Mean Girls Cast: Where Are They Now?

Over the years countless films have left their mark, allowing the fans to every now and then reminisce. While the 80's had The Breakfast Club, the 90's had Clueless, and in 2004 we were all honored with Mean Girls. This teen comedy film was utterly hilarious, instantly quotable, and cunningly smart-- it has definitely left a permanent mark on popular culture.

It is hard to believe that it has been 13 years since Mean Girls was released and fans all over the world are still trying to make fetch happen, there are hundreds of memes quoting famous lines from the movie. And let's be honest here who hasn't quoted "you can't sit with us" or "on Wednesday we wear pink"? Perhaps we underestimated the brilliance of this film and the effect it would have on teens all over. Tina Fey's script is beyond brilliant as she managed to capture the essence of High School-- she managed to portray it in such a way that was smart, funny, and strangely true.

Not to mention the cast-- you have to wonder if the film would have been just as successful if they had chosen a different cast? Luckily we don't have to think about it for too long, as we all know they chose just the right actors and actresses to capture the delicacy of this balanced film. Sleepovers all around the world, girls-nights-in, whatever you want to call it, we all love this film so much that it has become a staple for all. The pink, plastic world of Regina, Cady, Karen, and Gretchen turned 13 this year and in the ensuing years, every cast member has been out there doing their thang, as Kevin G would put it. While some have managed to keep a low profile, others have traded their seat at the plastic's cafeteria table for a real seat next to many of Hollywood's A-listers.

If you love Mean Girls just as much as we do, well then, get in loser, because we are taking a trip down memory lane-- as you are probably curious what the cast has been up to, here in honor of it being 13 years-- here are 13 cast members of Means Girls and where they are now, take a look:

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13 Lindsay Lohan: Cady Heron

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The bigger question might be is what hasn't Ms. Lohan been up to since Mean Girls? As her reputation has definitely taken a toll. While some may say that Mean Girls put Lohan on the map, others might disagree-- considering, the moment Mean Girls ended it was all downhill from there for Lindsay. The once bright star that we knew in our younger years from Parent Trap has found her way completely diminishing in the past few years-- through her not-so-finer moments of drugs, alcohol, many arrests, DUIs, and just her run-of-the-mill bad girl behavior. She has somehow become more famous for a number of rehab centers rather than any red carpet event, and sadly, Lohan has all but destroyed what was once a promising career. We all adored her as Cady Heron-- but what is left is nothing more than a star slowly losing its shine. Unfortunately, she has allowed her personal demons to outshine her and possibly ruin any chance at a surviving career.

12 Rachel McAdams: Regina George


It is crazy to believe that Rachel McAdams was still slightly unknown when she became Queen Bee of the Plastics in Mean Girls. Initially, Rachel read for the part of Cady but then was told she was too old. Later on, the Producers brought her back in and realized she would be perfect for the part of Regina George because she was a bit older she could intimidate Lindsay. It was then that McAdam's rise to fame shot up like a rocket in 2004-- all thanks to Mean Girls! McAdams has continued her rise to fame with the success of The Notebook, Midnight in Paris, The Vow, The Time Traveler's Wife, Wedding Crashers, The Family Stone, and many other successful films. While many fans love to hate Regina George, she will always be a fan favorite! In 2015 she garnered her first Oscar nomination for playing real-life journalist Sacha Pfeiffer in the film Spotlight.

11 Amanda Seyfried: Karen Smith


While Karen Smith came across as the stereotypical "dumb blonde" in real life she is a brilliant actress who has had her fair share of roles in some of the best films known to mankind. She went from being able to tell what the weather will be like just from her boobs to starring in some great films and being cast in some equally amazing roles. The moment that Mean Girls was released, Seyfried's rise to fame shot up like a rocket when she gained the role of Sophie in Mamma Mia!, she was also in the film Letter's to Juliet, Les Misérables, Red Riding Hood, Dear John, and many more! She pretty much stole the show in Mean Girls with lines like "so if you're from Africa, then why are you white?" and her "ESPN", Seyfried has since become a Hollywood leading lady, and truth is-- before Mean Girls she had never acted in a movie before. Which means the producers were definitely taking a chance on her, who know it would become such a popular film?

10 Lacey Chabert: Gretchen Weiners


Considering Lacey Chabert was a well-known actress in her role in Party of Five, she then took on the role of sassy Gretchen Weiners in Mean Girls. She desperately tried to make Fetch happen-- but it just wouldn't happen. Years later and "fetch" is still trying to make its way. As for Lacey, she has had some roles in films and television shows after Mean Girls, as she was a regular on the television series Party of Five, she was the voice of Eliza Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys and Meg in the first season of Family Guy (she was later replaced by Mila Kunis). She has also starred in films such as Lost in Space, Not Another Teen Movie, and Daddy Day Care. She was also the voice of Gwen Stacey in The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon and starred as Dr. Amy Shaw in the ABC Family's (Freeform) Baby Daddy. Since then she and her husband David Nehdar have welcomed their very first child, Julia.

9 Tina Fey: Ms. Norbury


Tina was pretty well-known when she starred and wrote Mean Girls, and we've all seen her on SNL-- but did you know that Mean Girls was her first featured film? Pretty awesome to think that she wrote the screenplay and played the math teacher in this incredible film. It is probably one of the reasons why the teen comedy went on to being an instant classic-- with its witty dialogue and endlessly quotable lines, and all thanks to Tina Fey's personal brand of humor. Now we know why she was head writer on SNL for 7 years! It is safe to say Tina Fey is the definition of a girl boss. After the success of Mean Girls, Fey went on to write and star in the hit comedy 30 rock, she also has had hosting gigs alongside Amy Poehler, and so many other awesome films and television shows. Recently, Fey has found a hit with Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which she helped create as well as act on with bit roles.

8 Tim Meadows: Principal Duvall


Considering Tim is also another SNL member that was cast in the movie, it is true that Meadows is one of the longest running cast member on SNL before he starred in the teen comedy Mean Girls, and his career has only skyrocketed long after. Meadows has completed a successful nine-year run on the sketch show SNL in 2000, which he followed up with his very own SNL movie, The Ladies Man. While you probably would not consider Principal Duvall as one of the most memorable characters of the film, it is true that he has definitely had his fair share of moments. He may have played the frustrated and weary Principal Duvall but that isn't all that is to this actor. Meadows has been in many other comedy films such as The Benchwarmers, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Grown Ups and its sequel, Jack and Jill, and Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. And last year Meadows co-starred in Andy Samberg's celeb mockumentary Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping.

7 Amy Poehler: Mrs. George


Before Mean Girls, Amy was moderately known for her work on both SNL and The Upright Citizens Brigade. But let's all be honest here, it truly would not be a Tina Fey movie without her best friend somewhat involved. Let's just say that Amy Poehler was the icing on the cake-- she was utterly unrecognizable with her Juicy Couture and fake boobs, as she played "cool mom" Mrs. George. But since Mean Girls, she has definitely made her career one heck of a success story. First, she was Fey's partner-in-crime on Saturday Night Live and now she has big roles in both television shows and movies. And isn't it crazy to believe that in real life, Poehler "cool mom" was only 7 years older than her on-screen daughter Rachel McAdams? Poehler became a success star in her own wildly popular show playing Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation. She also starred in amazing films such as Blades of Glory, They Came Together, A Very Murray Christmas, and Sisters. She also since Mean Girls has written her very own autobiography, "Yes Please!" And has even co-hosted the Golden Globes with her co-star/BFF Tina Fey.

6 Lizzy Caplan: Janis Ian


Lizzy Caplan was pretty unknown when she decided to take on the role of the sarcastic outcast Janice Ian for Mean Girls. While she pretty much stole the hearts of every teenage misfit, since Mean Girls, her acting career has become a major success! She previously landed small roles in the television series Freaks and Geeks as well as Smallville. But besides her sassy role and goth look-- not very many people would recognize her outside of Mean Girls. Caplan has appeared in the film Cloverfield, 127 Hours, Bachelorette, and The Interview, and Save The Date. She has also starred on True Blood as Kat Warbler, was a guest star on New Girl, co-starred alongside Michael Sheen in Masters of Sex, for which she was nominated for an Emmy. And to many a surprise, she also dated Matthew Perry, aka Chandler Bing from Friends-- they dated from 2006-2012.

5 Daniel Franzese: Damian Leigh


Daniel Franzese was only 26-years-old when he played the breakout role of Damian in Mean Girls. This man sang Christina Aguilera's song "Beautiful" with so much emotion it was hard not to feel emotional in that moment. And let's all be honest here, Damian was definitely responsible for the greatest line ever and probably the funniest moment in the film when he shouted "she doesn't even go here!" and most likely has been quoted several times and turned into a meme. Franzese, the man behind "too gay to function" Damian, has made quite a name for himself and a career in the film industry. Before and after Mean Girls, Franzese was playing mainly smaller roles in films and television shows, it wasn't until he landed a major role on HBO's Looking. Aside from his love of acting, Franzese has also worked in the art world as a curator, he has curate a number of art shows about fame, celebrities, and pop culture.

4 Jonathan Bennett: Aaron Samuels

Us Magazine

Truth be told, Tina Fey chose Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels because-- well, we all know his hair looks sexy pushed back. Okay, that isn't the real reason she cast him, but she did say that he reminded her of long-time friend Jimmy Fallon and that is why she chose Bennett to play the hunky Aaron Samuels that made every girl on the planet swoon. After discovering the obvious truth-- that his hair does indeed look sexy pushed back, Bennett continued acting over the last 13 years in various films and television shows. He starred in the rom-com Love Wrecked with Amanda Bynes, he was in the second Cheaper by the Dozen with Steve Martin, and he played Bo Duke in the sequel to Dukes of Hazard movie. While he may not have been able to recreate the success he endured from Mean Girls, however, he has maintained quite a respectable career in the many other films and television shows, and he was in the lifetime movie The Wrong Woman. He was a guest star on MTV's Awkward and in 2014, he showed off his moves by finishing in 9th place on Dancing with the Stars.

3 Rajiv Surendra: Kevin Gnapoor


All you sucka MCs ain’t got nothing on high school mathlete and rapper Kevin G. To think that, Rajiv Surendra "Kevin G" was only 15-years-old when Mean Girls first came out, but he most certainly made an everlasting impression in portraying the skinny math enthusiast and badass Mc, Kevin G. The most memorable line from Kevin was "Don't let the haters stop you from doin' your thang." While he may have caught our attention in Mean Girls, he hasn't been in many films since and honestly, he has been pretty quiet since the film-- in fact, that brings us to our next question, what has Rajiv been doing all these years since Mean Girls? Perhaps starting his own calligraphy business. And we are totally serious, apparently, his last acting gig was in 2005, according to his IMDB. Lucky for us, he has however developed some other talents. Surendra is an artist in New York and he works on chalk art, pottery, and calligraphy. He has decorated the walls of many shops and art spaces in his New York neighborhood, with some of his most incredible chalk art and he even has his own website called Letters in Ink. His website is dedicated to his calligraphy work-- you should definitely check it out, he has some pretty beautiful stuff.

2 Ana Gasteyer: Cady's Mom


You might as well call Mean Girls just another SNL reunion since Ana Gasteyer was the fourth and final SNL member to be part of the cast. Gasteyer played Cady's zoologist mother in Mean Girls. Before she was ever cast in the film, Gasteyer had a long-running career on SNL from 1996-2002. Since Mean Girls, she has continued to work in the entertainment industry and has become a film and TV comedy staple. She has appeared on Reefer Madness: The Musical, The Women, That’s My Boy, and Rapture-Palooza. Gasteyer has also guest starred on Suburgatory, Chuck, The Good Wife, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Mindy Project, and Younger. Not to mention that she is a bit of a triple threat with adding musicals under her belt. Gasteyer appeared on Grease: Live in 2016, she portrayed Rydell High's, Principal McGee.

1 Neil Flynn: Cady’s Dad


You may have seen him in another role, as he is most famous for playing the janitor on Scrubs, Neil Flynn had also secured the role as Cady's father in Mean Girls. Once Mean Girls was over and in 2009 Scrubs had ended as well, Flynn continued acting in a few smaller roles. Interested in the Indie franchise? then that is probably where you have noticed him, as well as, Flynn has appeared in the latest instalment of the Indie franchise. He has also appeared in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, his voice was used in the Sony Pictures Animation Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Since 2009, he has also secured the role as Mike Heck on the sitcom The Middle. He has guest starred in Smallville, Friends spin-off Joey, and he has also done voice work for Bob's Burgers, King of the Hill, and the Arrowverse animated web series Vixen.

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