Mean Girls: What They Look Like Today Vs. The Movie

One of the most iconic teen movies of all time, Mean Girls, came out in 2004 and a whole generation became totally obsessed with it. Seriously, every single millennial out there knows that on Wednesday's we wear pink and October 3rd is an international holiday. Today we decided to take a look at our favorite Mean Girls stars and see what they have been up to. Keep on scrolling to find out who gave us some cringe-worthy fashion, who surprisingly has an impressive set of abs, and who came out as gay. Oh, how we'd love to see these stars reunite for a sequel, and no, we do not accept the already released Mean Girls 2 from 2011 as an answer to our prayers.

So while we keep praying to the movie gods in Hollywood and aggressively tweeting the writers and cast, you go Glenn Coco, enjoy this list of 15 photos that show us what the Mean Girls cast looks like nowadays.

15 Gretchen Weiners Seems To Still Be Following The 'Pink On Wednesday's' Rule

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Now here's one lady who pretty much still seems to be doing the same. Gretchen Wieners was portrayed by Lacey Chabert, who as you can tell, is still following the 'pink on Wednesdays' rule. You're wondering what she's been up to? Probably researching Roman history and writing a book on why Ceaser should totally just be stabbed.

14 Regina George Seems To Have Stopped Wearing Pink And Is Now Rocking Your Average Soccer Mom Looks

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The teenage bitch and Plastics leader Regina George, who is, according to many, the most memorable character of the movie, was played by actress Rachel McAdams. It's safe to say that out of the bunch, Rachel is the one who certainly managed to stay famous by starring in plenty of Hollywood blockbusters. As you can tell, she swapped out her pink closet for the classic soccer mom attire. Regina is clearly trying to stay on the down-low.

13 And Karen Smith Definitely Looks Like She Has ESPN Or Something

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Karen Smith, one of the funniest stupid girl characters we've ever seen was played by actress Amanda Seyfried, who is beside Lindsay and Rachel, also still quite popular. Now we're not sure what pissed her off in the photo above, but our best guess would be that she finally figured out how a family tree including first cousins works.

12 Back In 2004, Cady Heron Could Actually Still Smile — Today She Is A True Plastic

Via: Paramount Pictures/Wondertrash

Obviously, we had to kick our list off with Cady Heron — everyone's favorite formerly homeschooled girl whose story of adjusting to public high school ended up becoming the most iconic teen movie for a whole generation. Lindsay Lohan, who starred as Cady, unfortunately, peaked with that role and is now certainly looking like someone you don't want to run into in a dark alleyway.

11 And Ms. Norbury Went From Holding The Burn Book To Wearing A Pantsuit That Should Be Burnt

Via: Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

Tina Fey, for those who didn't know, besides playing Ms. Norbury also wrote the screenplay for Mean Girls. And while we absolutely stan her and pretty much love everything she does — we do think she may need to reconsider firing her stylist. That golden pantsuit is doing her absolutely no favors...

10 Janis Ian Clearly Outgrew Her Emo Phase And Actually Rocks Flower Patterns Now — Who'd Have Known?

Via: Paramount Pictures/GotCeleb

Out of all of the cast, we have to admit that Janis Ian is the one that looks the most unrecognizable. Lizzy Caplan, who played Janis in the movie, is clearly not a goth chick with an eyeliner obsession, in fact, she is frequently seen wearing girly outfits like the one above.

9 While Damian Damian Leigh Is Still Too Gay To Function

Via: Paramount Pictures/People

While we all know Janis' bff Damian is totally open about being gay, some may not know that the actor who played him, Daniel Franzese, is gay as well. In the photo above you can see him proposing to his boyfriend at a cafe, and honestly, we're not crying, you're crying.

8 But So, My Friends, Is Heartthrob Aaron Samuels 

Via: Paramount Pictures/Pinterest

Bet this one caught you by surprise! Jonathan Bennett played Aaron Samuels, aka Regina's ex-boyfriend and Cady's love interest, and while nobody knew it back then, in 2017 Jonathan came out as gay and is now very lovey-dovey with his boyfriend on social media. Bet neither Regina nor Cady saw that one coming!

7 Principal Duvall Seems To Be Terrified That His Pic Will End Up In The Burn Book

Via: Paramount Pictures/Twitter

Who can blame him, that whole burn book drama was extremely intense! Principal Ron Duvall was portrayed by actor Tim Meadows and it kind of seems as if he developed some major PTSD which results in showing his middle finger to anyone who tries to take a photo of him. Take a chill pill Principal Duvall, nobody makes burn books anymore, we make Instagram accounts now.

6 And Kevin G Clearly Didn't Let The Hataz Stop Him From Doin' His Thang!

Via: Paramount Pictures/Popsugar

Alright Kevin G, we see you! Kevin Gnapoor aka the Mathletes president and aspiring rapper was played by Rajiv Surendra who gave up acting and nowadays spends his days with pottery, painting, and calligraphy. Oh, and occasionally you can see him flaunting his abs at the beach, which we're absolutely not complaining about.

5 Mrs. George Is Totally Upset Over The Fact That Juicy Couture Tracksuits Are Not Trendy Anymore

Via: Paramount Pictures/Pinterest

Guess Mrs. George and Principal Duvall have something in common! June George, Regina's cool mom, was portrayed by none other than Amy Poehler who has, together with Tina Fey, given us so much magic over the years. In the pic above you can see her slightly irritated because a certain type of tracksuit is considered totally trashy nowadays...

4 And Who Would Have Known Coach Carr Wears Actual Suits Sometimes?

Via: Paramount Pictures/Daily Mail

Coach Carr, who infamously made out with at least two of his high school students, was played by actor Dwayne Hill, and honestly, we are surprised to see how nice he cleans up. As soon as he lost the tracksuit and grew a beard he's definitely giving us some daddy vibes.

3 Cady's Mom Was So Upset About The Broken Vase That She Had To Have A Drink...

Via: Paramount Pictures/Pinterest

Cady's mom Betsy Heron was portrayed by actress Ana Gasteyer who pretty much still looks about the same. However, a quick internet search revealed that there are plenty of photos of Mrs. Gasteyer enjoying the perks of alcoholic beverages, and to us, it definitely seems as if Cady's wild side is to blame.

2 Which Turned Cady's Dad's Hair Grey Real Quick

Via: Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

Cady's dad Chip Heron was played by Neil Flynn to whom time evidently hasn't been too kind. Granted, fifteen years have passed since the cult classic Mean Girls came out, so between that, Cady's rockstar lifestyle and Mrs. Heron's drinking it's no wonder the poor guy became turned pretty much completely grey.

1 Lastly, Crying Girl Baked A Cake Filled With Rainbows And Smiles And Ate It And Now She's Happy 

Via: Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

Who could forget the one girl that doesn't even go here? The infamous crying girl was portrayed by Jill Morrison, and we have to say, it seems like she is the crying girl no longer! There you have it folks, hope you enjoyed checking in with our fave Mean Girls characters fifteen years later!

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