Meet Camila Morrone: 20 Things To Know About The Girl Who Snagged Leo DiCaprio's Heart

Leonardo DiCaprio's dating portfolio is almost as impressive as his career resume. It mostly seems to be the Victoria's Secret catalog — hey, every guy has his type. Ultra high-profile relationships have seen Leo arm-in-arm with supermodels like Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli, but something's changed.

Camila Morrone is the 21-year-old American-Argentine model and actress who has taken this player and turned him into a completely different person. No, really. The yacht parties with 70 models are gone. The former Casanova has been replaced with a ducker and diver who seems to only have eyes for one girl.

Hands up who knows anything about her. As Leo and Camila approach one year together (and rumors of an engagement drive the media nuts), it's probably time we learned about this girl.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a man who likes his models. He likes them tall, leggy, exotic, and "open-minded." Leo reportedly "keeps everyone's number" in case they're in town. At least, he used to. With only 1.5 million Instagram followers, Camila is no Bella Hadid or Hailey Baldwin. There's a lot more to her than you think, though. Now closer than ever, these two might just make it. Here are 20 things to know about Camila Morrone, the one girl who may just have snagged Leo's heart for good.

20 You Have Got To Be Kidding Us

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Seriously? We sat there slaving away for hours to recreate the #InstaModel look, and you're telling us that Leonardo DiCaprio is dating the biggest #GirlNextDoor ever? Straight from Camila's IG, here is the girl that our Titanic heartthrob just can't get enough of.

Leo and Camila officially met in 2017 in South Beach, FL. That quickly turned into cozying up at Coachella and Leo feeding her pizza at Rihanna's parties.

We do know that Camila fits Leo's basic criteria: "Leo only dates women who are 20 to 25 years of age," Slate reported in 2016. Gisele Bundchen, Toni Garrn, Bar Refaeli, Naomi Campbell, Erin Heatherton, and Blake Lively were all under 25.

19 Guess Not

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With no $600 million yacht, no overflowing beverages, and not another model in sight, we're almost wondering if this is Leo. In 2017, Camila and Leo made a super low-key appearance in NYC's West Village. They wore matching white tees, super-casual cargos, and yes, they held hands.

Matching is a big deal for Leo. In 2017, Leo and Tobey Maguire both wore matching denim bomber jackets. Three years earlier, they wore matching suits for The Great Gatsby premiere. Definitely not a "bromance," here is Leo looking happily relaxed with the girl that he seems to have fallen head over heels for. They did meet Hailey Baldwin for dinner after this, though.

18 Al Pacino Is Her Stepfather

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And it just about starts to make sense. The Hollywood circle is small, and it gets even smaller with this girl. Al Pacino is basically the kinds of #actinggoals that Leo could only aspire to. When The Godfather turns into the stepfather though, you need to watch your step.

Al Pacino has warned Leo "not to hurt his stepdaughter." Talk to the hand just isn't going to be an option for Leo.

Camila's mom, Lucila Sola dated the 78 year-old actor for around three years, until reports surfaced that Al was dating a much younger woman. Camila has connections that blow Gisele and Blake Lively out the water.

17 Kendall, Hailey, And Kaia Gerba Are Her Squad

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This girl keeps on the DL, but Camila's circle is anything but basic. While Camila wears more clothing than Kendall, Hailey, Bella, and Gigi combined, she's somehow outdoing them. Justin Bieber? Okay, fair enough. That's some achievement. Leo DiCaprio, though? #Goals.

Camila was doing Victoria's Secret back in 2016. Here she is with Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Kaia Gerber. Hailey makes the most appearances on Camila's IG. Surrounding yourself with supermodels 24/7 isn't Camila's jam, though. This former lifestyle blogger prefers to fill her feed with cute cafes and tasty treats than endless selfies.

16 "My Dad Was Doing Versace Before Ya'll Were Born"

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What, a girl can't have a bit of an attitude? Camila was basically a blank space until she hooked up with Leo. This girl has her own cred, though. Despite only being 21, Camila has already modelled for the 2016 Victoria's Secret lookbook, plus this pic (which got captioned @chanel).

Camila's 1.5 million Instagram followers have also gotten some pretty epic throwbacks of her dad's modelling days.

"My dad was doing Versace before ya'll were born," she wrote. Camila comes with her own squad, though. She's no Kendall Jenner, but she was with Kendall and Bella on that VS Bahamas trip.

15 "I Can Eat Cheese Pizza Like Nobody's Business"

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And she isn't kidding. The modelling industry has its reputation — "models [living] off carrot sticks" being the biggest stereotype. You only need to look at this girl's appetite to see that times have changed. Much like Bella and Gigi Hadid, Camila is chowing down on the cheese pizza like a pro.

"Pasta at Jon & Vinny's in LA — I can eat cheese pizza like nobody's business," Camila told Vogue. "I'm a total foodie. That's why I work out."

Bar Pitti was another favorite that Camila listed — Kendall Jenner eats there all the time. Camila didn't hold back with Vogue, adding that cookies, cactus tacos, and mozzarella balls are all favorites.

14 She Has Known Leo Over Half Her Life

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Talk about going way back. Long before Leo was feeding Camila pizza at RiRi's parties, these two had a different kind of friendship. Leo is now 43 years old. Before his career had even taken off, though, Leo had already clapped eyes on this girl.

Camila and Leo are "family friends," according to The Daily Mail. Camila hasn't spoken out on when she started having a thing for Leo — um, forever, like the rest of us? If she did though, that must've been some battle. The girls that Camila knew she was up against? Supermodel royalty like Naomi Campbell and Gisele, not to mention Blake Lively.

13 "I Don't Have A Car, Yesterday I Walked Six Miles"

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Camila actually started laughing while she was speaking to Vogue. After outlining her love of pizza and pasta, Camila admitted: "I have to work out, to balance it off."

"I walk everywhere," Camila told Vogue. "I don't have a car. My phone tells me how much I walk. Yesterday I walked six miles."

Speaking about the health app on her phone, Camila said that in NYC, she can walk 6 miles a day. "Then I compare it to LA, where I walked 0.01 [laughs]. My movements in LA are minimal. It takes two steps to get anywhere. Survival of the Fittest 90210."

12 She Slammed Leo's Movie On Her Own Blog

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Camila's modelling and acting careers are rising, but the early days were spent as a lifestyle blogger. In 2015, Camila posted her own review of Leo's The Revenant. This was before they were dating (and before Leo finally won his Oscar).

"I'm a huge Leo and Tom Hardy fan, but Revenant was overly hyped up, and by the time I saw it, I wasn't too impressed," she wrote on her lifestyle blog.

She did, however, call Leo's acting abilities "beyond amazing." Fans largely agree that Leo more than merited his Oscar. Camila remains off the red carpet, though. She doesn't attend premieres with Leo, although she was spotted at Ellen DeGeneres' 50th birthday bash.

11 But Correctly Predicted His Oscar Win

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You might believe in small signs, you might not. Predicting somebody's future isn't the easiest thing to do, especially when you have barely any contact with them. In 2015, Camila was still a teenager. Like the rest of us, she watched The Revenant.

After calling the movie itself "overhyped," Camila added: "Maybe it throws your judgment off when people speak so highly about it something. Leo and Tom Hardy's acting was beyond amazing. This may be the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins an Oscar!"

With Al Pacino as a stepfather though, remember that Camila's views are unlikely to be based on looks alone. *Alternative via IG*

10 Are Other Models Side-Eyeing Her?

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Being a leggy model used to be the magic key into Leo's life. "Over 70 models" is what The Sun reported was Leo's "entourage" during one of his yacht parties. Lily Aldrige even said, "Yeah, he likes models." The competition must be stiff. Somehow, Leo hasn't gone for Emily Ratajkowski or Kendall Jenner. He's picked the girl who stays home in soccer shirts and eats pizza.

In October 2017, Leo was spotted with the 29-year-old Ukrainian model, Alina Baikova. She joined Leo and Tobey Maguire, but Leo didn't seem interested in her. Everything about those dagger eyes is saying: #Jealous.

9 "I've Never Been On A Date"

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You'd expect Leo's lady to lead the high life. In 2018, Camila and Leo were papped grocery shopping in Century City, CA. While their NYC outing ended in a group dinner with Hailey Baldwin, Camila told People that she's "never been on a date."

"Once you're dating already, then you go to dinner. But I've never been on like a 'I'm getting dressed up for a date. Pick you up at 7,'" Camila said.

"I had a boyfriend when I was 15, out of high school," she added, saying that she dated two guys for a "very long time." Leo and Camila have now been together nearly one year.

8 "My Mom Never Let Me Touch My Brows"

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Full brows are so in right now. Hailey Baldwin looks like she's never seen a pair of tweezers in her life. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are using Anastasia Beverly Hills products to thicken their brows — leaving them natural is the biggest 180 we've seen in beauty.

"You have good brows," Vogue said to Camila during her 2016 interview. "My mom never let me [touch] them," Camila replied. "My friend, the makeup artist, is really good at creating brows that don't exist." After receiving endless questions on how to get beachy hair, Camila turned her lifestyle blog into a YouTube tutorial channel.

7 Hollywood Is Already Casting Her

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Camila landed her first major role in the 2018 movie, Death Wish. She stars alongside Bruce Willis, Breaking Bad's Dean Norris, and Daredevil's Vincent D'Onofrio.

"I stopped modelling to focus on acting a year and a half ago," Camila said. "I was always doing theater and auditions and commercials, and it was kind of a stepping stone."

Speaking to WWD, Camila said: "After this, I'm going to finish a movie called Valley Girl. I'm just opening and closing the movie with Alicia Silverstone and that's it. I was just completely geeking out 'cause she is, you know, Cher from Clueless!"

6 She Actually Posts Double-Chin Selfies

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This is literally unreal. The girl who is dating Leonardo DiCaprio is posting selfies of herself at the least-flattering angle possible?! For all the hours we've spent perfecting that selfie, thinking, "No, wait. Maybe the lighting here is bad. Should I be closer to the window?" This girl lies in bed, pulls out her phone, takes this, and captions it: "Opens front camera."

Camila's IG is like the biggest #NoMakeUp ever. In some posts, she's wearing overalls and hanging out on Montana farms. In others, she's walking the streets of Paris eating gelato. This one kind of beats them all, though.

5 Even The Hailey Baldwin Selfies "Aren't About Her"

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This is where it all starts to make sense. "Humility" and "not a lot of drama" are two things that Leo looks for in a woman. So, no Ariana Grande or Kylie Jenner for him. This pic of Camila with Hailey might show a BFF friendship, but it's showing us two very different people.

Take a look at Hailey. There's a touch of the "it's about me" vibe. Camila? She isn't even looking at the camera. Leo's previous girlfriend, Nina Agdal told Vogue, "Natural is better." Leo isn't interested in a high-maintenance girl (or her Sephora shopping trips). Camila seems to fit the bill.

4 She Is Less Established Than Leo's Previous Girlfriends

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Up until today, had you even heard of Camila Morrone? And if you had, how much did you know about her? Camila might be bursting onto the Hollywood scene, but she's way less famous that Leo's previous ladies. Let's see. Naomi Campbell? Hello, major supermodel. Gisele Bundchen? Hi, Victoria's Secret.

Leo has also dated Gossip Girl's Blake Lively, Bar Refaeli, Eva Herzigova, Toni Garn, and the Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal. Camila has fronted the odd Vogue cover, but she's a minor face compared to these girls. Perhaps, just perhaps, Leo didn't want a giant famous face for a girlfriend?

3 She Also Wears More Clothes Than Most Of Them

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If you aren't too happy with your boyfriend following Kendall Jenner on Instagram, that might have something to do with the clothing Kendall chooses to wear (or not). Instagram has become the easiest way to flaunt your designer outfits, but these girls are sending a different message – how not to wear your clothes.

Camila's IG is mostly something that your 12-year-old sister could look at without you worrying. There's the odd sultry shot of Camila wrapped up in bed sheets, but other than that, it's lots of pizzas, macaroons, country trips, and #NoMakeUp selfies. "A lot of guys prefer you more natural," Leo's former flame, Nina Agdal said.

2 Her Beauty Is Raw

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Leo has dated some of the most beautiful women on the planet. There isn't another guy out there who has Gisele Bundchen, Blake Lively, and half of Victoria's Secret on his dating resume. Gisele might be a zen-loving yoga nut now that she's a mom, but the old days were more wild parties than meditation retreats.

"I played volleyball and soccer," Camila told Vogue. "I think if [modelling] wasn't my job, I'd probably be sitting on the couch eating pizza all day."

Yes, there's a Chanel purse. There doesn't seem to be much Chanel foundation. Or Fenty bronzer. Or M.A.C. anything. This girl probably hasn't heard of Kylie Cosmetics.

1 Do We Still Have A Chance? They're "Very Serious"

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There's a code in Hollywood. The less you show, the more serious it is. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson fell apart despite shouting their love from the rooftops. TMZ is reporting that "no wedding plans" were ever made. Come to think of it, Lady Gaga didn't exactly flaunt her relationship before announcing her engagement.

"They're in love and serious," an insider told Hollywood Gossip. "They've talked about getting engaged."

Hit share on Facebook before it's too late. The one thing we could rely on Leo with before? Calling it off (and giving us hope). Camila and Leo seem more serious than ever. We'll keep dreaming, though...

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