered her "consort," which is not the same as a king. He is one of the most interesting royals around, and is known for his down to Earth speaking style, and questionable puns and comments when on royal tours with Queen Elizabeth. He recently retired after 65 years of service, according to an article by CNN, and will no longer be taking care of royal duties alongside his wife, the Queen. This comes after the Prince was admitted to a hospital as a precautionary measure, as reported by Time. Prince Philip is now 96 years old.

So what about his net worth? According to Time, Cheatsheet and Reader's Digest, the Prince has an estimated net worth of $30 million.

According to the 2018 article by Time, the Prince once joked that he was the “world’s most expensive plaque-unveiler.”

Like many of the royals who still perform royal duties, the Prince receives an income of about $500,000 a year, in order to carry out his royal duties. It is unclear whether or not Prince Philip still receives this income after his retirement, but with at least a few million in the bank (and one of the wealthiest women in the world as his bride), he's probably not pressed for cash.

13 Prince Harry Has Anywhere From $25 Million To $45 Million


The lasted groom-to-be, and the subject of continuous media attention since his very birth, Prince Harry has remained a huge part of the royal family for countless years. The youngest son of Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana, Prince Harry does not have the same kind of responsibilities as his elder sibling, Prince William. In many cases, a younger son such as him in a royal family is referred to half-jokingly as the "spare." Prince Harry will, of course, marry Meghan Markle very soon, and he will join his elder brother in the ranks of happily married men.

But what about Prince Harry's net worth? Well, unlike many of the royal family members we often talk about,

Prince Harry actually had a real job!

Although he's no longer in the British Armed Forces, he once became a fully-fledged helicopter pilot for the Army Air Corps, and according to Forbes, he raked in about $53,000 a year for his services.But the bulk of his fortune, according to Fortune, comes from his inheritance money from his late mother, Diana. It is estimated that on his 30th birthday, Prince Harry inherited over $13 million, and continues to generate an annual income from an allowance from the Duchy Of Cornwall.

12 Prince William Has A Similar Net Worth To Prince Harry


Prince William is another beloved member of the royal family, and he's just recently been pronounced a proud father of another royal baby, according to the Express. He's a prince who has stayed out controversy for almost his entire life, and is considered by many to be a model example of how a Prince should act. He is the eldest son of Prince Charles, and as such he will inherit the throne after Prince Charles steps down or abdicates. Because of Prince Charles' old age, most of us are likely to see Prince William ascend to the throne within our very lifetimes - an exciting prospect to say the least.

As one of the most prominent princes in the royal family, you would expect Prince William to have a sizable net worth. In both the case of his finances and his past career, Prince William is very similar to his younger brother. Like Harry, Prince William did in fact once have a real job - Time reports that he drew an annual salary of about $62,000 a year for his work as an East Anglian Air Ambulance pilot. He also inherited a similar amount of money from Princess Diana when he turned 30. Interestingly, Forbes reports that both Harry and William started receiving dividends of about $450,000 a year from their late mother after turning 25. This is in addition to their allowances from the Duchy of Cornwall.

11 Prince Charles Has An Impressive Net Worth Of $400 Million


Prince Charles has been one of the most prominent members of the royal family for many years now, and although he probably doesn't get as much media attention as his younger sons and their wives, he is undoubtedly one of the most important men in the royal family. The is primarily because it is Prince Charles who stands to inherit the throne after the Queen retires or abdicates the throne. Although he is set to take the throne at some point in his life, at his current age he won't have a very long reign as king. The Queen is the oldest living British monarch in history, and the longest-reigning monarch in British history, meaning that Prince Charles is also the longest-serving heir apparent in British royal history by extension.

Although he doesn't yet have a crown, Prince Charles has amassed an incredible fortune over the course of his life.

As Time reports, His net worth is estimated to be around $400 million, and this comes from a range of sources. But the majority of the Prince's income is generated through the Duchy of Cornwall, according to that same article by Time. But just what exactly is the Duchy of Cornwall. As the article explains, it's a private estate that was originally set up by Edward II in 1337 to provide an income for future Princes Of Wales (a title which Charles holds). Talk about old money...

10 The Queen Tops Charles With A Net Worth Of $530 Million


Of course, this article wouldn't be complete without the addition of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. This queen has been on the throne for what seems like an eternity, and although she is 91 years old, she really shows no signs of stepping down. However, According to a number of articles, including a few from the Express, the Queen is demanding more and more of her descendants to take more and more royal duties to lessen her load. People who have stepped up to take on more royal duties include Prince William and Kate, and most notably her heir, Prince Charles. Some have interpreted this as a sign that the Queen will soon step down.

According to Time, the queen's wealth is estimated to be around $530 million. This comes from information gathered by a global wealth insight film called Wealth-X. So where does that money all come from? As Time reports, there are three main sources. The first is a percentage of the profits generated by the Crown Estate, which is basically a type of corporation that is in part owned by the Queen, and in part by the British Government. The Crown Estate generated almost $460 million in the 2016-2017 year, as stated on the Crown Estate's official website. The Queen also generates money from the Duchy of Lancaster, and also owns significant Real Estate holdings.

9 Prince George Is Said To Be Worth $3.6 Billion


Prince George is the oldest son and child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and he seems to be having a pretty amazing life. He was obviously the subject of tons of media attention when he was born, just as his younger brother is now receiving the same attention. As the eldest son, Prince George is significantly high up in the ladder of success, and should his father take the throne, he would become the heir apparent to the British throne. It is more than likely that this young boy will one day become the king of England, and that is a huge reason why people are so obsessed with him.

But have ever wondered what the net worth of a 4-year old royal child could possibly be? Well, hold onto your hats, because this young Prince is apparently worth $3.6 Billion dollars, according to Readers Digest.

But before you spit your coffee all over your laptop, you might want to hear the actual facts. It's not like Prince George actually has that money in his account.

It's his estimated value to the UK Economy. It's all about branding, you see. Time reports that their "net worth" is actually the amount of economic activity they will "inspire," according to a report by Brand Finance. You may also be interested to know that the above picture shows Prince George in a school uniform worth over $500, according to an article by Time.

8 Princess Charlotte Is Worth A Whopping $5 Billion


With the birth of Prince William and Kate's newest child, Princess Charlotte is no longer their youngest child - although she is still the only girl. And as CNN reports, with the birth of her younger brother, she's just been the first ever royal family member to do something quite historical. The previous laws of succession meant that Princess Charlotte would have been "demoted" in the line of succession to behind her newly born brother, even though she's older than him. This is because she is a girl and he is a boy, although, with the new rules in place, she becomes the first princess to keep her place in the line of succession, even with a younger brother.

But what about her net worth? Well, if you thought Prince George's net worth was shocking, just wait till you hear this one.

The same branding valuation company, Brand Finance, has assessed this princess' net worth at a whopping $5 billion, theoretically making her the most valuable member of the royal family.

If you're having trouble figuring out how all this works, just consider this example given by Reader's Digest: When Princess Charlotte (aged 2), was seen wearing a particular yellow cardigan, that same cardigan sold out across Britain in a popular department store. Now can you see the effect and "value" these children have on the British economy?

7 Lady Amelia Is Set To Be A Millionaire


Lady Amelia is one of the most popular members of the royal family, although she is still only 36th in line to inherit the throne. Amelia Windsor has been dubbed "The Most Beautiful Royal" by Tatler, and she was also called "Britain's Most Daringly Dressed Royal," by Harper's Bazaar. Both are titles that are admittedly quite fitting to this member of the Windsor family, as the young woman is both an accomplished model and a keen participant in the fashion industry in general. She is known for her surprisingly revealing Instagram page, in which she shares intimate details of her life and certain moments that you would not expect a member of the royal family to reveal.

Lady Amelia is not high enough in the line of succession to receive an allowance from the Royal Estates, such as the Duchy Of Cornwall, but that doesn't mean the royal isn't making good money in the fashion industry. As reported by the Daily Mail, Lady Amelia is already an established model, and experts in the branding business suspect that she is capable of making over $1 million each year through branding deals and collaborations. But as these experts also point out, Lady Amelia is probably going to be very selective over who she chooses to partner up with, which would then push her brand value up even further.

6 Prince Andrew Commands Significant Wealth


Prince Andrew is another one of the lesser known royals, although he is actually quite high up in the line of succession. He is the second son of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, and he's also the younger brother of Prince Charles. Although you don't hear too much about him these days, he has had his fair share of media attention, especially when he married and subsequently divorced Sarah Ferguson. There have been a few other controversies that have surrounded this prince, as explained in a 2011 article by the BBC - including a connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

So what is the net worth of this prince? Well, as reported by a 2018 article by Cheat Sheet, the royal's wealth stands at an estimated figure of $75 million. The article quotes a previous assessment by the consultancy firm Wealth-X made back in 2012.

The article goes on to claim that most of his money comes from a trust fund set up in his name, similar to Prince Charles and other royals already listed.

In addition, he receives a yearly stipend from the Queen in the amount of about $400,000, as noted by Cheat Sheet. The article also points out that Prince Andrew actually has a past career in the Navy, and he receives a pension for his services. He actually saw combat in the Falklands War.

5 Prince Edward, Duke Of Kent Is One Of The Poorest Royals


Everyone always forgets about Prince Edward, Duke Of Kent. Even though he often gets swept under the rug when it comes to media buzz and gossip, the Queen herself reportedly has enormous admiration for the royal, according to an article by Express. At 80 years old, he is one of the hardest workers in the Royal Family, and the Express calls him an "unsung hero" of the Windsor clan. The article goes on to point out that the Queen loves and admires him because of his ability to carry out as many engagements as possible during his many tours to other nations, and he is apparently very reliable.

So what is this royal's net worth? The blog Royal Spendor alleges that he one of the poorest members of the immediate royal family, and claims that Prince Edward himself freely admits this fact. However, "poor" is a very relative term, as the Duke of Kent is still worth about $10 million in total. According to the blog, the Prince receives $400,00 a year in return for fulfilling his royal duties which is so well-known for. In addition, he is also an ex-military man, so he receives a pension from the British Army. The majority of the family's wealth is said to be tied to jewels.

4 Prince Edward, Earl Of Wessex Has A Net Worth Of $45 Million


Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, is yet another Prince Edward on this list, and not to be confused with the previously mentioned Prince Edward, Duke Of Kent. But as you can see, it would be very difficult to confuse these two, as the Earl Of Wessex is much younger than the Duke of Kent. But just who is this royal? He's actually the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, and brother to both Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, who have already been mentioned. So why is Prince Edward an Earl and not a Duke? This is a question that was explored in an article by Royal Central, and there are many theories. Some say he just likes the sound of Earl better than Duke. Others say he is waiting to inherit the Dukedom of Edinburgh from his father, Philip when he passes.

But what is the net worth of this famous royal Earl? As the child of the Queen herself, you might expect him to be holding some significant wealth.

And make no mistake, the Earl Of Wessex does have a pretty impressive net worth, at an estimated sum of $45 million. This is according to Cheat Sheet, who in turn cite a report by Wealth-X. His income is generated from a wage given by the Queen, via the Crown Estate, and both he and his wife are full-time royals with their fair share of royal duties.

3 Zara Tindall Is Worth About $20 Million


Zara Tindall is definitely one of the most interesting members of the royal family, and she's one of the most prominent figures in the public eye. Before her marriage, she was known as Zara Phillips, and she's a huge name in the world of equestrian sports. She is also the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, and she is allegedly one of the monarch's favorite grandchildren, according to a report by the Sun. The article also points out that although we've all been obsessing over Kate Middleton's birth in recent days, she too is set to have a child in the coming months, sometime this summer of 2018. The Sun also reminds us that Zara Tindall is an Olympic level equestrian, having won an Olympic silver medal in her past.

So what is the net worth of this interesting and active royal? Zara Phillips might not be as high-ranking as some of the other members of the family we've already mentioned, but she does have a sizable amount of wealth to her name. As Cheat Sheet reports, the granddaughter of the Queen has an impressive $20 million to her name, and she has earned this primarily through many entrepreneurial ventures, such as her own line of jewelry, which reportedly earned her millions.

2 Princess Eugenie And Beatrice Are Both Worth About $5 Million


Since the arrival of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle (and to some extent Lady Amelia), these two princesses were the most talked about women in the royal family, and the tabloids gave them tons of attention at a certain point in history. But lately, you hardly ever hear about these two princesses, something that is allegedly causing something of a stir within the royal circle. According to Cosmopolitan, Princess Eugenie had to actually postpone her own wedding date because of potential conflicts with Harry and Meghan Markle's own union and subsequent royal tours, something that the media is talking a lot about.

But how rich are Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, and what is their overall net worth? As Cheat Sheet notes,

the two do not receive an allowance from an estate such as the Duchess of Cornwall or the Crown Estate, but they do generate significant income from a few trust funds set up in their name.

In addition, the two Princesses are well looked after by their father, Prince Andrew, who has always ensured their well being. One of the perks of being in the royal family is living rent-free, and these two royal women have their rent paid for by their father, Prince Andrew.

1 Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall Is Also Worth About $5 Million


Last on the list is one of the most famous women in the entire royal family, Camilla. She is the wife of Prince Charles, and the Duchess of Cornwall, and she's been a central part of the royal family for many years now. She famously married Prince Charles in 2005, who had previously divorced Princess Diana (who later mysteriously died in freak car accident). Because of the circumstances of this marriage, Camilla has been a slightly controversial figure in the past. When Kate's new baby boy was born, she and her husband released a joint statement on Twitter, which read:  “We are both so pleased at the news. It is a great joy to have another grandchild, the only trouble is I don’t know how I am going to keep up with them.”

So how much money does this royal figure have to her name? As Cheat Sheet reports, the Duchess of Cornwall has a net worth of about $5 million dollars - the same as Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and Meghan Markle. This money is generated from her real estate holdings, as she is reported to have owned a house worth $2.5 million when she married Prince Charles. In addition, she receives a stipend from the Duchy of Cornwall, in the same way as many of the other royals already listed.

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