McNope: 20 Unappealing Pics Of Fast Food We Wouldn't Even Try At 3AM

It originated in 1940 and it's hard to believe that McDonald’s continues to innovate the fast food market to this day. According to the Daily Hive, the fast restaurant is once again planning on expanding its menu with a new release, the spicy McChicken.

Although lots of people might be excited about this concept, there might be a reason to fear this launch as well. After all, McDonald’s doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to chicken sandwiches. Heck, they even added chicken to a couple of vegan wraps in some scenarios (the customers weren’t thrilled, to say the least).

With over 37,000 locations worldwide, these types of errors are only normal. To McDonald’s credit, they also take criticism very seriously, especially via Twitter—the main account actually reaches out to consumers that disapprove of their meals.

In many cases, customers didn't just complain about a meal but also felt the need to post about it via the likes of platforms like Twitter–given that they went out of their way to do this just proves how bad the meals truly were.

These are example of McNopes that should have never left the kitchen. From undercooked nuggets and Big Macs to bad looking burgers–these are photos the fast food giant wants diners to forget about. Hopefully, this isn’t a trend and just some minor glitches every now and then. Enjoy folks!

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20 $8 Chicken Sandwich

via Twitter

McDonald’s enthusiasts are well aware that $8 is quite expensive for a McDonald’s menu item. That price tag usually goes to the high-quality menu items–like for example, the chicken sandwich.

One can imagine how unsatisfied this customer was when she opened her burger

She took to Twitter angrily expressing her distaste for what she ordered;

“This is @McDonalds excuse for a chicken sandwich? This entire sandwich was completely inedible! So old and hard that I had to throw it out! Almost $8 for a meal that I wouldn’t serve to an animal, let alone a paying customer!”

19 Half Scoop Of Oats

via Twitter

Nowadays, anyone can easily start their morning off on the right track by making an order at McDonald’s. A customer doesn’t need to be reduced to the Big Breakfast–they can also get a healthy bowl of oats with some fruit on the side. However, something so easy manages to be disappointing for this customer who receives half a bowl of oats and no fruit;

“Really @McDonalds .... half a scoop of oatmeal and didn’t include the apples... bad start to my day.”

18 Who Needs Meat...

via Twitter

Yup, read the bill. It doesn’t say cheeseburger with no meat–it clearly states a regular cheeseburger with added mayo and tomato. Clearly, the added mayo looks to be a complete and utter mess. Not to mention that sad piece of cheese!

The best part is that they totally forgot about the meat patty.

As if things couldn’t get worse, the McChicken was delivered without a box. The customer called this a new low via Twitter and we really can’t disagree–doesn’t get much worse than that.

17 Double McChicken With Nothing Else

via Twitter

“Hey @McDonalds I got home to eat my double mcchicken, only to discover there was no lettuce I don’t care that much, and I’m not going to be a loser and write a bad review online saying “I demand compensation” or whatever Cause I’m still gonna eat it But you ask for reviews...”

This person takes an admirable approach to a complaint via Twitter. Although it looks so bad, she is still going to eat it. Seriously, how can they forget the lettuce and tomato that makes this sandwich complete?

16 The Crispy Burnt Bagel

via Twitter

“Have you tried the crispy burnt bagel? This is not the first time.”

As if the bagel wasn’t bad looking enough, this Twitter user makes the claim that it wasn’t the first time that it came completely burnt crisp.

This is inexcusable and in truth, this person was a lot better off going to a cafe where they could have gotten a way better bagel. Clearly, the employee in charge of the bagel completely forgot about it, only to make it turn black on the inside. At the very least, they should have thrown it away and started over.

15 Not So Large Fry

via Twitter

Although tasty, we’ve seen McDonald’s under fire at least a couple of times for their fries. According to Mashable, some consumers tried to sue McDonald’s after claims that they used beef in their fry recipe–that didn’t sit well with those that don’t eat meat.

This consumer takes issue with the fast food giant for another reason which has to do with portion size. Clearly, the standard wasn’t met here and the fry looks far too empty as if it was already consumed. However, according to this testimonial, that’s the order they were given.

14 No Lettuce Please

via Twitter

“I’m not one to post about food quality, and I don’t get McDonald’s that often...but come on. Rotten lettuce? I picked it off and it was literally slimy.”

This is a pure example of a McNope type of sandwich.

It seems to be lazily created and just take a look at the long, expired piece of lettuce–man does that ever look bad. McDonald’s did respond to the tweet but did not offer any type of reimbursement, instead, they promised to do better. Maybe they can deliver on that promise by actually asking at which location this took place at.

13 Molded Burger

via Twitter

“@McDonalds I just brought home this McChicken sandwich from your branch on Shearlegs Road in Gateshead and had a significant amount of it eaten before I noticed this huge bit of mould.”

This was a recent complaint from just days ago posted to Twitter. Somehow, McDonald’s did not reply. The real unfortunate part is that the client actually consumed half the burger. Seriously, we can only imagine how many people made the same mistake in the past or neglected to even notice to begin with.

12 Raw Nuggets

via Twitter

Created in the ‘70s, this food went on to make itself famous in 1979 when it was issued on a McDonald’s menu. The boom would ultimately expand to markets outside of McDonald’s including other fast food restaurants and grocery locations.

Because of brilliant marketing, nuggets became well known around the world and they continue to be one of the most popular McDonald’s menu items.

However, they probably won't maintain that legacy with this type of quality. The nuggets are clearly uncooked, which could have led to some bad results for the diner that ordered them.

11 No Pancakes—And Ice Cold?!

via Twitter

We love the Big Breakfast particularly for those pancakes and that maple syrup. Another great factor is the sizzling warmth of the egg and sausage. Sadly, this poor dude gets both of those elements eliminated. They forgot the hotcakes and the rest of it was ice cold as if it was served on a bad airline;

“@McDonalds I'm used to getting my order screwed up but never this bad, ordered a big breakfast with hotcackes and got this, plus it was ice cold.”

10 Chicken In The Veggie Wrap

via Twitter

“Not going to lie but finding chicken in my Veggie Wrap was quite surprising @McDonalds But definitely not loving it.”

Oh boy. In this instance, McDonald’s not only replied but they asked the customer for the location of this debacle.

Such an incident should never go down especially for someone looking to avoid any type of meat or chicken. The worst part is that they actually took a bite before noticing that it was in fact not all vegan. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only vegan McNope on the list.

9 Another Veggie Mistake

via Twitter

“Thought I’d buy the new ‘Veggie Happy meal’ from @McDonalds to try, probs give to my dad.... only to find chicken! This is the reason I never go to McDonald’s, not surprised! It was even wrapped in the @vegsoc paper!!!! It’s amazing your selling veggie.. but seriously?”

Once again, thanks to bad communication, another vegan eater finds chicken in their wrap. Making matters worse, this Twitter user claims she hadn’t tried McDonald’s in years only to return and get this type of result. In all likelihood, McDonald’s lost a customer for good.

8 Stale & Bland Breakfast

via Twitter

“@McDonalds_SA not the first time I have had a [bad] meal from McD Umhlanga but this one takes the cake. Un-toasted stale muffin completely inedible. Really send someone to sort the Umhlanga branch out! [Bad] quality for over a year now!”

At first if you don’t succeed, try again later, right?

McNope, especially not in this case as the Twitter user received bad service time and time again.

What makes it that much worse is how easy this menu item could be perfected–seriously, what does it take to toast a McMuffin?

7 Steak & Egg Bagel Gone Wrong

via Twitter

This guy even shows us the bill to make sure that we know he actually ordered a steak bagel and not a cheeseburger... In truth, that patty looks so off that it could be a considered a bad looking piece of meat. But instead, this is an off-looking steak that might have been cooked completely frozen and, to make matters worse, it was left on the griddle for far too long.

The end result is something we would expect from a low-quality truck stop cafe in the middle of Vermont... but not McDonald’s.

6 Bad Food & Service

via Twitter

“Well @McDonalds it happened again bad service and [bad] food would you want to eat this if so I can send it to you.”

This person wants to give McDonald’s a taste of their own medicine by sending the burger back and having them try it instead.

We’re not entirely sure what’s going on with the chicken orders by obviously, McDonald’s seems to have a hard time with them. The inside looks bad and oddly enough, the bread on the outside might look just as bland and boring.

5 Pink Chicken Burger

via Twitter

“Consuming raw chicken can lead to illness from campylobacter, salmonella and E. coli. Symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, and fever. In some cases, these bugs can lead to serious conditions.”

As per BBC, clearly eating raw chicken is no joke and it can lead to several internal struggles. Now some say that pink chicken might be edible, however, it isn’t worth the risk especially for someone with a weak stomach. As for McDonald’s, the chicken needs to be white in all instances–pink should never be served!

4 Not Worth The Try

via Twitter

“@McDonalds thought I would try this....have to say it's not big and to be honest not even tasty.”

It isn’t the worst looking burger on the list but nonetheless, we’d still give it the good ol’ McNope.

The biggest problem and why it tastes so bland is surely because of the carelessness of the staff. With a little more attention, this could have been a decent burger and one that met this client’s expectations. Instead, it is one he’ll never try again.

3 McRib With A Shred Of Lettuce

via Twitter

“I just want to give a shoutout to McDonald's for putting 1 single shred of lettuce on my McRib. You've always got my back, looking out for me and keeping me healthy. You da real McVP!”

In truth, we could have done an entire article on McDonald’s forgetting to put lettuce in a burger or simply not putting enough. This one is just downright embarrassing, with a single strand of lettuce put into the McRib. On the bright side, at least the customer had a sense of humor about giving lots of Twitter users a laugh.

2 Tartar Sauce Overload

via Twitter

We featured earlier in the article McDonald’s forgetting the sauce altogether. In this Filet-O-Fish they do the exact opposite, getting a little too generous with the tartar sauce–yes it is delicious, and yes, this customer did ask for extra.

But come on now, they went way overboard with this one, messing up the whole sandwich... And the customer's hands.

It's inedible, to say the least. Maybe next time don’t say you want extra sauce, 'cause it’s a gamble and you might end up with this result.

1 Greasy And Uncooked

via Twitter

We end the list off with a double McNope. Putting the less-than-admirable chef skills aside for a second, this Twitter user also call the sandwich extremely greasy–that’s a big reason a lot of consumers avoid fast food to begin with.

Making matters that much worse the beef in the middle is clearly undercooked and can’t even pass as cooked to medium rare. This shouldn’t slide anywhere, let alone a billion dollar company like McDonald’s. This burger is the definition of what a McNope truly looks like.

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